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  1. Hello everyone. I am back again, and again with a very easy going challenge. About 3-4 weeks ago I came down with the 'rona and it really took it out of me. I'm still having issues breathing, so what I was doing fitness-wise before I got sick is a bit out of the question for now. I did lose about 10 pounds over the 2 weeks I was sick, and while it was not the way to do so, I'm looking at the positive in that it helped get me closer to my goal, and this challenge I am going to focus on not gaining that weight back, and hopefully losing a little more in a safer and more productive way. Goals: 1. Follow my meal plan at least 75% (3 of 4 meals a day) I am currently using the Eat This Much App to plan my meal plans for the week and grocery lists, its really nice, and has taken a lot of the stress off of me in trying to figure out what to eat and how much to stay healthy. It also has been pretty good at giving me meals I actually don't mind eating and can actually afford which has made it better than the other meal plans I have tried to use in the past. 2. Continue doing water weights/water walking at least 3x's a week, but also end it with breathing exercises. I have been going to the pool 3x's a week and running on the off days, but I can't run yet, as I can't get full breath yet, especially after a full night of work. I will continue to do the pool work, as I can scale that down enough that I'm not dying, and spend the last 5 minutes or so just taking deep breaths with my chest underwater to help work on my breathing more. 3. Use my CPAP every day for at least 4 hours a day. I am trying to use my cpap more and improve my sleeping, as well as the last time I spoke with my sleep specialist we discussed switching to a biPAP instead as my CPAP has been giving me problems with air swallowing, but since I don't currently use it enough, my insurance might not pay for me to switch until it is shown that I'm using it consistently and that the therapy is not working properly for me. Stats for the beginning of this challenge: Weight: 261.2 CPAP usage in the past 30 days: 11/30 CPAP days used 4+ hours: 5/30 CPAP average hours used: 4.3
  2. So it's been a hard couple of weeks, and I haven't done much but work, and try to sleep. I did get out for a run sporadically, but nothing regular and that kinda bums me out, but I also feel like I did what was best for my body at the time, at least exercise wise (Nutrition-wise is a totally different, horror story) But work has been... extremely taxing, so adding extra stress by way of running on top of that just didn't sound like a good idea. I'm sure my body, and my chiropractor, will thank me on that lol but now I have 2 weeks or so off work while they redo the flooring and put in new ovens at work, so for the upcoming challenge I have a totally beautiful clean slate to get everything put in order to actually start crushing my goals. Plus the chance to really get some good relaxation in and stop stressing so much for a little while and give my body a break. I'm really looking forward to it. I also look forward to a much more normal sleep pattern for a few weeks. Oh sleep... how I've missed you so. So while this challange did not go anywhere close to how I would have liked it to go, I definitely learned a lot from it, and it went better than it could have gone, so I'm glad for the experience, and the lessons, that I can't wait to take with me and apply in the next one! Hooray for personal growth!!
  3. okay, so this week sucked. not even gonna try and sugar coat it. I did a whole big fat lot of nothing. in my defense, it is kinda hard to go out running when you're in some apocalyptic flooding rain that seems like it will never end... okay, that might be a little dramatic, I'm on the West side of Michigan so we haven't got it quite as bad as, say, the Detroit area, but it has been pretty darn wet and hard to get out and do anything. I also have been sick the last couple days. Just the dizzy, nauseous variety of sick. But we continue on, we don't give up. There's nothing I can do about yesterday's crap, but I can always choose to kill it today, which is what I plan on doing! And hey, the rain has even stopped! So, I think it's time for a run!
