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  1. Really agree with this Looks like a good days workout
  2. This weekend should go a lot better, due to less visiting with famliy and other occasions. Still going to be a fun weekend though PLP16 is underway for today, and I'm still up to date with the rest. I understand your feeling for the lack of excuse. If you did that many yesterday, surely just one more today is doable. Diet since tuesday is solid, and Karate attendance is once more solid for the week. Last night was conditioning drills together with form, so completing the last reps of my PLP afterwards was not exxactly fun, but strangely liberating to still do them with being tired.
  3. Your workouts are really looking good, and major props on doing the workout anyway even if you didn't feel like it
  4. Indeed you don't. Lack of light due to no power does make it more difficult to avoid getting punched in the face So, updates. Um, yeah Karate is all attented including tonights lesson. We did more fitness focused class, so completing PLP for today was NOT fun. But I'm still up to date with that as well with PLP13 being completed today. Woop. Food related, eh, not so good. Friday = 2 Penalty points, Sunday = 4, Monday = 2, back on track today. All those were pretty much during social gatherings, and it was a case of resist, resist, resist, cave in eventually. So it could have been a lot worse, but well work on it. So exercise is going great so far, food needs a bit of work on weekends (we had a long weekend on Monday as well) but is going well during the week. I'm actually really proud of the during the week part
  5. Thanks. This week is going very well, so at leqast things are off to a good start. Got in my second karate session for the week, even though there was a power outage. PLP9 done this morning, I think the volume is starting to make itself felt. Diet was good so far for the week, no slips. Still need to watch myself for today,then can relax on diet tomorrow with a cheat day. After that I'll be back at watching food on sunday
  6. Thanks. Diet goals are going well so far, seems that the body is finally realising that no, it won't get any sweet carb treats and is beginning to behave itself better. Finally. I knew it owuld happen, since I've been on this level of carbs before, but nice that it didn't take too long. PLP8 done for today. Was actually afraid that by the time I get here my hands would start getting really unhappy with the pull-ups, but that doesn't seem to be a problem yet. Hopefully it stays that way. Looking forward to class tonight, and not anticipating any diet issues for ttoday. for some reason if I can make it through the morning without grabbing a random snack, getting through the afternoon seems easy.
  7. Agree completely with what people have said about choosing a dojo. I know that the feeling at the dojo I'm attending now changed drastically since I was there last 12 years ago due to a change in sensei. I like the new atmosphere better, but I know there were a lot of people who left after the change. Another thing that will take observing a few classes and possibly talking to the instructor would be to find out which part of the martial art they focus on, and deciding if that matches with what you want to focus on. Some instructers are more ofucsed on basic technique, others on sparring or katas. So thats also important to keep in mind. First challenge here, but I thought I'd just chime in with what I've seen in karate.
  8. Thanks for the thread recommendations, adding a few should be great inspiration to keep going. As monks we are lucky enough that cool stuff we do and its demonstration is built into the martial arts we practice, so not having cool links shouldn't be too much of a problem. At this point even people in our club calling me sensei or senpai feels really awkward, especially because some of them are currently in better form than me XD Really looking forward to the challenge and joining up with the rest of the monks more directly on the next one Getting going with karate has been a 'goal' for a few years now, but the new relationship seems to have kicked other things in my life into action as well. Which is actually really awesome Morning is off to a good start with day 7 of PLP knocked out (Its now 7am here). Now to get food packed so that I don't have any excuses to indulge in stuff at work which is verboten.
  9. It looks like you're off to an excellent start. Looking forward to hearing more. Counting something like walking for exercise seemes fine to me, as long as it was long enough that you actually felt you did something. Sounds great. Having a visible reward attached to completing your challenge helps a lot (Although I required google to find out what Chacos are XD)
  10. Thanks a lot. So today was good, met all three goals so well on my way. Class tonight focused on learning kata, which is great cause they aren't very well set in my mind at the moment. Hoping that carb cravings during the day get a bit better, because those are really terrible. Going to try and get a bit of work in on my life goal now
  11. Subbing, because I'd really like to see how the kick improvement exercises work out. Its the kind of thing I'll need to focus on at some point. Looks like a great start for you
  12. Following here. Looks like an interesesting link from your "life" goal that I can use, and looking forward to see how you do with the fintess goals
  13. Thanks for all the encouragement. So flawless victory over food tempatation for yesterday, and PLP is on track with day 6 knocked out this morning. Actually surprised how quickly the pull-ups are improving even over the last few days. Tonights going to be the first karate lesson for the challenge, so stay tuned
  14. Great start ! Looks like you rocked the food and exercise goals for the first day. Did you manage to get to your prayer time as well? Getting that one in place should help the other two along as well
  15. So this morning is day 1, and it seems to be going well so far. Day 5 of PLP (where I should be today) is completed, so things are going well on that front. Food wise day has been off to a good start. Breakfast hasn't been an issue for months now, but managed to resists the rusks in the tea room while fetching coffee at work. Now to keep doing that for the next 6 weeks and beyond ...
