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  1. Day 3: Gah! So after a really bad night last night of taking care of a crying baby and sick/soar wife, I didn't get up early to work out this morning. I'm more of an early morning exerciser rather than an evening person. I like to have my evening free for family or other things. But after last night, I didn't have it in me. So how did I eat after not working out? Poorly! in short, today was a bad food & exercise day. But tomorrow is a new day and I will be working harder. Daily Log Breakfast 420 Bagel, Asiago Cheese, Panera Bread 1 Each 3
  2. Day 2: Got up and had a great cardio workout this morning. ran about 3.5 miles in about 45 minutes. not bad for just getting back into it. Then continued on with my abs workout. I've been using an app called Six Pack, and its been useful and helpful in keeping me on track. Food: Daily LogBreakfast657Bowl Of Special K1 ½ Servings392Banana, fresh, med, 7" to 7 7/8" long1 Each105Hot Cocoa, Rich, Chocolate, Packet2 Each160Lunch989Meatball Sub1 Serving743Carrots, Fresh, Baby, Med20 Each70Celery, strips, 4" long, fresh4 Pieces3Spinach Salad1 Serving173Dinner535Taco, Crunchy, Taco Bell3 Ea
  3. You're right, I'm not really interested in the "spinning" aspect. More about the mindless cardio workout in front of the TV. I hadn't considered a trainer. This would work great now and during the winter, but once I start commuting to work, it might be to much to bring the bike inside and downstairs all the time. On the other hand, if I am commuting to work, I might not want to do a bike workout that day. I just don't know. But I am kind of liking your suggestion. Thanks.
  4. ok, so background: I casually mountain bike in the summer and ride around the city. I'm also planning on commuting to work via bicycle once it gets warmer. And I am trying to incorporate other types of cardio into my workout, and was thinking of a stationary bike. I have checked out craigslist and kijiji but nothing really looked purchasable. I am thinking I could spend less than $400. I found this and this on Amazon. I was leaning towards the first because its more of a spinning bike I guess. I have actually never been to a spinning class. But I don't really have a cyclists physique
  5. As a first time adventurer hoping to train into a ranger, I wish you luck in your challenge.
  6. Day 1: So, setting the scene. I've been trying to get back into early morning workouts. But then I was cursed by the alarm clock demon. After getting up at what I thought was 5:30, I did half of my workout and realized that it was 7:30, the time in which I leave for work. So had to cut that short and rush to get ready. Epic fail on day 1! Exercise: 1.5 mi run warm up. 2x22 sit-ups 2x22 bend leg lifts 2x22 side leg lifts, each side Food: For food, I've been using the LoseIt app to track all food consumption and exercise. Here is my daily log. Breakfast 392 Bowl
  7. Welcome, and good luck with all of your quests.
  8. I'm just posting this again since I posted it about a week and a half before the last challenge ended. Main Quest Get down to below 200 lbs by 1/1/2015 last weigh-in: 238 lbs Goals 1) Work out 5 days a week -- Right now I am just getting back into a routine of running and weight training and general body weight fitness. 2) Run a half marathon -- I have run a few in the past, but I have found that if I don't have a race that I'm training for, I tend to miss workouts. I will be signing up for one by the next challenge period and running it this summer. 3) Eat healthy! -- When my wor
  9. As Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother says.....CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! Before my first challenge begins, I want to set the stage. After being married for 7 years, I really packed on the happy marriage weight. At my largest, I tipped the scale at 260. After deciding to make a change in my life, I started running. I had tried the gym scene, but never had the commitment for a full year membership and fond it a waste. Then I entered a "biggest looser" challenge at work, and almost won. After a year and a half of running, up and down with weight loss, and refocusing, I was able to ge
  10. Wow, so inspired by your battle log. I am excited to start my own. your battle plan looks very similar to what I am planning myself (breaking up upper body and lower body with additional cardio). Here's to another fabulous challenge. And Geekshow says hey!
  11. As a US ExPat living in Canada, I also would like to say welcome and nice to meet you. I wish you well in your journey and quest here and in in your life. And Pattycake118, I am living in Edmonton now and I love it here! Go Canada!
  12. Salutations everyone! I heard about this from a podcast and thought I would check it out. I have tried normal diets, and self maintained workouts, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. But this seems like a fun twist. I look forward to sharing my progress and setting out on a new adventure! Main Quest Get down to below 200 lbs by 1/1/2015 last weigh-in: 238 lbs Goals 1) Work out 5 days a week -- Right now I am just getting back into a routine of running and weight training and general body weight fitness. 2) Run a half marathon -- I have run a few in the
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