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  1. No problem, I didn't interpret it that way at all! At the time, I was really umming and and ahing because it is a lot of money, but once you both have a real salary, affordable housing and no kids, it's amazing what you can buy . I am still upset though that many groceries have doubled in price since I started living on my own. We are not receiving any guests any time soon anyway, due to the lockdown . It's sometimes a bit hard to find nice two-player games, but I think in the cooperative genre the market for couples is big enough that there are some really nice games out there.
  2. I know, right! Our box isn't as neatly organised as that though . We supported the kickstarted for the second "big box", which has a similar amount of contents and will hopefully come in Q2 this year. I'm so glad that my partner and I can enjoy this together . Our adulting tasks might be slipping a bit whenever a new fun game arrives .
  3. This is a board game that has over a hundred hours of gameplay per person . It's a huge box, I think it was 10kg in contents? A neatly organised box could look like this: There's also content not shown here; 30 two-sided hex-maps, a scenariobook with 95 scenario's, 17 different characters, etc. It's similar in gameplay as the fights in DnD, but without the need of a DM. For me it's worth the price, especially because it's a fun activity to do with my partner. I'd rather spend a few months of weekends on a game than go to the cinema 5 times, or go out for dinner 3 times, for the same
  4. I've been so low on spoons on the last week or so that I didn't figure out a video editing software to edit my push-up form . I constantly feel a bit guilty about that, even though I know I shouldn't. At least I've been doing my push-ups and stretching this week, so at least that's something. I went on a beautiful hike of 8.2km in an area I haven't been before, and I really want to go back there once the trees are green again. It's a bit of a drive, but that's alright . I'm enjoying the hiking as well as a moment of reflection and relazation in my week, which is the actual reason I'm doing it
  5. Congratulations . Retiring at 45-50 sounds great, and then you can move to a cheaper house and travel more while you're still healthy!
  6. That looks great! What have you done with the beans? I may want to try that myself .
  7. I love this combining of stuff, way to go .
  8. So... I've fallen of the wagon a bit over the past half a week. I guess that my mind was too restless and I couldn't manage to do the tiny things for my challenge. I did go for my 7.5km hike on Wednesday (interestingly enough, my speed was still over 6km/h). After that, I basically skipped stretching and push ups until today. Instead of hiding out until the end of the challenge, I decided that skipping half a week is better than skipping more time, so here I am again. Today I did sets of 3-4 push ups, and I videotaped one for a form-check, to be posted once I figure out how to cut it in time a
  9. Those are great things! You are working on your weight, and doing well. Most of the other things cost money; either directly or indirectly. Many of them also take a lot of energy. It will probably help when roomie moves out; you then can spend less on groceries and utilities, and you can use his room for cool stuff, like an art space. Do you have an idea yet when he'll move out? Otherwise, once you've paid off your debt you can look into a long-term financial plan. What would be needed to retire at 60? How much do you have to earn at least to be in a good financial place, so can yo
  10. Yes to the ramen. For the mushrooms in wine sauce, we used quite some butter and served with potato croquettes (with mayo), so we were full all evening. I have noticed though that some other vegetarian meals weren't quite as filling; we often go for 3-4 portions with just the two of us. For example today, we had a chickpea stew in tomato sauce, and we finished the entire 4 portion recipe. There were almost no calories in it though (1 tbsp of oil, 2 tbsp tahini, a large can of chickpeas, some vegetables, olives and canned tomatoes), so a double portion makes more sense. We almost always manage
  11. Such a cute picture . I always try to guess where you are hiking based on your pictures, but generally I'm like, this could have been taken at tons of places. Is this just the Lutterzand, or somewhere else?
  12. Great! I'm glad you have a competent doctor . I also don't like the lack of practicality in their views. When I actually read their program for the provincial elections, it was so full of things that were either tiny, like "all food in our canteens is biological" or the provincial level didn't have anything to say about. They also do not seem to be aware of the differences between the cities and the rest of the country; life is REALLY much harder without having a car available around here, and I can't imagine how useful a car is if you live in a village. The party is still in m
  13. I found the best thing about it that you don't have to think for yourself; you can just follow along. It did help me get more freedom of movement in my spine and a little in my hips and shoulders. You could probably similar results with daily yoga or making your own program out of their free resources, but for me the lack of analysis paralysis and the fact I could also just do 15 minutes, really helped with actually doing stuff. Yay! What's your favourite tea at the moment?
  14. It's easy to come up with a huge list of possible reasons, and almost impossible to go through them and find out what's REALLY the problem, in my opinion. That's what professionals are for. Of course, a doctor can also determine this by asking questions themselves. I might have had a bunch of doctors, but I feel like if you don't have anything concrete, the most common advice given will be either "life sucks, come back when it's too late already" or "try more exercise, outside time and regular sleep (mindfulness optional)" or "I can put you on this X months waiting lists and give you pills in
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