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  1. Good job! You're rocking it.
  2. This has worked out for me. I always bring a snack pack with me to work in order to resist the temptation of the candy and cookies I'm always surrounded by.
  3. I've been doing great diet wise. I like eating real food. Decent about the workouts but did get a little behind. This week I an on schedule with steps but last week sucked. I'll try to be better with updates, I just got overwhelmed with work!
  4. I work at a COW (computer on wheels). I have been walking in place while charting to get some extra steps in. My patients are in the delicate position of waking up from anesthesia so I have to be close. I don't have opportunity of wandering away very much. I have also been offering to run errands to other floors when I can. Thanks everybody. It's great to have support.
  5. Had a good first day. I already got all my steps and no processed foods today. My partner does most (okay all) of the cooking and she is giving me awesome support. She just roasted an organic chicken with sweet potatoes, onions, and asparagus. Damn good. Still need to do my physical therapy exercise, and tomorrow will be a bbww day. Good luck everyone, we can do this!
  6. great goals. I like the diversity in your workouts.
  7. An average day is around 4-5000. I am an RN and people would probably assume I run around all day. But I work in post surgical recovery. I watch people sleep for a living. So I have recently taken up walking in place while I do my computer charting. I do have a dog that needs walking, the problem has been a horrible chicago winter. Walks have not been very far. He refuses to wear his shoes or coat. The steps will be easier when spring warms things up, I just need to figure out what to do for now. So far I have been doing the walking in place at my work computer, and chasing the dog when I am home. I have decided he needs more exercise! He is a mini dachshund (a hot dog dog) who has taken on the shape of a polish sausage over the course of the winter.
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