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  1. That's no small beast to slay! I'm sure that with enough practice, you can make it smoother though .
  2. Thanks! The pain of the locked-fingers is real. I'm often struggling with getting my pinkies flexible enough to play quickly, it's quite annoying. It's fun to do play though, so I just have to play slower pieces . Yesterday I ended up with 124 minutes in total, and I'm currently at 74 minutes of walking and strength training. Time for some progress markers: Week 0 Exercise: 🟢🟢🟢🟢🔵 🔵 🔵 Check-in: 🟢🟢 🔵 Today the soreness is real though, mostly in my fore-arms. I can't even make a fist without feeling it. Still, climbing was fun and next time my arms wi
  3. Lol. How is week 0 treating you? Are you getting your sleep back on track?
  4. So much creativity . That mini is painted really neatly, especially that chain mail. Amazing!
  5. That does sound really cool, I hope next year the events will be there again. It is! I'm also glad that my colleague thinks the same about social distancing and such.
  6. Just a quick update to say that climbing was really fun again! I still find climbing during busy hours scary because of the lack of social distancing (and masks) and there being no check if everyone is vaccinated or tested. Today we were there during dinnertime, which meant that it was extremely quiet. We're going to check if we can find a day to climb at this time once a week .
  7. Thanks! I find that I generally function better on 1-2hrs of exercise per day, but I can imagine that it is a lot if you start from little. I'm now at 50 minutes before climbing and yoga, so today will be closer to 2 hours of exercise than 1 . I don't have people insisting on social events multiple times a week, so I have to look for it myself more. It's such a pity that your events were cancelled; what were they?
  8. It's alright to jojo a bit between staying in your comfort zone and going out of it a bit too much; we call it learning and growing up. I think that burn out signs are a continuum, and that the only relevant question here is: "Can you, at the moment, live a fulfilling life?". If the answer is yes, then it doesn't matter if you are tired and sometimes listless; overthinking it will make it worse. If the answer is no, then it's time to get into action .
  9. Week 0 Monday: Sydney Cummings pull workout (53 minutes) + biking/walking for 47 minutes -> 100 minutes Tuesday: Sydney Cummings legs workout (45 minutes) + biking/walking for 41 minutes -> 86 minutes Tonight I will be climbing for the first time in forever! I don't have a regular climbing partner anymore, so if I go climbing it will be very incidentally and mostly for the social stuff. It seems that after 1.5 years of covid, I'm doing many things mainly for the social contacts... I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but it is totally different than me 2 years a
  10. Hi all! Long time no see . Over the past few months, I've been pretty good in keeping my life on track, but without NF it was a bit lonely. I've basically stopped climbing because two big & social hobbies are too much right now (I also play the clarinet in an orchestra), but instead I've started following along Sydney Cummings on youtube. I've been hiking and biking, and some other exercisy things. My main goal this challenge is to keep my life as it is now, with plenty of exercise and more social time here . Goals: 1. Exercise 60 minutes per day, preferrably
  11. I love the typo 🙃. Anyway, great challenge again! Following for support .
  12. 2 options: 1. put on some music and go 2. drive to another area and walk there
  13. I like your ideas . What works for me is to make a plan the night before, but that's me. Have fun!
  14. Here to cheer you on . Great work on your riding lesson yesterday! What and when are you aiming to do? I'd aim for 4x30min and it not being so bad if you miss a day. You could also walk the dogs for 15 minutes every day, that's also more than 90 minutes .
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