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  1. I went to the nearest one, which is about 80 miles from here. There are some movies that are just worth the trip. Deadpool is one of them.
  2. So I went and saw Deadpool. Deadpool is one of those characters I've gradually grown to dislike, along with Gambit and Wolverine, because he's frikkin' everywhere. Overexposure, is the term. When I first heard that there would be a Deadpool movie, my response could be categorized as "on the cool side of lukewarm." The trailers made me think that it might not suck, as did various reports leaking onto the Intertubes. So I went. This, my friends, is a perfect movie. It was everything that I'd ever liked about the character in the first place, rendered beautifully and, yes, well-acted by Ryan Re
  3. Well, looks like I got the part of Mr. Bumble, the guy in charge of Oliver's orphanage in the play. Looks like fun; being a villain is always a good time, and there's at least one good song involved. In other news, I spent a solid hour and a half working in the yard today, hauling fallen branches and using the post-hammer to...well, hammer posts into the ground. I think I might start doing that as part of a workout; it's pretty amazing and I look forward to being sore again. Tomorrow: Deadpool, and then Hail Caesar. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, all. It means a lot. =) Yesterday: I listened to my thighs and glutes whine about squats, mostly. Today: I told my thighs and glutes to quit their damn whining and went on a half-mile walk. It felt good, but my wind isn't what it once was. Next time it's gonna be a full mile. I also took some steps toward becoming a perhaps-more-normal person today. I auditioned for our little theater production of Oliver! I did a lot of little-theater stuff in high school and enjoyed it, but I haven't done any since coming back to my hometown a few years back. At first it was
  5. Sometimes the grind feels super grindy, especially in the middle of it. Looks like you're doing good, though, and making plans to do better, so what more can you ask for? Go Eric! /recoveringfatguy secret handshake
  6. Today: 3x10 bodyweight squats. It has been a freaking long time since I did anything like that, and it felt both good and a bit enervating; I spent the rest of the day stumbling from time to time thanks to a bit of leftover weakness. This is a good thing. =D
  7. But junk food. Q.Q *sighs* I need to get back to the paleo stuff. That link should help. Also I have her books! I need to go back into my Kindle history, yikes. Hi CT! You rock, keep rocking!
  8. *settles in to watch* o.o Also, ow, ripped calluses. >.<
  9. Come here, horse. Stand by this stump. Wait. There's a ladder. That would work better. Oh, hang on, a crane! ...shit. Where'd the horse go? So I vanished from the forums, and not too long ago Dark_Raider went on a quest to find me to see if I was dead. I am not. Life sort of kicked me in the teeth a couple of times, and then inertia got hold of me. I do this. My computer died, first. It caught some sort of corruption in the Windows program itself and slowly died of computer Alzheimer's as it lost the ability to find or recognize files. This made it difficult for me to post on here, and w
  10. Guh, crappy week was crappy. My computer died! Or rather, it contracted Alzheimer's. Basically one or more files involved with Windows has become corrupted, and it is dying a slow death of not being able to find stuff anymore. I gotta get a new disc, so yay for 80 bucks gone. Tuesday I went to another town and had the root of a tooth cut out. It'd been giving me all kinds of trouble since a half-botched root canal years back, and finally the option was to get rid of it. Operation went really well, and there have been no side effects except for the pain of having my jaw and gum cut open. I'
  11. The Mercenary's Guide to the Moon's Remains is book five.
  12. Hi! 1. Mindfulness: Went well today. If I just keep on myself, I can remember to think before eating. It helped a lot that the food was cooked by Spark for Spark. Liver and onions for dinner, mm. 2. Cleaning: The burn piles are done! The stump pile got burned down to a small crater, so I started moving the contents of the other pile onto it. Second pile (bigger) is gone, stump is mostly gone but for a bit of smoldering yet to do, and now there's more yard! 3. Maintenance: I sweated like a dog today. Or rather, like a horse. I don't think dogs sweat. Woo! Visit today: Hi! 4. Writing: 20
  13. He sighed as he built the fire. The Rangers were pretty good at what they did, he had to admit, but he could see that some of them might need some lessons in using the entirety of the animal when it was killed in the hunt. One of them had shot a deer earlier, and there was quite a bit of meat left over when mere muscle was removed. "Pan's hot. Come look here. Okay, see these green things? These are onions. People used to let them grow wild, and they still do. I found these on what was probably someone's lawn. Slice them up like this here, toss them in the pan, and then give me that deer liv
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