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  1. Ok, So it has been a super long time since I have posted. I have finally moved in and unpacked. I even put out a garden. I have a super cool purple tomato plant I am super excited about. I have not ran or walked, but I started getting my diet under control this week. I have actually lost a little. I have been doing a lot in the yard with cleaning up leaves and brush. That has kept me busy. I have the go ahead from the chiropractor to start lifting (no over head stuff). I am still gun shy, so I think I am going to wait until my oldest is out of school and I can go to the Y. She would enjoy that anyway. I walked with a friend today. It was loads of fun getting out and talking to an adult. Thanks alienjenn!
  2. The new house is awesome! I have finally unpacked my last box tonight. We were out of town this past weekend. My hubby is finally retired. #2 is cutting molars so she has been uber fussy and super needy. I have been focusing solely on moving and unpacking and not so much with running. My diet hasn't been the greatest, but it hasn't been completely dismal either. I am glad I can help! Text me anytime!
  3. Thanks! Chiropractor was great! I feel loads better. I haven't ran since Thursday. I am able to move into the house tomorrow, so I have been focusing all my energy on that. The realtor who we are buying from gave us a 26 foot U-haul. Awesome, huh? We have nearly everything loaded, including the bed. We are supposed to be sleeping on the floor right now, but I am a spoiled brat and I can't sleep on the floor anymore... so I am wide awake hours after my bedtime. Anywho... So we are moving in tomorrow and hopefully we will be settled into a routine by Tuesday. Night, y'all!
  4. Sorry... thrift store was today. For some odd reason I thought you were going tomorrow morning. Still... have fun!
  5. HEY! Where are the pics? Have loads of fun at the the thrift store!
  6. Lets do Panera at like a quarter to 10. That will give me plenty of time at the appointment. #1 would appreciate a cookie. Awesome! See you then!
  7. My mind goes more numb after every mile.... Now for the daily report. I did very well with the diet. No junk... ok I had like three m&m's I stole from my daughter... but thats it! I swear! I tried to run on the treadmill, but my neck was sore and I was starting to get dizzy. I have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow so hopefully she will straighten me out. Good luck to her! ;-) I will run tomorrow afternoon when #2 (my youngest daughter) takes a nap. Good evening y'all!
  8. I would love to do coffee! I have a chiro appointment at 9:15 so I can meet afterwards. My oldest doesn't have school on Fridays so she will be with us. Where do you want to meet? Ezra is such a trooper! She took those puppy squats very well. I cannot wait to see her again! Bubbles told me to tell you to tell Ezra "Hi!"
  9. Nothing wrong with a little crazy! Most of the best leaders have been called crazy a time or two. Wear your crazy status like a badge of honor! Keep up your awesomeness!
  10. Brienna thought this was super awesome! Thank you! I generally do play with the speed and incline a bit. I make it progressively more difficult. It doesn't matter how long I run, the last mile is the worst. I also read my kindle which helps A LOT. I want to run outside today, but I have a pretty important appointment for my youngest daughter while my oldest is in school. I am not quite ready to push both for four miles. I guess it will be another treadmill day. Boo..
  11. Great walk! Ezra looked so cute! Loving the socks too. It irks me as well when distances don't seem to add up. Way to ROCK the day! ;-)
  12. You guys are amazing! Thank you for all the support. I ran on the treadmill and got 4 miles in. I am super happy with that. For whatever reason, I find it more difficult to run on the treadmill than outside. So far I have not sabotaged my diet. I can safely say so far today ROCKS!! (thanks alienjenn!)
  13. Hey, I think you did great! It is difficult on vacation. I find it even more difficult with family... maybe it just my family? *shrugs* Enjoy your nap in the hammock!
  14. I thought I posted this the other day... I guess I didn't. I was so inspired by your "corny" Rocky mantra I watched Rocky movies the rest of the day. My daughter was uber upset. You are doing great! Keep kicking Apollo's ass!
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