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  1. I'm so sorry for your job and your company, it sounded like a really nice place .
  2. *hugs* Good luck! Those photos of that trail are beautiful by the way, I'm really jealous of your hike 😍.
  3. While I won't eat anything with meat in it, I agree that this time of year is great for soups . Noodle soups in particular can be very filling without being too heavy!
  4. Thanks! I feel that the healing is going incredibly well . My fitness is not yet at the level where it was, but that just takes some time . Mentally it's a rollercoaster, but that might also be because it's shark week and my cat is still not better...
  5. Oof. Maybe not then? I'm in a "reading books"-phase now anyway, the intensive gaming phase seems to be a bit over already . Thanks!
  6. This week I've been exercising on Wednesday and today. It was not great and I had to take it somewhat slow, but it was also not too bad . Today was handstand-day with actual handstands, which are not too taxing for me. Biking to work was a bit too optimistic this Thursday, the last 10-15 minutes were exhausting. I'm sure it will come back pretty quickly again though. I have not played enough clarinet yet, so I'll have to play tomorrow as well. The scale of the week is Bb since the piece for my lesson is in that key as well. This afternoon there will be an extra rehearsal for orchestra because of our shows next week, I hope it will go better than last Monday . On the cleaning front, I have failed to tidy the living-room and kitchen yesterday; I was just too tired. Still, in general our living room is now much tidier than it used to be, which is an amazing feeling . I hope we'll be able to maintain that in the next few weeks. Oh, and I can still do a single chin-up even after training 💪.
  7. Hmm, I forgot which are okay and which I actually like . The Fysiocast (in Dutch) are generally nice, and I think you'll enjoy them too. I seem to have listened to a lot of episodes of the "Jeff Nippard podcast" and "Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast", so I probably liked them as well. If you want more feminism-centered podcasts, then I like "Visible women" and "Geen kleine man" (in Dutch). Jup, I also learned about it from an StS stream. I've never heard of Settlers II, I might check it out after this . Books never count .
  8. This sounds lovey . Your challenge goals sound nice for your situation, happy challenging!
  9. Wow, you're still progressing so fast! And doing full push ups starting this week 😍.
  10. Today is the last day of my winter-vacation, and I'm being extremely productive . I cleaned and tidied a lot of things and I feel really accomplished. It helped a lot to listen to an audiobook about productivity. Somehow I feel more proud of myself when listening to a productivity audiobook when cleaning or to a fitness podcast when hiking. It usually makes me more motivated to do those things, even though there's not really anything new in those books or podcasts. I guess it's the tone? Anyway, I'm glad that I got all those things done.
  11. This is amazing! It's really cool that you can see the difference in the pictures, you've worked hard for it . I like all of these changes, and they feel small and yet influential enough to make a huge impact. Congratulations .
  12. Thanks! I haven't even started on my "PhD-box"... I have no idea how many papers I kept . It's funny, isn't it, what we keep and never look at again. Where will you move to this summer? I must have missed your announcement .
  13. It's great that you're starting to reclaim your health-bar . That sounds very convenient . Do you have any favourite home-cooked meals?
  14. This is something I cannot do, but I have heard that advice before . Most things can be useful... one day. I wil also allow myself one nostalgia box in total. Some of them are, like, 5 years old? And it's mostly todo lists, which somehow don't change so much over the years .
  15. Thanks! I will go back to training tomorrow evening, since I'm slowly going crazy without training . This morning I went to the library, and took a cookbook about beans, a hiking trails book, a very cheesy fantasybook and "Intuitive eating". I'm trying something from all categories . Anyway, I started reading "Intuitive eating" because there was a hype around it a few years back, and the tone left me gagging . So yeah, not reading that past the introduction. I haven't started the other books yet, we will see. I noticed that biking was not problematic anymore, even though I'm a bit slower than I was. This afternoon I decluttered two drawers, so I did my decluttering for the week! It was mostly paperwork that is outdated and random stuff, since it was my "put it here for later"-drawer. I generally don't mind it being a little bit cluttered, since that's what it's there for, but it was getting ridiculous. It hurt a little bit, but I also tossed all my old notebooks/calendars/bullet journal, cause you know, I'll never use them again anyway. I also tossed all crappy earphones, since realistically I will not go running in the rain any time soon, and that's all I used them for.
