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  1. Anyone else in Toronto? We should form a clan and support each other in our adventures in fitness! We should set a meetup and go from there
  2. I'm gonna become a Warrior Druid. So I guess I count with the Druid half. Not because of Tai Chi though. But because I want to get into Yoga/Pilates for the sake of posture, flexibility, and improving core strength (to help with my bellydancing) and I am trying to meditate for emotional reasons.
  3. I think the RPG aspect is the thing that makes Nerd Fitness fun and motivating--it's the reason I joined this forums. What is your class/race?
  4. Hi guys, I'm a noob! Just joined the forums! Welcome me? :3 I am a female gnome (thus I titled this topic "Gnomalina" hehe); 23 y.o. 5'2 and apple body type, currently at 133ish lbs. I got so much weight to lose specifically in the midsection/torso! (fun fact: another reason being a "gnome" race makes sense is that I was a miner in Runescape and generally like gems <3) I want to be a Warrior Druid. Now lemme explain; I think there should be a Warrior Druid guildbecause I believe it's very applicable to females: Warrior: I'm super weak and want to be strong and healthy, first of al
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