  16. Hi, Was just checking in on some of the other level 1 challenges and spotted yours. Your challenge looks like a great start with the focus on smaller habits, and I can certainly identify with all 3 of those you are working on. Good luck, I'll be following this one here
  17. Thanks a lot, I'll look at popping in there as the martial arts are going to be the focus for now. Thanks, appreciate it
  18. So, yes. I'm not exactly new here but I haven't been active for a looong time. I've competed one or two chalenges way in the past, started at least two I can rember that I jsut dropped out of. This time I'm going to do better. This time I also have a much better motivation to keep going, because its not just about me One of the things which features in this challenge which I don't think I've ever mentioned on here is that I'm busy picking up Karate again. I actually have a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan karate, but have not actively practised for about 12 years until I started up again in Janauary this year. Starting physical stats: Height: 190cm Weight 91 kg Rest to be completed later So I know I'm not in terrible shape, but things could certainly get better Main Quest: Get in better shape before I get married I'm getting married on 16 August this year, so um, I'd actually like to a) be consistently eating healthy before we move in together, so I don't have to adjust after she moves in LGN, because well honeymoon and all So this is what the goals are aimed at achieving. I think that combining these three is acceptable given what I've accomplished in the past. A new quest shall be selected once we return from honeymoon, but I will continue to follow this one after the challenge till the wedding Goal 1: Execute PLP program without missing a day for the entire challenge So I started with this yesterday (5 June), so I will be on PLP Day 5 when this challenge starts. I can still do a pull-up, so this should be doable. Should there be a day I don't get in all the reps it counts against my score just as much as if I had skipped the entire day. A: No missed days B: 1 or 2 missed or DNF days C: 3 or 4 missed or DNF days F : >4 missed days Goal 2: Regularly attend karate classes So our Karate lessons are twice a week, but the days I can attend aren't in our dedicated practice hall, so they sometimes get cancelled due to other things there. The goal here is to practice karate twice a week. So if a normal lesson is cancelled I either need to attend one of the other classes or train by myself for the full time the lesson would have been A: No missed lessons B: 1 missed lesson C: 2 missed lessons F: >2 missed lessons Goal 3: Follow a low-carb diet Diet make-up is going to be based on the 4-Hour body prescription, so low-carb, legumes allowed, no dairy. One cheat day per week will be allowed. 2 penalty points will be earned for the first non-diet allowed item on any day, with an additional 1 point for each additional item. This is designed to penalise cheating at all on day more heavily, but prevent the "Oh I already messed up, may as well have another" A: 4 or less penalty points B: 5-7 penalty points C: 8-10 penalty points F: More than 10 penalty points Life Goal: Declutter my house We are moving into my place after the wedding, so I won't be moving. But we do need to go from only me having stuff there to two of us. So this means seriously reconsidering what really belongs there. Scoring is TBD, I need to think a bit more on how to score this. Note: Attribute points for goals is still to be decided, will be updating that before monday.
  19. Goal 1 : Squat Bigger [table] SquatPressBarbell Row 10 x 20 kg10 x 30 kg 10 x 35 kg 10 x 35 kg 10 x 20 kg10 x 25 kg 5 x 30 kg 5 x 30 kg 5 x 35 kg 10 x 35 kg10 x 35 kg [/table]Just putting lighter weight in to keep working for the challenge while resting back from heavy stuff Goal 3: Eat less crap Excellent day today, avoided everything [table] BreakfastMorningLunchAfternoonDinner BaconEggs Mushrooms Red pepper Spinash Coffee CoffeeApple Pear ChickenMixed Veg Rice CoffeeApple Strawberries Dried sausage Dried fruit Pork stripsPattipans Carrot Spinach Red cabbage Mushrooms Red pepper [/table]Nothing to report on other goals for today. Back is getting better, will up weight a bit next week to the point where my form starts to feel wobbly and then get some video.
