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  1. Just seeing how the knees are getting along after a month or two of work chief. 

  2. I forgot to mention what my weight for the week is. My weight is 372 lbs which is still 2 lbs lighter than I was the previous week, so in my mind progress is progress. Looking forward to hitting the 360's this next week hopefully.
  3. Yeah, outside of doing my job I really didn't do any working out this week. I counted calories and there was a day or two where I didn't go overboard but I simply ate dinner and didn't worry about it, but that was only a couple times. By the looks of it I will be ending this week with a 1-2 lb loss which for me is still better than nothing, but I have found that I'm feeling more energetic again! I feel very ready to get out there and pick up on my exercises again! maybe this involuntary week of respit was a good thing. Another important thing however and perhaps evidence of a mindset change is that I know in the past that after only going two days neglecting exercises etc I would completely fall of the band wagon and say screw it...so its very important to me that I actually didn't do that this time.
  4. Thanks for the encouragement Elastigirl! For whatever reason I just haven't been motivated to work out AT ALL this week! I want to say its because I work third shift and sometimes it just zaps all your energy during the week. However I have obviously been keeping up on the diet aspect and as a result I have still lost 2 pounds so far. I know that if I work out for at least these last three days I could maybe hit the 360's but it depends on if I can muster the energy at all.
  5. I couple days of misused time and sleeping in have caused me to miss my last two work outs (monday and Today) but I have missed work outs before and ended up with some serious weight loss. I just need to make sure to get back on the horse tomorrow! At least diet wise my calories have all been in check, that is one area that I never intend to let myself screw up on.
  6. Just popping in to say that my official starting weight for this week is now 374 lbs! I have officially met my second short term weight loss goal of 375 and am already one pound into my next short term goal of 350 lbs! These last 25 lbs that I have dropped I do not think was incredibly difficult however I have a feeling that reaching the 350 goal (which was my high school weight) will be a difficult one. After being able to see some actual visible changes in the before and after pics I just took I cannot wait to see what a 350 lb vs 440 lb self looks like
  7. Today was a good day and I will be ending it with a caloric deficit again. I'm not entirely sure I will be ending it at 375 or not as today I weighed in at 376 but there is still a chance for it! There is one thing that I am absolutely hating about working third shift and that is that I have the tendency to sleep too late into the day. I woke up too late today to be able to do the hiking I wanted to do so that I feel like was probably one of the defining moments regarding what my official weight i going to be tomorrow, man I hope its going to be 375. We had a taco dinner tonight and in the past this used to be a meal that would stress me out. Not only was my portion control spot on, but since I made sure to figure out the calories last month it was very simple to keep track of what I was putting in my body. I do have to go to work tonight so I'm going to be moving around all night, hopefully that will help with my official numbers tomorrow.
  8. I'm feeling great today! I'm 375 today (which is my weight loss goal) however I'm not calling it official until this monday BUT I will still post those before and after pictures that I have been waiting so long for. My personal opinion is that while I have lost some weight from my stomach I feel that a majority of that weight has come from my shoulders and upper chest.
  9. aaaaaaand I'm dead! and by dead I mean drenched with sweat. I honestly wish I was doing my cardio with as much consistency as I have with the weight training but at least I did my cardio today with the wheelbarrow.
  10. hmm, I just realized that I completely forgot to mention that I was complimented on my weight loss by someone yesterday which is part of the reason that I said I had a fantastic day! I think my weight loss this week might be pretty subpar, I'm not sure if its because I need to tweak my diet or if I'm finally hitting that point where pounds wont drop off like butter anymore. I guess that is the one downfall to weighing myself every day because it can sometimes discourage you! but I also know that I just ate breakfast and stuff...ahh well.
  11. I feel like today over all was a fantastic day! I would like to say I'm going to end it on that note but since I have to go to work in a couple hour I wont actually find out if it ends on the same note until about 6 A.M. tomorrow. However I mixed up my strength training a little bit, I have been doing dumbbell shoulder presses and standard bicep curls but I decided to do a compound exercise that I saw on youtube. You do the curl with both arms simultaneously and then push through into a shoulder press, it was wicked awesome and I felt like I got way more out of it than when they where just two separate exercises so I think I'm going to keep them. Also, ending the day in a deficit again.
  12. Yeah, I figure that on the days that I can't seem to muster any energy to even bother if I can at least do SOMETHING I'm still going to end up better off than if I had done nothing at all. In other news I'm starting to feel like I'm swimming in my clothes! I already put a new hole in my belt and it lasted me about 2 weeks lol. Looks like its time to put another hole in!
  13. Another good day, and I continue on my streak of being under calories. So far in this whole time i have only been over calories just once, and I did my strength exercises today. I feel a lot more motivated this week and I so cannot wait to hit my goal! Also, I'm thinking of swapping out one cardio day each week for a hike instead.
  14. I'm here to say 5 lbs, no not 5 lbs lost but rather..............5 lbs until I reach my next weight loss goal because I just lost 7 lbs this week and now weigh in at 380 lbs! I cannot wait until next week! I honestly cannot see any reason for why I wont be able to make that goal for next weeks weigh in. In fact I'm completely surprised by the 7 lbs I lost this week! This week had to be my most half hearted attempt since I started, granted I was always under calories but I skipped my last 3 days of exercise! I'm not going to complain though!
  15. I am having a terrible time getting myself motivated to do exercise today, so I think I will compromise and do a few key ones. The important part is that I am moving more than usual, and I am still going to be under my calories for the day, plus I got a whole night of work ahead of me.
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