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  1. Thanks Waanie, it was a Microsoft Server 2012 exam, the first of in total three I have/want to do! Yeah, I know, but it's just so frustrating when you're handicapped in your goals by just a "little" injury! I'm gonna try the handstand in my next challenge, the first week I'm still working but then I go on vacation for three weeks and I guess I should have enough time to do sports, do stretching, learn the handstand and learn italian at the beach
  2. Hey great work on your challenge! Glad to read you managed the backhandspring again without a spotter!
  3. Sorry guys for my late answer, that injury and the prescribed break made me frustrated and I couldn't or not wanted find time to write on the forum, because I didn't had any much good to post for my progress and I knew this challenge would not be a success! I had (still have) a quite stressful time at work and most time when I was at home I was learning for a Microsoft Exam...that I passed yesterday! So, the challenge is over, I did some jogging and at the end of the challenge some mountainbiking, it went good with my hand, it isn't as new but I'm on a good way. Also tried some stretching but I lost almost every progress that I made at the beginning of this challenge... This thursday and friday I'm on a leadership event and this saturday I'm gonna do the Fisherman's Strongman Run. But for my next challenge I thought about my spidermans secrets challenge and I think I'm gonna start the same challenge all over again this monday! I like the idea of the goals, this time I just have to be more careful
  4. It's been years since I last tried grapefruit, can't remember how they taste, but you made me feel that I need to give it a try, and oats are really filling, you can add fruits to it too ;-)
  5. Thank you guys, went for a run on Friday, I went for a 2 hour walk today through the nature to get a clear head, I learnt some Italian during the week and have to learn and prepare some work for a leadershipmeeting, oh, and I have a Microsoft exam at the beginning of June for which I have to learn too...so much to learn and it's a long time since I learned that much, it needs a lot of my power. :-( My hand heals up pretty well, I'm still afraid to use it like before, but time will show if I can back to my old Form in time. I'm always so tired the last few weeks, maybe it's a side effect of my healing process, I can't say, did anyone experienced the same development of a broken bone?
  6. Hehey, sorry for my late update, but had a lot of stuff to do these days But first of all, the doctor said my hand don't need to be broken again, it healed pretty well although I didn't payed much attention or was careful the first three weeks. I have to wear the bandage yet for the next two weeks, I can't really workout with this bandage, running is okay, but everything else like handstand, climbing, biking or something else where both hands are involved is almost impossible So I have to give up on this challenge and start again on the next one I still gonna do stretches and learn italian, but I'll start these challenge all over again next time! I hope everyone else is doing better, I'm gonna check out your threads as soon as I can and thank you guys for your nice words!
  7. Hi guzzi, I thought my hand is healing up good, the swelling went back to normal, but the back of my hand doesn't felt like the back of my left hand, so I went to see the doctor yesterday, he made an x-ray of my hand and as the picture showed up on the screen I thought "f**k, that don't look good!" my outer bone on my right hand is broken and the fractured bone didn't looked well aligned, the doctor checks with the surgeon if we have to do something or if it's gonna be alright, he calls me on Monday, and that's the part that scares me, if it doesn't heals up right, they have to break it again or do a surgery. right now I've got a bandage to stabilize my hand
  8. Sounds like great days! Sometimes the goals are easier to achieve if you just play instead of strive! Keep on, you're doing great!
  9. I went for a run on Thursday, Krav Maga on friday, had to work on saturday from 7am till 6pm, it was a long day, we had the day of the milk here in switzerland. and I lied flat yesterday the whole day, but I took 5 minutes and tried my luck on handstands, I made them against the wall, I came up several times, but one time I didn't touched the wall and could hold myself up for ~5 seconds, damn what a sweet feeling!
  10. Wow! Thank you and congratulations to the other most wanted assassins!
  11. Woohoooo! Thank you very much!!! It's great honor to be on the most wanted list! Oh, and I achieved yesterday something more! I touched my toes! Woooohoooooooooo! Next stop, palm on the ground while standing and touching the whole foot while sitting!
