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  1. Walking: 18/35 (2 miles) Spanish: 14/25 (3 lessons) Weights: 6/10
  2. Walking: 17/35 (1 mile over lunch, 2 miles later this evening)
  3. Walking: 16/35 (1 mile over lunch) Spanish: 13/25 (3 lessons)
  4. Walking: 15/35 (2 miles) Spanish: 12/25 (3 lessons) Weights: 5/10
  5. Walking: 14/35 (1 mile) Spanish: 11/25 (3 lessons)
  6. Walking: 13/35 (2 miles) Spanish: 10/25 (3 lessons) Weights: 4/10
  7. Walking: 12/35 (2 miles) Spanish: 9/25 (3 lessons)
  8. Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My Motivation For my 37th challenge here, I’m going back to the Ranger’s Guild to balance endurance with strength training. I started here back in 2014, after having dropped weight and started a fitness routine on my own. However, with Nerd Fitness, I honed my focus and added muscle. But it’s been awhile since I did a challenge here and I find the motivation the forum provides is a great one. I’ve maintained my 1200 calories per day, M-F with blow meals on the weekends and I’ve been going on daily walks with my husband M-F. My weekly meals will remain the same, but I want to hold myself accountable for walking more and to add in weightlifting again. Smaller Quests 1. Walking I want to walk each day during this challenge, including on the weekends. Ideally, I would be walking 2 miles per day, but with going into my office sporadically, and with the spring weather (read: rain), I’m not sure how realistic this is. So I’m going to shoot for every day to see how it goes. Scoring: x/34 days Reward: +5 to STA (+1 for every week completed) 2. Weightlifting - Trim & Tone workout from Darebee.com I enjoy weightlifting, but lack a proper gym at home. Still, I do have barbells and I should be using them. I want to focus on my arms, and my biceps even more specifically. I want to use another Darebee program, but only a few times a week. Before, I’ve gone with a specific program, but that website has a lot of single day programs too. I’m going to try a single workout, twice a week. The Trim & Tone workout focuses on arms and I should be able to perform the exercises at home. Scoring: x/10 days Reward: +5 to STR (+1 for every week completed) 3.Language - Spanish I want to practice my Spanish again on DuoLingo, so I want to aim for once a day, M-F. Scoring: x/25 days Reward: +5 to WIS (+1 for every week completed)