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  1. Never ask for whom the bell tolls...

    1. Barfly


      Looks like nobody did... :-/

      How are ya?

  2. My friend, welcome to the dark side. We've got biscuits. Well, not really biscuits. Some of us do a gluten-free scone or maybe dark, dark, dark chocolate. Anyways, tea is a wonderful thing. Keep in mind, brown-colored water does not the tea make. Good tea has an aroma, a mouthfeel, and a taste. I like a good Assam, myself. Darjeeling is a beautifully intricate tea. Oolongs range from nutty and earthy to fresh and green. I like mine on the nutty side. There's something about the eye-catching green of freshly-brewed sencha. I would suggest starting out with a blackish Oolong.
  3. Shouthra, I hate you so much. I hate you with the fiery fierceness of a thousand blazing suns. I want fresh, cheap fish. But no, I have to live in incredibly landlocked Colorado. The mountains are pretty, but the seafood is nonexistent. I'm gonna sit here and pretend I'm happy with my canned clams.
  4. That is the only symptom. I do have issues with my breathing that I'm trying to fix by going through C25K at an easy pace but breathing through my nose as opposed to mouth-breathing. Is it something that I just need to accept as a part of exercising hard?
  5. It seems that with any type of higher intensity exercise, my heart starts beating against my chest like an old man banging a broom against the ceiling, yelling "knock it off, up there!" I am 26 with no heart issues, how do I persuade the ticker to shut up and just work?
  6. Anyone eating seafood for brekkie? I've found that clams with potato or mashed cauliflower are simply magical.
  7. What worked for me when it came to dragging my butt to the gym after work (even during busy season) was telling myself that all I was going to do was watch my Netflix and stroll on the treadmill. Once I actually got in there and on the treadmill, it got easier to push myself to do a bit more. It would feel like I was earning extra credit. It's tough going to the gym after work, but maybe if you can trick yourself into seeing it as "me time", it might make it a bit easier.
  8. At the age of 26, I have never: Run a mile.Done a pull-up.Climbed a rope.Hiked and not worried about my breathing.Worn a two-piece swimsuit.And that's just sad. It's not just about looking a certain way, it's also about feeling a certain way. About being confident that if I needed to run, I would be able to. If I needed to jump, I would be able to. If I needed to haul something, I would be able to. The human body is a beautifully crafted machine and I've been letting mine rust. Time to see what this machine can do. Starting Stats: Height: 5'6" Weight: 146.5 lbs Waist: 34" Fu
  9. Thank you, Knightwatch! smftexas86, that was a great resource! Thank you!
  10. I did my third cross-fit class on Monday and my hands look and feel kinda crappy. I have fairly delicate skin, I'm a fitness newbie, and we do a lot of rowing in the class (and I've been doing a bit of rowing between classes so I don't royally suck) and things that involve holding those rough metal bar thingies. I have yet to see a person in the classes wear gloves, but my hands have those bumps at the base of my fingers and they are an angry red color with a white accent at the center of one. So, do cross-fitters wear gloves?
  11. I'm sitting out the last week of this challenge since I just signed up. In the meantime, I'm saying hello to all the nice people and trying not to get in their way. Hello, people!
  12. 1 Kudo for going to the gym. 1,000 Kudos for having fun while doing it. (I don't give a rat's posterior if there's no such thing as a "kudo".)
  13. What exam section did you pass already? What are you taking next? After, eventually, passing the monster exam of doom I feel like I am qualified to say the following: Big massive kudos to you for having the courage to attempt this exam. The cram review by Roger is well worth the investment. When you're neck-deep in studying, a dose of humor is needed to prevent insanity. Another71 forums are a great source of support. You can do it. It will be worth it.
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