  12. Thanks guys, it's a great feeling to see that the stretching really helps and works! I did some leg exercises this morning and think about to run after work, let's see how the weather is in the evening, else I'm gonna do my stretches and maybe play just dance I can't wait that my hand is fully healed and I can finally get on these handstand practices!
  13. I saw the new spiderman too, I liked it somehow better than the first one of Garfield, but still likes Tobeys better
  14. That Garfield poster is awesome! I watched the amazing spiderman 2 last thursday and it wasn't bad, but it seemed to me, everybody that died in a special way in this movie became a super bad guy. "Oh no, that guy just feel on his back!" "HAHA, I'm evil wheels! Everybody prepare to be doomed!" But hey, I don't want to tell any spoilers I added a progress spreadsheet to my first post My hand is still injured, don't know how much time it'll take or if I shall go to see a doctor next week? I did my daily stretching and look what I can do! I touched the ground! Finally, now I try the same part sitting on the ground, it's gonna be harder because of the lacking gravity that helped to touch the ground before! My first week wasn't bad, but I couldn't do any workouts, although I did some squats and tried my luck on the pistols. Hope to get my hand healed quick, so I can start with my other goals!
  15. When my hand is finally healed and I can bring up the courage to do that stuff, I would learn it on my own.
  16. Cool idea with that spreadsheet, I hope you don't mind if I copy that idea
  17. Yes, I can do that, did another one hour stretching session today, I almost can reach the ground (1-2cm), not a bad progress if you compare to my beginning on my first challenge To get more inspired I watched this week all three spiderman movies plus the amazing spiderman, and tomorrow I go to the cinema to watch the second part You can tell about Tobey Maguire what you want, but in my opinion he does the Peter Parker much better than the new guy Garfield, because Garfield is too cool, Peter Parker is an outcast, a loser, but that Garfield doesn't act much like a loser, only in school maybe, but even there, there are bigger losers around than a skateboarding-, intelligent-, helping other kids that gets bullied-guy. And also the emotions, like I mentioned in the first post of my thread the "I can compare myself to spiderman" sentence, I would react to the emotional parts pretty much the same as Maguire does, being shocked, crying, lose my faith, that's what I really love about the Spiderman trilogy. And many people makes fun of the emotions Maguire brings in it, but If you lose your uncle that raised you or your best friend, you don't just let a tear roll down your face and live on, no! your whole world just collapsed and you cry your fucking heart out! Oh, and you know what I read on my journey to find these awesome spidey gifs? This scene was recorded without any cgi or special effect, Maguire catches the food by himself, they needed 159 attempts
  18. I wish I could do the backhandspring, generally, all this backflip, frontflip stuff is pretty awesome, you can do that! Don't know much about the right amount of protein to build up muscles, I took some years ago protein powder, but all I gained was fat (I weigh 82 kg back then), I guess the best would be some natural proteinsources like chicken, turkey, nuts and oatmeal, etc.
  19. I've got inline skates too, like to skate around, but it's been a while since I last slipped in them...have to blow off the dust and put them on again!
  20. Damn girl! That looks so easy but I couldn't do that, I would fall on the mat after 5 turns because of the dizziness...
  21. Did an one hour stretching session yesterday, couldn't workout anyhow because my right hand is still hurting But maybe I'll try tonight some exercises, maybe the 6 week mini challenge of the pistols, because the legs should be no problem to train as long as there is no hand movement or support involved.
  22. This would be an ingenius way to accomplish two goals! I did an hour stretching yesterday on my balcony, the sun was shining and I tried to stretch mostly my legs and back, because I'm very inflexible, main reason because I have an officejob and sit around the whole day
  23. I did some stretches during the day, because in the evening I went to a concert of justin timberlake, that guy is awesome
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