  20. Ok, so were just going to cover today and give a summary of where we stand with regards to the goals at this point rather than try and write updetails for everything. I'll try and keep this up better. Goal 1 : Squat Bigger [table] SquatPressDeadlift 10 x 20 kg10 x 30 kg 10 x 35 kg 10 x 35 kg 10 x 20 kg10 x 20 kg 10 x 25 kg 5 x 30 kg 5 x 30 kg 5 x 40 kg[/table]Had a big scare with my back on Sunday due to bad squat form and having done some other crap which strained my back a bit during the day. Keeping things light till sunday and then going to be focussing on form rather than pushing for higher weight. So this goal probably isn't happening this challenge. Will be trying to do some light lifting everyday to help out with this rounds Fall Frenzy! Goal 2 : Cardio Did tabata intervals as part of the Burpee challenge on saturday, which counts as that weeks cardio based on how I felt afterwards. Need to step it up for this week Goal 3 : Eat less crap So today was awesome, managed to avoid eating anything on the "do not eat or drink" list. Current standings are (sucess / total days) Rusks : 4 / 6 (2 fails) Soft drinks : 5 / 6 (1 fail) Cookies : 3 / 6 (3 fails) Things need to improve a lot to have any hope of hitting the main goal of having less than 6 fails in each category. 2 of the cookie fails have been due to birthdays (which are done till the end of the challenge, thank goodness). Rusk fails tend to happen when I forget my snacks at home. The soft drink fails are just stupid, not even going to try and make excuses. Life : House in order So last week I spackled and painted all the outlets which had ugly gapps around some edges. I also finally (this has been going on for over 6 weeks) identified some furniture that I'd like for the living room, so that will hopefully arrive this week. There is still a lot of crap lying around the house which needs to get cleaned up, but at least we have some momentum
  21. Goal 1 just took a serious back seat after whatever I just did to my back while doing my squat warmup sets. Have updates on the others but can't sit and type out anything long now
  22. Looking great on the lifts ! Wish I had tips to help with the sleep, as that really helps to keep momentum
  23. Yeah, I have heard that their doing it. Haven't decided whether I'll take it for a spin or not, will decide after finding out exactly what would be diferent. Day 2 No workout scheduled for today Food Breakfast same as yesterday Morning Rusks (sigh) Lunch Beef stewRicePeas Afternoon: Coffee, orange, grapes Dinner Beef SchnitzelMixed squash and mushroom leftovers House Did some spackling to fill in the gaps around two of the plug sockets, will need to do another round to get it filled properly. Day 3 Workout Today was supposed to be squats, OHP and deadlift. After first two sets of squats with just the bar my one hip was acting up badly, so I decided not to continue. Think I probably screwed it up at work yesterday. Did general stretching and some rolling of the effected hip and surrounding area instead to try and get a recovery for the next scheduled workout. Food Breakfast still the same Morning CoffeeApple Lunch PotatoesBiltongBrocolliSaladSoft drink (fail) Afternoon : Coffee, cookies. Generaly there is fruit available as well and that would have worked, but todat there was nothing else SupperMashSausageSquash and mushrooms House What looks like the final round of spackling around the two sockets got done as I need to do something to work on my goals after not getting the workout in. Food score Number of days succesfully avoided : Rusks : 2/3 Soft drinks : 2/3 Cookies : 1/3 Pack more fruit and other healthy snacks instead of relying on the lunchroom to have healthy alternatives. Drink more water during the day to be less thirstly at lunch
  24. Been slacking for quite a while, but back at it properly again now. Should stay for the whole challenge properly this time. Very big fan of both BG and BG2. I played a paladin and that sword was a really big part of my character. Plated a lot of pen and paper D&D for a while as well but nothing recently
  25. Day 1 Still at 65 kg work weight on squats today, but will hit seventy on thursday. OHP just struggled today, should have been able to get at least two sets in at 35 kg Back Squat * 5 x 20 kg * 5 x 20 kg * 5 x 30 kg * 5 x 40 kg * 5 x 50 kg * 5 x 5 x 65 kg Press * 5 x 20 kg * 5 x 20 kg * 5 x 25 kg * 5 x 30 kg * 1 x 5 x 35 kg * 1 x 4 x 35 kg * 1 x 1 x 35 kg Bent-over row * 5 x 35 kg * 3 x 5 x 40 kg Food Note that all coffee is black with no sugar unless otherwise stated. I actually enjoy coffee without adding anything. Breakfast Bacon2 EggsSpinachMuchroomsYelow pepperCoffee Lunch Rice2 meatballsPeas and corn Dinner ChickenMixed squashMushroomsOnionCoffee Snacks Milktart (fail, birthday at work)BiltongDried fruitCoffee Cookies : 0/1 so far Softdrinks : 1/1 (yeah) Rusks : 1/1 (yeah) Not the absolute best start, but things could have gone a lot worse all round
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