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  1. Waanie

    KB Girl rebuilds

    I'm sorry about your sunburn! The weather has been so nice though, that I totally understand that you were out in the sun for too long. Your spread is really cool though, I especially love it that you make small drawings of your activities .
  2. Waanie

    Waanie experiments

    Thanks! The vacation was really productive in that sense . Today is a day in which I'll prepare for going to the office again: getting groceries for the rest of the week, cleaning a bit, and making sure that everything is a good state in general. I might even shave my legs!
  3. Waanie

    Waanie experiments

    The walk was so much fun! It had forests, fields, a castle and a cute little town. The distance was also good for us: we're both feeling it a little bit, but not too much. It's mainly that stairs don't go as automatically as before. My weight has creeped up to 63kg, which is a bit on the high side for my taste. I'm not sure if I should do anything about it, or if it will go down again once I will bike more again and climb more again. All the vacation-food also didn't help, even though it was all so delicious. I guess I'm fine for now, but should keep an eye on it. Last week, I achieved almost all my goals. Week 3 report Outside: 7/7 Exercise-time: 401/250 minutes Adulting: 6/7 Yoga: 4/4 + 1 on Sat Clarinet: 3/3 Experimental exercise: 7/1 Experimental breakfast: 2/1 Cookbook: 1/1 Doodle: 1/1 This is all fine for me; the lack of adulting on Sunday was partially also because we did stuff in the morning already. I will remove the breakfast-goal for the rest of this challenge: it's clear to me that 2 slices of wholegrain bread with any kind of cheese as breakfast with a banana as snack works reasonably well as breakfast. Yogurt with fruit and oats doesn't work, and anything sweet makes me hungry early on as well. I will also remove the experimental exercise goal, as I am content with doing 5-10 minutes of exercise with the Darebee program. It's a very light program, but it does shine a light on some weaknesses and keeps me moving.
  4. I'm glad you that the wedding went well . Have fun with your empty Sunday!
  5. If you'd say that the mashed potatoes were instant from a packet, and the gravy would just need heating, it would be an easy meal for me . It's true that I also make fancy dishes, but most of the time it's a simple pasta or stir-fry. On weekdays I don't always achieve that level, but fortunately we have potato-things that can go directly from freezer to the oven, and half a cucumber cut up in chunks is also a vegetable. Reheating leftovers is also way easier than what you did.
  6. Waanie

    Waanie experiments

    Because of the virus, I'm spending more time and home, and frankly, I don't exercise enough. I'm getting grumpy more often because of that, which has a negative influence on about everything. On top of that, all my social activities like orchestra rehearsals are canceled, but I haven't replaced that with activities at home that bring me joy. So this month, I'm going to try and find activities that I can enjoy at home. I will even experiment with the number of goals this challenge; usually I have 3-4 goals, now I have a gazillion like the rest of you. Exercise Go outside for a walk or bike-ride daily Continued from last challenge. Spend at least 250 minutes per week on biking or walking There is no ban on going outside in The Netherlands, so this is something I should just do. This is about 35 minutes a day on average, which is still very low for me. Do yoga every day on work-days Continued from last challenge. Currently I'm on day 22 of the 30-day morning challenge of "Yoga with Kassandra", I might start it over once I finish it, or find another X-day challenge. Do one form of other exercise once a week Can be any kind of youtube workout, or fitness blender, or I don't know what's out there. Food Cook one recipe from a cookbook once a week I have a ton of cookbooks, but I usually get my recipes online. Even though I eat a variety of dinners, I like the added variety and the charm of cookbooks. Experiment with bigger breakfasts I recently realised that it is not normal to get light-headed around 10AM every morning, so I want to reduce my snacking and increase breakfast instead. Yesterday's pancakes made me full until lunch (Sunday we usually have special breakfast), but this morning's increased portion of oatmeal didn't do the trick. Maybe I should look at getting more fat into my breakfast. Other Clean after dinner for 10-15 minutes every day Continued from last challenge. It really does a lot in keeping a clean house. Doodle/draw in my bullet journal once a week My latest "system" for tracking is my bullet journal, but I don't have a fixed idea of what I want it to look like yet. I do know however, that I've always been terrible at drawing, mostly because I never did it (even as a child I rarely drew). I recognise that I might enjoy it if I could do it though, so I want to try it out a bit this challenge. Use a metronome when playing the clarinet three times per week I'm terrible in playing the clarinet when using a metronome to have a consistent tempo, so I need to practice this. It is not fun, but it's essential for my play to improve it, otherwise I'll always have difficulty in playing in a steady tempo. Let's experiment!