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  1. This schedule seems to not to be working too well now that I'm occasionally going back to the office . Getting properly dressed, preparing lunch and travel takes up quite some time, so a full strength workout is too much. This Monday I did do a set of push ups in the evening, but I was too shattered to do a full workout. I'm still looking for a schedule though, so I might actually decide to stay Mondays at home, and do yoga in the evening instead of in the morning. The snackbox gets an automatic pass at the days when I'm at the office . Also, I'm getting in SO much more movement when going to the office, especially when going by bike. No wonder I lost weight when I started working here and gained during the lockdowns . I'm also much happier now that I'm talking to people again, so I will actually continue to go to the office a few times per week, even though it is not mandatory. Week 2 report Strength Yoga Snackbox Evening routine ( = 3, = 2)
  2. We also have a new government since this week, which might help . Nobody knows what will happen when... I'm glad the opening is going well though .
  3. I can imagine. The half-week we have onion, carrot, bell peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, spinach, beetroot, sweet potato and courgette. I expect that by Wednesday, only some onions and carrots are left over, and maybe 1 bell pepper and a handful of spinach. I guess we went from barely 200g of vegetables to 300-500g vegetables per person per day in a a few years time? They make for a nice filler and add so much taste to a dish without adding too many calories. We're making 2 tray bakes with various vegetables, chickpeas and white cheese, today we'll experiment with a beetroot risotto with smoked tofu and tomorrow we'll make a simple salad with beetroot, lentils and spinach. My partner had wild plans with making burritos for breakfast/lunch, but I don't think he'll actually make them (but who knows!)
  4. I might have finished this book in one late afternoon & evening, and stayed up a little late to finish this book as well . Thanks again for the recommendation!
  5. Yes, the examples that he gave really showed me what they all mean with "important reasons". The perspective of what you would like to do what you currently can't is a very helpful perspective. I think I'm seeing progress . Negatives don't feel as taxing now as a few weeks ago, and I can do them more slowly. Playing around is something I can do . The assisted pull ups are nice too, so that I'll get my form on the way up in order again.
  6. Poutine is one of the mythical foods I want to try out some time . Sending all the warmth your way!
  7. Congrats! I also find that it helps to have a modest dessert and then no food after dinner . Snow shoveling is seriously intense, so if you also do ring fit, I'd definitely agree that it counts as a workout! I hope you're not too sore tomorrow .
  8. It depends on the intensity for me, but yeah, if I want to train hard I should actually take the time to rest. Wow, you have come a long way then! Carrots are still good though, so versatile and cheap, I think we go through a kg about every two weeks in winter . What are your favourite vegetables nowadays?
  9. It's the dark that's getting to me mostly. It's like 16:30 over here, and already it's getting dark . No getting out for an evening walk and getting up in the morning is much harder. They both sound cool! I actually had to look up what an underswitch was, and I can imagine you having trouble with the motor control. I tried it out, and for me the one side feels easy, but the other side is much harder for me. It again shows how right-handed I am .
  10. Oh, and I noticed today how many vegetables we eat nowadays... It's a lot . There were 9 kinds of vegetables on my list for only 4 days of food (we only eat vegetables at dinner), and they were also quite heavy carrying home. Sometimes I wonder if I should take the bike instead of walking, so that I'm home more quickly and don't have to carry my heavy backpack as long .
  11. Thanks! That's my instinct as well, so I'm going to pace myself a bit more with them; sets of 5x5s seem to be doabe, but still hard. I started with a set of scapular pulls actually, to warm up my lats a bit more . In other news, I have moved my strength training from Friday to Saturday and my yoga from Saterday to Sunday. Somehow it's always very hard to find the motivation to do anything on Friday, and I'm more likely to do proper strength training when I don't have to rush. This week I'm still on track, with mostly 2s for the evening routine and snacks, and all 3s for exercise. Starting from today, the gyms open up again, but I think I'll wait with climbing again until the number of cases is somewhat under control again. Orchestra starts again in slightly more than a week, so I'll have to start practicing again for that as well!
  12. While I don't know the exact answer to your question, please keep in mind that every body is different and that my maintenance at 65kg might be very different than your maintenance when you've reached 65kg, even at the same activity level. Also, my moderate activity level looks different than yours as well, so please take the TDEE calculators on the internet with a grain of salt.
  13. Wow, great! I can't imagine many people being able to do actual handstand push ups. Dumbbell/barbell presses make waaaay more sense .
