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  1. Well, I was not really feeling better on Thursday between being generally tired, having a light cold and having my period... Anyway, now I'm mostly better, so I can do eeeeverything again . Well, not every day, but definitely very often! The big day is next week Saturday . This week was bit meh, but all nothing too shocking. Suddenly it's autumn, so we have to adapt to the cooler weather, everyone having colds left right and centre and waking up in the dark. On Friday we did a really beautiful hike of about 14km, which was nice. Yesterday I was pretty sore . This morning I went to the gym, where I learnt that I have to pause the benchpress at the lowest point for a second before pressing up again, so I've practised that with both the weight that was prescribed in my training program and with the 42.5kg and 45kg. The 45kg felt much better than last week, which makes me feel more confident as well. Next week might be chaos; I might have planned too many things in my free time. With orchestra rehearsal on Monday, a work BBQ on Friday and MAX-day on Saturday and a full Wednesday as well... I have no idea when I'll train yet, since Thursday night seems too close to Saturday morning to be a good idea. I should also go shopping in preparation for the travelling with the orchestra three weeks from now, but I guess that will be a week later.
  2. This week is shark week, which is pretty bad this month . On my day off I cut my workout short because I just didn't wanna work out (which is rare for me), so I did 2 sets of bulgarian split squats and pull-ups less than planned. I also did not go for a walk on my day off, but stayed cozy and warm indoors instead.
  3. I mostly agree with this statement, although I do think that having breaks for (light) exercise and decent food is probably healthier. It's a bit of a spiral thing for me personally, where one or two days of binging is nice and relaxing, but if I do more than that then it affects my mental health negatively. Especially when I was in a burn-out, it was better for me to have a fixed structure and read 14 hours per day than to read 16-18 hours per day and sleep whenever. YMMV though, and it should be kept in mind that my autistic brain might be atypical in this regard. I strongly dislike the "productivity" podcasts/books/blogs/whatever that say you just have to push through or be stronger mentally or whatever, since that's just not how it works for most people and they make me only more depressed if I'm in a bad mental space.
  4. That's a fun picture, that plant looks really impressive as well . That is a lot of cardio if you do it on top of biking, well done!
  5. Yesterday's workout felt heavy, but I did manage to set a (very shaky) PR for 45kg bench press . Today we had a concert with orchestra, outside while it was raining. We were sitting in a tent, but the audience was out in the rain. No need to say that there was almost no audience . Playing didn't go very well, also because I didn't hear the people in front of me, so maybe it was good that there was not so much audience . Goals-wise, I've gone for a walk every day, strength trained twice and shown up 3 times. Success!
  6. Nothing really happened in the past few days, life is well. I'm still thinking on how to shape my walking goal, but I think it will be to just go for a little walk every day. A lunch-walk with colleagues counts, as does a walk to the grocery store. In that sense it is more the maintenance of a habit than forming a new one, but there's nothing wrong with that either .
  7. It's slowly but surely getting better fortunately. Recovery is slower than I expected, but oh well. Whoops, I hadn't realised you've trained so little! The neck-break was basically just skipping one workout, so that's not too big of a break either . Your focus is also more wide than mine, so it makes sense that I'd be stronger by now.
  8. Do you like berries, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and other vegetables or fruits as snacks? In my experience is it easier to eat healthy snacks than to eat no snacks, and many fruits and vegetables are tasty enough that I do choose them over immature cheese and such. I hope Daisy is doing well!
  9. This sounds like an interesting experiment to do . Do you still have similar weight-fluctuations as before menopause, or is your weight more consistent now? Eating more on a "good" day if you have heavy fluctuations sounds like a recipe for less progress .
  10. "Stay part of a supportive social group" sounds like an excellent mental-health goal . Last challenge I also dropped all my goals except for showing up, and that might be the case for the last part of this challenge again as well .
  11. You then likely had one way uphill and the other way against the wind. Alternatively, your tires can use some extra air .
  12. From what I remember, this is easiest when you have a somewhat competent spotter, but the wall does not make it that much harder. The trick is to be able to put all your weight on one hand, which seems to be something I'm currently not strong enough to do .
  13. I hate not having a fixed structure, which is slightly different from hating relaxation . I blame my autism for that . Well, at least I did enough to "sell" that it was a good vacation to my colleagues, even though it was not really. I suspect it's much higher as well! Today's squats were definitely not perfect, but it is interesting to try high weights from time to time. Since I could do 2 of them at my current PR, I have the good hope that I can lift heavier. It really is! I'm also looking forward to seeing your maxes, we might lift similar weights . It's very fun to see numbers gradually increase . I even "graduated" from KB deadlifts today, since the weight of the heaviest KB is too low for a good workout . Thanks! Not getting injured is my top priority, since I will feel bad mentally and physically in the period that I'm injured .
  14. Hi guys, sorry for disappearing. I got a new computer game on Friday (slay the spire), and played it all day long while sitting on the couch (well, I did some chores and a walk). On Saturday when I woke up my neck was absolutely destroyed. I couldn't move, and there was about one position where my neck did not hurt, but if I tried to do anything else then the pain was very intense. Sunday it was still quite bad, and in the days since it is getting better and better again. I still don't have my full range of motion, but at least I can drive a car and exercise again. This morning I got my new program from KB Girl, so I did my first training in about a week time. A Squat 5x15kg, 5x35kg, 5x45kg, 3x55kg, 2x60kg B1 KB deadlifts 5x8 with 40kg B2 assisted pull ups 4x5 C1 floor press 4x12 with 2x10kg C2 walking lunges 4x10 steps with 14kg It was a nice difficulty, which means that I felt good afterwards. For the squat, 60kg will probably my starting weight, so it is nice to have done that in training. I filmed myself to check out my form problems, and there are only some small problems that I apparently don't have to worry about and that is what heavy squats tend to look like. Mentally I'm not doing too well, but I blame not having done enough during my staycation and then having severe pain for two days. I have the hope that I'll feel better once I've settled in my steady rhythm again.
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