  4. *furtively darts to a secluded corner* I will take something extremely delicious, but horribly alcoholic. If it contains absinthe, all the better. I'm in a mood lately. *pops some cash into the electronic table jukebox and plays something folky, angry, but energetic. Something good for running like a wild thing* Now Playing: Highway Queen by Nikki Lane
  5. Well we're not off to the greatest start, eating like crap(ish) so far today, because I had zero energy, and a lot of things planned. Planning to make sure I still get in one planned meal for dinner tonight, and get it logged. I'm worried about my ability to do my run tomorrow morning though, with everything feeling blah from eating horribly. Guess we'll see when we get there. On a positive note, I am going grocery shopping today, which means I'm on schedule to get everything prepped and ready for the new week of meals (my weekly plans start on Saturday, based on my Friday grocery shopping) So that should set me up for success for next week already.
  6. Well here we are again, hoping this is not another case of insanity, doing the same things over again, and expecting a different result. I feel like I always start these challenges with the best of intentions to update regularly and keep with it, but it always fails for one reason or another. Usually it's the simple fact of trying to do too much all at once. So we're going to try things a little differently. We're going to give myself grace, and wiggle room, and we're going to keep it simple stupid . I always feel guilty, because I want to cheer others on and check out their pages and keep updated with what's going on with everyone else, but I feel like thats where everything starts to spiral out of control; that guilt when I fall behind. So this challenge, I will be focusing on myself for the most part. If I have the energy to respond to comments, or follow other people's challenges, awesome! I'll do that! but, if I don't, that's perfectly fine, I really need to work on myself, and that's not selfish... that's just reality (I'm typing this just to remind myself. If you write it out, it becomes truth, right?) So my focuses this challenge will be as follows Fitness: I am working on c25k program, and am aiming for 3x's a week, but with how easily I've been getting overwhelmed lately, I am going to be content with as few as 1 run per week. 2nd Fitness: I will also be getting back to work on some bodyweight/flexibility work. I haven't decided if I will go back to doing core play again (since that's supposed to be a 6x's a week program, and that's just too much for me right now, and I don't know how scaling it back to 1-3x's a week will affect the effects of the program) or just work on the beyond flexibility, which will still work my muscles, just not quite as rigorously, and is a program designed for 3-5x's a week, so it is easily scaled back to a doable amount of times for me. So I'll probably be doing the BF, but it's still up in the air and I still have a few days to officially decide. I'll let you know when I make a decision, probably lol. Nutrition: I have started using an app called Eat This Much, which helps you plan meals based on your caloric needs and macros without me having to do all that math myself. The nice thing about this app is also that the meals are actually foods I regularly have on hand, and find delicious, and am not too scared to attempt cooking, and also the ingredients don't cost me an arm and a leg to get. So my plan for this challenge is to eat at LEAST one meal from the plan each day, but aim for 80% on target meals. I also have been using the Ate app to track my meals, although very sporadically, so part of this goal is also to log all my meals on the app. So what is all of this going to help me accomplish? Why would I put myself through all of this? (You may not be asking this, but I sure do some days... especially on run interval 7 of 8) The fast and loose explanation is, I would like to lose 100 lbs. The more nuanced explanation is: There are several things I really really want to do, but often times my body, and lack of stamina hold me back from doing them, like gymnastics, dancing, and running (which a newfound torture that I love ). There are also things that I want to do that my heavier body make more expensive and therefore unattainable, such as clothes shopping, or making my own clothes. Lastly, I really want to set a good example for my son of eating well, exercising regularly, taking care of myself, both physically and mentally, and just generally being a happy healthy adult. I want to show him how fun this lifestyle can be, and all the things you can do with a functional body. Alright, here goes!
  7. it was an odd choice, but he seems to enjoy doing it. It's a language i know almost nothing about, so it's been interesting trying to help him, but luckily Duolingo is pretty intuitive.
