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  1. I have noticed that I'm slacking on packing my lunches ever since I quit grains... and I'm taking more and more liberties with what I can eat, simply because it is not "grains". I want to stop that. I want to recognize and eat good, healthy, real food that satisfies and nourishes me. I don't want fall back into my old "comfort" foods. Now that I have acknowledged this, I know things will slowly begin to shift. I already have a good idea for tomorrow's lunch. I just need to make it tonight.
  2. I got very bored with cooking yesterday. I ate at Panda express for lunch, very little rice (steamed) and chicken. Lord knows what it's cooked in, though. I had a lot of fruit yesterday, and pudding. That was pretty much all of my dinner. I grilled a chicken leg, but I was not feeling hungry by the time it was done so I just put it in the fridge and slept off. Not a great day eating-wise.
  3. Day 5 no grains roasted broccoli Milk pudding 2 eggs Grilled chicken Beans and lettuce salad
  4. UF, I've been lurking so far and honestly learned a lot from your thread. If I may offer my two cents - and here's why I felt like speaking up: I have failed Every. Single. 6-week. Challenge. that I have started. I've tried at least 4 times. However, I want to share something with you. Through some soul searching I've realized that the 6 week challenges are always a bit overwhelming for me. Even if I set my own goals, no matter how small they are. That's because I'm trying to change 3-4 things at the same time. Or starting 3-4 new habits. You know what Steve always says, start small. Start w
  5. day 4 no grains Lunch Boiled egg 1 bell pepper, 1.5 cups of grilled green beans plain yogurt 2 tbsp snack 1/4 cup almonds Dinner 2 fillets of flounder - grilled 3 tbsp peanut butter 3tbsp mango pulp
  6. Day 3 of giving up grains breakfast Chicken sausage Lunch Caesar salad with chicken 1/3 cup greek yogurt DINNER grilled shrimp Dessert : peanut butter and mango pulp (not at the same time!)
  7. Meals of today Lunch: chinese chop salad grilled chicken breast afternoon snack: 1 hard boiled egg peanut butter and carrots dinner 1.5 cups of grilled green beans 1.5 cups of lentil stew, 1 Johnsonville chicken sausage 2 tablespoons of yogurt 1 baked sweet potato
  8. Wow this is seriously awesome!~
  9. ^ this. Absolutely. Also, I dip my mini carrots in it. Satisfies my dessert cravings.
  10. Also, try cinnamon stick instead of the powder stuff. Also try nutmeg.
  11. I like this quirk so much that I'm actually thinking of adopting it and making it mine.
  12. Have you tried adding cinnamon? I've heard that helps add a little sweetness.
  13. Sooooooo managed to avoid bread and/or rice for dinner as well. Dinner was lentil and bean stew - 1.5-2 cups 1/4 cup plain yogurt roasted broccoli (1 crown) 1 baked sweet potato 1 glass of milk Now to just keep it up.
  14. Oh no, not day 4, day 1. I decided yesterday. And I officially don't begin until the 7th, because that's when I started counting my first month, Jan 7th. Today is going well so far. Got a salad at Qdoba instead of burrito. No rice. So avoided grains. Didn't have breakfast, only Chai. So that's that so far.
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