  16. Yesterday was quite productive! I restarted my BuJo habit again and made spreads for January in general and this week in particular, I got rid of the glass bottles and did both yoga and played the clarinet . I find that I like how I feel after doing a bit of yoga, but it's hard to get started. After orchestra rehearsal in the evening, I tidied the living room sufficiently for this challenge. It's not "my parents in law are coming"-tidy, but all the dishes were in the dishwasher, the tables and counters were mostly empty and the cleaning rags were in the laundry. Success!
  17. Careful, it's really addicting! Yes, I totally hate the getting rid of stuff goal because it seems to be neverending . Still, after some years I really have to do it, since the stuff "komt op me af", i.e. is too much to handle. And to be honest, do we really need the things that we haven't used for the past 6 years and therefore are still in boxes? Nice to see you here!
  18. While 5000km is a lot, I don't think it's too unrealistic? That might show my upbringing or environment though lol. I don't know how much "standard" kilometres you'll have if you do everything by bike, but between work, bringing your kids to your mom/daycare/etc and swimming lessons you're probably already halfway. I love your spreads by the way . Especially that bike is soooo pretty!
  19. It's basically the same here, but most of the books they have are in Dutch and the selection of SciFi and fantasy is... lacking. Still, I want to support them financially as well, so I see it as a gift to charity with a side benefit of a few borrowing books here and there .
  20. A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking was such a cute book . I found it light and funny, although it did feel like a children's book. Anyway, from today on I have a library account again, so I will go to the library this afternoon to borrow some books . I have no idea yet what, since I have no idea what they have, but I'm sure I'll be able to find something interesting.
  21. I'm sorry that it's so awkward between you and your family . I'm glad that yesterday went well though, and I agree with ArtemisPrime that it looks like you have good building blocks to restore that relation. Anyway, I love your challenge . I'll be happy if I'll be as fit as you at your age .
  22. 2022 was a great year for fitness: I found a gym that I enjoy going to, started lifting, got my chin-ups back, participated in my first powerlift meet and lifted very respectable numbers there (75kg squat/45kg bench/110kg deadlift). I even managed to lose all the weight again before the end of the year, ending a pound lighter than I started. Just before Christmas I got covid, so I'm still taking it slow on the exercise front. This week I want to start using my bike for transport again, and then probably next week going to the gym. It feels like that I generally got the exercise-part of my life down by the end of last year, which is great! This year, I want to continue with good exercise habits and decent eating-habits. On top of that, I want to get my chores-habits down. Because to be honest, our house is a mess. We have so much stuff, and we're often too tired to keep our house in good order. I also want to play the clarinet more, since I know that practicing really helps improving my play. For January, this means: Goal 1: chores Weekly: do something that gets rid of stuff, e.g. clean out a drawer or cupboard or box in the attic Daily: tidy living room and kitchen (note: does not have to be clean yet) Goal 2: clarinet Weekly (on Wednesday): choose a scale and play it every practice session that week Play at least 5 times a week, including lessons and orchestra rehearsals. Goal 3: exercise Slowly build up exercise s.t. by the end of the month, I bike commute to work again and I go to the gym at least twice a week again. Also, y'all, I got a new computer game that is very addictive and I will try not playing too much. It's called "Against the storm" and it's a rogue-like city-builder. It's ideal if I just want to do something relaxing, but it has eaten my last few days .
  23. It was nice this year, wasn't it? It helps that only the pretty fireworks are legal anymore, and there were barely any teenagers with the "rotjes" outside this year. We didn't even have to clean the street this year . Anyway, I love your goals . At first I thought it was a lot, but after a moment it felt like it wouldn't be too bad. It's still a lot of changes, but they don't have to take a lot of time. Except the biking 5000km of course, that will take you several hours per week considering the car is faster than the bike .
  24. Good to see that you're doing well! It's a pity that the job doesn't pay that well, but otherwise it sounds perfect right now. I'd just stay there for a bit if expenses allow, to learn and to build a network. You're spending eight hours a day with those colleagues, so having a great team is worth a lot imo. Congratulations on the weight loss!
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