  14. I was wondering by the way; is it better to do 1 very slow negative pull up and basically going to exhaustion every rep, or to have about 3x5 moderately slow reps and increasing the time training by training?
  15. You know, the best thing I did for my mental health was to start a new job. I was burnt out, had just finished my PhD thesis on 6 hours per week, and was like "whatever, let's try it anyway". It was amazing for my confidence, and suddenly the 32 hours per week were difficult, but doable. I was in the "will I ever be able to work"-spiral that HR from uni introduced to me, so this showed myself that having a regular job is something that I can do. Taking a mental health-period, like the people who should have helped me get a job suggested, would have been contraproductive here. Note: I don't know your exact situation and I'm not a counselor/therapist of any type. Do not blindly follow advice from someone on the internet. You do you. Practically, do you know what you still have to do to finish your thesis? In very concrete step that all seem doable? If so, I'd say try to finish it. If not, try to see if you can get everything clear. Otherwise, note that almost all companies offer the opportunity to work at the office, and more and more companies expect you to come to the office often. If you have a job, you can save up for an apartment. I do not know what your chances are of landing a nice job at the moment, so that's something you have to decide for yourself. Please realise that when you start to work, it might seem exhausting, and that is normal in the first few months up to a year or so. You can possibly bike to work or to a train station or whatever, so you can build exercise into your going-to-work routine. Once you're more or less settled, you can look back at your master's thesis. Is it still worth pursuing? What jobs will it enable for you, and are they worth it? If you do decide to take a break while not studying and working, I'd still advise to find something to fill your days with. It could be volunteering, or taking a simple job at a supermarket, or something like that. It gives your day rhythm again, and you feel useful at least part of the day. Anyway, it sounds like you're in a very unpleasant situation, I hope you'll feel better soon!
  16. Step ups without help of the lower leg are actually quite hard for me, and have a perfect carry-over to climibing. Squat pulses (with heels elevated if your ankles are like mine) also burn out my quads really quickly. Anyway, now I'm curious what you've actually decided on programming!
  17. Great job on the weight loss! While it doesn't taste that bad, I'm afraid I have to give up my dutch citizenship because I really don't like it .
  18. Jaap really sounds like a great guy, and I'm glad that you both realy want to help the other out . I like your lists of tasks. I think I should google flylady sometime, since I also have soooo many chores of which I'm doing nothing because they sound like too much effort.
  19. I just realised that I never posted the scores of week 1: Strength: 3-3-1-- Yoga: -3-3-1- Snackbox 33-33-- Evening routine 3333113 You can clearly see when I got my covid booster, but I think I did well in week 1! Week 2 starts with many 2s: Strength 2- Yoga -3 Snackbox 22 Evening routine 23 While those are not 3s, the only 2 I'm unhappy with is the one for strength training. I really have to think hard on my "why" there; it is not enjoyable when doing it (also not terrible), and the benefits of "being stronger" are very vague. The strength will be beneficial at whatever sport I will take up after covid, and it is good for my mental health and longevity, but that's still very vague as well. I will think about it . Yesterday my colleagues at the office were eating brownies, and in @Mad Hatter's thread there was talk about brownies, so I actually made some quick brownies during work hours. They are delicious and great, although not so great for my weight . I also decided to just go out and walk for almost an hour at night which really helped me with sleeping. I'm still tired today on my day off, but not utterly exhausted .
  20. Cool . I don't like leek myself, so I actually replaced that. It really is. It's sweet and a little tangy and yum in general. I actually listened to a podcast in which he featured yesterday (it was a different one that you linked; I just picked the top one on spotify), and I agree that he is genius. I don't like ALL he says, but most of the things I like. What got me to think the most is to look for your motivation, you have to look for what you would like to do but currently cannot. For example, I would like to go to my parents more often, but I currently don't have the energy for the long drive without taking a few days off work. That is a good reason to actually work on my energy-balance, both in work life and private life. He also tells that for example "losing weight" is not a goal: he could amputate your leg and you'd've lost the weight. Another interesting takeaway, is that he says that you do things a) because you like doing them, b) because you think they are important or c) for the wrong reasons. This is already influencing how I'm looking at my own actions, it is really interesting!
  21. You should be a little nicer to yourself . With work like yours, it's no wonder that you're exhausted at the end of the day, and doing anything at all is already an accomplishment. Don't forget that for decades, working fulltime was the only job that was expected of men outside of some yardwork in the weekend. What you're doing is already great, and if that means that some days are just work and eating, then that's totally normal. Also,
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