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  1. 12/60 XP Tomorrow: 1. pay the bank another visit... 2. be at work at 9 3. in bed at 11 13/60 XP
  2. 10/60 XP No updates the last few days since I've been quite busy. Work in the lab, a soccer tournament of the chemists at the college and a trip to northern Ireland. Additionally - since I'm sick of missing busses and having to walk an hour to reach the city center - I found a new apartment, where I'll move in tomorrow Tomorrow: 1. clean bed- & bathroom 2. pack up the rest of my stuff & get it to the new apartment 3. in bed at 11
  3. 9/60 XP Tomorrow: 1. do some laundry 2. try and create a paragraph out of that gathered information (I still only have one sentence for my introduction... somehow finding a beginning is always the worst part) 3. in bed at 11
  4. 7/60 XP Tomorrow: 1. gather some more information on the topic for my introduction 2. the bank... once again... 3. in bed at 11
  5. 6/60 XP Tomorrow: 1. work on my report 2. check that bank account stuff 3. in bed at 11
  6. Full 3/3 4/60 XP Today: 1. work on my report for at least an hour 2. prepare stuff for tomorrow 3. in bed at 11
  7. Yesterday everything went according to plan except for the fact that I acutally got caught up in a conversation with someone, therefore missed my bus and went to bed half an hour later than planned. [2/3] => 2/60 XP Since I immediately went to bed when I came home I didn't think about tasks for today and didn't have (or rather take) time to do so before/during work, so nothing to show for today. Tomorrow: 1. clean up 2. work out 3. cook a healthy meal
  8. Tried to figure out that Tex stuff... No progress... Workout (3 sets): 30 squats 5 push ups 20 rows (purple) 20 dead lifts (purple) 2/3 for today, here we go: 1/60 XP --- Tasks for tomorrow: 1. stairs instead of elevator the entire day (I work on 7th floor...) 2. meet with some people after work and start talking to different people (I'm usually more or less waiting for people to talk to me because I kinda feel like disturbing them when I just start to talk to them out of the blue. I bet no one would mind, but these thoughts are the main reason why I'm having a hard time socialising in general) 3. in bed at 11
  9. Yesterday I went to some international meetup at a restaurant, started talking to some people and even went to get a drink with them. My socialising skills seem to improve ^^ The downside is though that I stayed up too long because of this and didn't have time for the workout anymore. Today I was told that there is freshmen's week or something like this in the college (since I'm working on a research project in another building I didn't really notice what was going on at the campus). All the different clubs there are currently trying to get new members, so I took a look today and even found a martials arts club that I think I'll join tomorrow I even talked to a girl from a Quidditch club, she said they will play tomorrow to show people how it works - I'm kind of intrigued ^^ Considering the leveling system I was thinking about the following: 3/3 => 2 XP 2/3 => 1 XP 1/3 => 0 XP 0/3 => -1 XP Assuming I would have 3/3 every day that would be 60 XP in a month (which is about the length of a challenge), so I'll set that as the amount for a level up. Maybe I'll add some kind of weekly bonus tasks as well. Like "do not watch a single episode of any series for one week" and give 3-5 XP for completion. That way I would still be able to level up at the end even if I didn't complete every single task in a month. Tasks for tomorrow: 1. finally fix Texmaker that for some reason won't work, so I can start my report 2. join the clubs that interest me (martial arts and kite surfing are the first that come to mind here) 3. work out
  10. Tasks for tomorrow: 1. prepare lunch 2a. (in case I get the letter...) manage bank/gym/... 2b. work out at home 3. go to bed at 11 I thought about establishing some kind of leveling system for this task-thing... Like "complete x tasks for level up" or x days with 3/3 tasks or something like that.
  11. I seem to act way more spontaneous around here than back home. Yesterday I decided to go to the rainbow run in Dublin - basically jogging/walking 5K while people throw coloured powder at you (or all the participants at each other), creating a huge, colourful mess. A childhood dream come true xD Because of this I cancelled my plans at 3 pm. Anyway, after I got home, took a long and colourful shower and cleaned my clothes and backpack and basically everything else that I had on me, I went out again and met up with another group at a bar. Had a nice chat with many new people and went to a club afterwards. All in all an awesome saturday. Tasks for today: 1. NMR stuff for monday 2. start a list of expenses 3. clean my shoes (just saw them standig in the hallway.... must've forgotten yesterday)
  12. Everything done for today. Though I didn't exactly show up at 9 but about 9.10. I still decided to count that since it's not really my fault - I was at the bus station in time and 3 busses passed without stoping... Apparently they were full :/ Didn't really expect that since I had absolutely no problem yesterday at the same time. Anyway, the important thing is that my morning routine seems to work. Back at home I wanted to cook a meal but wasn't that hungry, so I'll do that tomorrow. Since I'm still not able to use the college's gym (but at least I got the assurance today that I WILL be able to use it once the boss is back as well), I went for some kind of circle training at home. Did 3 sets of 30 squats, 5 push ups, 20 rows and 20 deadlifts. Used resistance bands for the rows and deadlifts (both purple). Tasks for tomorrow: 1. prepare reaction & NMR stuff for monday 2. cook 3. meet with some people at 3 pm
  13. I got up early, I prepared lunch and was on time for work. The only problem: there was no one there. I got a text from a colleague when I got on the bus, saying that the two people I'll mainly be working with won't be there today either, so I will finally start tomorrow at 9. Chaotic first week I guess... But she said I could as well show up and follow someone else from the team around, so that's what I did today. It was just a bit of relaxed work, mainly just trying to figure out where everything is and chatting with people. Afterwards I wanted to go to the gym but then I once again I ran into that problem that I'm not technically a student there, but registered as something else and it's all weird and complicated and that's why I wasn't allowed to use the gym -.- Have to check that tomorrow again, when FINALLY everyone will be there. ^^ Tasks for tomorrow (pretty much the same as today...): 1. once again show up at 9 2. work out (if nothing else works, bodyweight at home) 3. prepare lunch
  14. Okay so today I didn't complete ANY of those 3 tasks... I slept in and woke at half past 9, skipped mma class and couldn't get that stupid letter again. Concerning the letter I was ONCE AGAIN redirected to another person I should ask about this. By now it just gets ridiculous, I've been running around for a week now... I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow, when my colleagues are back and ask them how the last girl from my university that came to Ireland handled this. (luckily they had a student like me before, so at least I can ask them such stuff) Also I decided to skip mma and meet another rebel instead So far I never met someone whom I didn't actually know beforehand so I was a bit scared about that, but it turned out there was no need to worry. And even though most of the places we went to were closed already it was fun to just spontaneously start to talk to someone you've never seen before. Plus, I'm really in need of social interaction around here ^^ First day of work tomorrow, so here are my tasks: 1. prepare a meal for work so I won't have to buy stuff 2. be there at 9 (I was already told that my starting time is kind of flexible, but I want to be on time at least once. xD Btw I really don't know where that cliché comes from that Germans are always punctual, I, for one, am never on time...) 3. gym after work or socialising with colleagues (in case someone wants to go out after work... I feel like I need the socialisation way more than the exercise, I constantly have that urge to meet new people, but barely ever manage to because of my shyness)
  15. Didn't really know what to cook today either, so I didn't cook at all. Had a self-made "healthy" salmon-sandwich and later some eggs and toast. I lately tend to have that problem very often, that I'm hungry but just don't know what to eat or what I'd even like to eat. Tasks for tomorrow: 1. get up at 9 2. mma class the 2nd 3. finally get that verification letter
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