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  1. Hey guys, it's me, the hot mess express. So I'm exhausted, as I will be. I was super super sick last week, almost ER sick. I can't tell you why yet, but just know that I know what's up and I'm taking steps to prevent really bad stuff. I'll tell you guys what's going on when I can. Just keep me in mind/prayers and stuff as you prefer I'm going to keep doing my best and keep moving forward. Love you guys!
  2. Week 2 Cleaning/Unpacking task Ideas - Unpacking Books into Shelves - Tidy Bedroom - Sweep Garage - Unpack Tupperware - Clean Kitchen
  3. Lol we did basically nothing this weekend - in the best way possible! I've been sleeping a lot and trying to get my brain back together
  4. I love this for you! Mental health 2022 everyone
  5. Well this week went... wild. Tuesday evening I got a text saying that my house was closing on Thursday. We still had a couple of small things still there, so myself and my roommate drove 10 hours, took a nap, deep cleaned the house, packed it up, delivered a few items that needed to be removed from the property, and then left again. We ended up staying at a hotel Wednesday night because honestly, we didn't have much choice. We were dead. We finished the drive back yesterday. So I'm still exhausted and I had my first therapy appt this AM so I'm really not functional. Hopefully this weekend will be restful enough that i"ll feel better next week.
  6. We don't actually have plants unfortunately, otherwise I'd do that!
  7. I feel you on the blehs! though I'm mostly just exhausted. Your meal plan looks great!
  8. So I added a task that I decided counted because the sink was in slightly rough shape. We have the WORST selection of fruit flies, but I think deep cleaning the sink and garbage disposal is going to help remove them. I'm two for two on stretching and my ankle exercises, which is pretty exciting as well. And got my three fruits/veggies in. So far this morning, my stomach is feeling a bit upset, so I'm just having an applesauce pouch for breakfast. I'll add something else when my stomach calms down.
  9. oh those extra long days are so mentally confusing! Hope today goes well!
  10. I've had two fruits already today, and tonight's planned dinner includes a veggie! And yes absolutely - that's going to be an after work item. Happy Monday indeed!
  11. Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday went surprisingly well. I ended up cleaning the bathroom a bit while the rug was being washed, so that's one task for the week done. I also got some fruit in me yesterday, which is a good step in the right direction, and even did my stretching! I've been feeling a lot better over the past couple of days, my body is finally starting to relax and my brain isn't misbehaving as much. Thank God!
  12. On the one hand I don't know why I do this to myself but on the other hand I'm managing fairly well so far so I can't be too mad xD
  13. Hope everyone's having a great challenge day one! Love you all
  14. Hope day one has treated you well!
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