  8. That might work, especially since we have a working printer and an ink plan that will auto send ink when we start to get low lol. As for how the last 5 weeks went, it went about fair to Midland I suppose... lost a few pounds, kept up with my running, and towards the end I started keeping up with my Korean. Also been cleaning and organizing well. Things to work on for the next challenge will be: keep up the running, Korean, and cleaning. Finish the Sept 5k in under 50 minutes, track my eating, and work on mobility. In other news, homeschooling is going.... well it's going. XD some days it's great, other days Its all I can do to keep from strangling this boy >_< but it is helping me keep on track with several things. I am getting more sleep than usual, the korean streak I'm on is mostly due to the homeschooling, and same with the cleaning and organizing. And since we already boot up the computer every day for math lessons and Mandarin lessons (son's language choice) I can more easily update here regularly next challenge, and also update my spreadsheet. We'll see I suppose lol
  9. And it happened again >_< started out strong then stopped tracking as much half way through... ugh... Anyone have any ideas to help keep this from happening? At least this time, I did at least keep up with my fitness regimens (for the most part) but tracking of everything went out the window.
  10. Okay so here's the rundown so far this week (also today's points may still increase, but this is what I have so far) Total Daily Points Sunday: 6 Monday: 13 Tuesday: 5 Wednesday: 7 So, quick daily highlights: Monday - Good day, great day, I should be averaging about 14pts a day if I do what I'm supposed to daily. -Got my run in! Did not do my mobility afterwards though... shame on me lol - 🍽 Logged all my food!!! Even the embarrassing stuff Tuesday -☠ felt like crap, its shark week - I think those points were for sleeping 8 hours... i slept a lot yesterday. Wednesday (so far) - Got my run in - will definitely need to repeat this week though... possibly more than once, can't run for 3 minutes straight yet. - Mobility done! Today was upper mobility, and I was finally able to grab my hands together in swimmers stretch with right arm up (still using a strap for the other side) - 2 liters of water down the gullet already! (Granted I say already like it's not basically the end of my day lol)
  11. I love the acronym! Lots of good vibes being sent your way, I cannot imagine the immense amount of planning and prep you have to deal with this year with everything being so crazy. I hope everything goes smoothly for you! Love that you will be getting your students outside, I feel like kids this year are really going to need it!
  12. Yeah, it will be an adjustment, but I'm very (VERY VERY!) blessed with a really good really smart kid, and only one right now, so it's nowhere near as hard as it could be. Technically, he could have gone back to school, or done online remote learning, but the way those options were presented would not work for our family. My son is going in to 3rd grade, and at the beginning of the quarantine baloney he was at somewhere around a 4th grade reading and math level. When the quarantine started, they basically halted learning new stuff, so the 3rd graders will likely spend the whole first semester finishing up 2nd grade, so it would be extremely boring for my son, who continues to do math and reading and writing exercises and homework style pages throughout the entire year, summer included (he actually really likes to learn and I think it's his choice to keep doing the homework pages all summer xD). Couple that with having to wear a mask ALL DAY (minus lunch, and sensory breaks if we did those again this year), and the fact that they would group all the kids into small groups of 3 and those would be the only kids they interacted with for the entire semester (and there were some kids that bullied him so theres a chance of getting stuck with one of them) and I wasn't having that. And online remote learning would again be mostly review, and also the schedule for class times and such wouldn't work with mine and my SO's work schedules. So homeschooling just seemed to be the best option. And truth be told I've wanted to do homeschooling forever, but just didnt think I could make it work, but this whole pandemic fiasco has kinda forced my hand, so that's cool in a way. next post: an update on week 1 so far! Stay tuned!
  13. Yeah, the perfectionist in me wouldn't have it any other way xD T_T
  14. Alright! Official start time! Day one point total: 6 - Sundays will almost always be a low point day, it's the day I mostly spend sleeping because it's my transition from normal daywalker back to nightwalker. This challenge will also prove to be especially crucial to developing a routine, as I will now be homeschooling the little one this year, and doing that on a 3rd shift schedule will be tricky.
  15. The online classes are a good idea. Unfortunately the home gym stuff is something I'd love, but I live in an upper apartment and the lady below us already complains about us making too much noise just walking around and talking. Anytime I try to work out inside its met with screaming from below. >_< But it's definitely a thought for the future
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