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  1. ohlemontine

    [Ohlemontine] becomes a dippity-doer

    That sounds genius! My only problem is I tend to have an all or nothing type of personality, so only doing something so small might make me feel more frustrated, but I can certainly give it a try! I also made a large master to do list on a whiteboard today where I broke things down into small chunks so that 1) my bf can physically see all the things I'm stressing about. And 2) can easily help out by doing a few of the little chores and not have the 'I dont know what needs to be done' excuse. Plus checking things off a list is pretty instant gratification for me.
  2. ohlemontine

    [Ohlemontine] becomes a dippity-doer

    Thanks for asking... was going strong for the first couple days of the week, then towards the end it all went downhill. Now I'm trying to muster up the energy and motivation to get back on the horse, but it's hard when I dont have any actual support. My boyfriend is a cheer you from afar, but cant be bothered to help at all kind of person. I did finally get a budget eked out, now just need to actually follow it. Also did my workouts on Monday and Wednesday last week, but on Saturday I did not due to a really bad pinch in my back that was making any sort of bending a no-no. Haven't gone to the gym today yet either, and I'm not likely going to make it, as I've been awake all morning, and now have to stay up to go pick up my bf from work since his car is in the shop. Afterwards I'll be getting what little sleep I can before work. Food wise is where I've failed majorly this past week... kitchen is a mess, and we have no clean dishes, so we've been eating out a lot this past week, and I didnt even bother keeping track of what I ate... and the scale is definitely reflecting that... and I want to get the kitchen cleaned, but every time I start I just get so overwhelmed, knowing that by the end of the day, it will likely be a disaster again, and I'm the only one who will lift a finger to clean it... and i won't have the time, cuz I'll have to go to work... so i just shut down, cuz that's my trademark move when I get overwhelmed.
  3. ohlemontine

    Super Assassin Bros 2

    I just realized... for quadrupedal movement.. is that 25 minutes or 25 meters?
  4. ohlemontine

    Super Assassin Bros 2

    I hear you on the wrist thing, luckily mine's on the mend, so I was able to do some more than I've been able to... I wonder though, do headstands count as arm balancing, I'm on my forearms for that, but it's still balancing on my arms right? And then theres no strain on my wrists. (I only counted the time I worked on crow and firefly so far, so if it's a no, it won't take away from my total, just add to it if it's a yes lol.)
  5. Hello! It's been awhile. Oh... you don't remember me... oh... well... that's not surprising to be honest. I have a tendency to start one of these, post like once or twice, then drop off the face of the Earth for 3 or 4 challenges, then pop back up randomly to do it all again... BUT NO MORE! I have had enough. Lately I've been making more small changes in my life to be more present, active and get out of my comfort zone. I've been attending meetups with *gasp* ABSOLUTELY NO ONE I know *dies of shock* So, to further push myself I will do another challenge! But also back it up with other accountability so I don't completely fail again. So without further ado my goals for this challenge: DIET GOALS 1) Complete a weekly Meal Plan in Real Plans 2) Make planned meals and track calories (we'll be focusing on tracking, not trying to stay in a certain threshold this challenge, to get a baseline and to see how certain meals stack up for later calorie restricting and macro planning) EXERCISE GOAL 3) 1 hour of Contortion progression stretching 3x's a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) -I am currently researching for a good yoga-esque flow that will work for this, so today will still be counted as a win as long as I find/create a program for the rest of the challenge before end of day today. - This will be documented on my Instagram, I'll be time lapsing the first round (IE sorta like a "this is what I can do pre-warmup... but it will be after a brief warm up... not crazy enough to try and stretch cold >_<) and then time lapsing the last round (Like a "this is what I can do after an hour of work") If you wanna follow that progression, my Instagram is lifeslittlemistrys - I'm thinking each day will be a different foundation work - Monday Front Bends/ Hand balances, Wednesday Backbends (bringing back Wednesday Bridge Club!), and Saturday Splits MONEY GOAL 4) Create a monthly budget and track spending weekly -using the Everydollar app for this, such a good resource. So that's it... pretty simple this time around I hope... the only thing I'm worried about is the 1hr long stretching 3x's a week, but there's not really much point in doing less than an hour when trying to extend your range of motion i think. Any tips, tricks, resources that may be helpful would be much appreciated, and let's get this DONE!