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  1. I think I need to find myself a nice happy medium. Like, I'm not bothered by the idea of eating low carb today, but my throat hurts quite a bit so I'd love a cup or two of tea with plenty of honey (once I get more from the store) or a small milkshake to sooth the throat. Or an occasional treat. I'm not sure if that would improve things, but I feel like it may. I don't know, we'll see.
  2. It's definitely not a stupid idea, I just don't ever end up being able to stick to something like that. I tried WW, and I ended up feeling boxed in and couldn't eat anything good. With keto/low carb, I have foods that work for me mostly... but I get bored. And I get frustrated. Because sometimes I just want the WHOLE cheeseburger, not just the meat and cheese. And also I can't have any fruit. I've read intuitive eating. I love it in theory.... but my breathing gets labored going up my stairs, I can't paint my own toenails well, and I was constantly gaining weight (and losing my ability to wear any of my clothes). The 20lbs I lost on low car was the first weight I've lost since I started Intuitive Eating. I gained weight and it was ALL fat. I don't feel healthy, I don't feel good, but I'm frustrated because it seems like I'm out of options 😕 I want intuitive eating to work for me, I want to be able to eat like a normal person and not gain weight if I so much as look at something sweet or a piece of bread. But it's never happened so...
  3. I've been really struggling getting back on keto. I don't have the stocked up food, and honestly the food doesn't feel appetizing anymore. It's frustrating. I'm still pushing and trying. Today I was set up to have a pretty solid food day, but I woke up with a sore throat so I broke keto to consume hot tea with honey and lemon. Not really mad at all, it did help my throat a bit. I just don't know. I'm not doing very well food wise overall. Maybe it's time to start counting calories again? I dunno though. With Low carb, I lost 20 lbs in 2 months or so, it's the first thing to give me solid results in years. The past two weeks however, have not been ideal. I'm frustrated with myself and frustrated in general. Low carb makes me angry because I absolutely hate not eating carbs. It's frustrating. I feel like I can only eat a few things. I can't stand most of the keto friendly veggies, so I'm stuck consuming broccoli and mushrooms almost exclusively. Most of my meals revolve around meat and cheese. I'm not getting enough veggies and I'm hungry ALL THE TIME. People say stuff like "don't eat snacks on low carb" but honestly 1) there ARE NO LOW CARB SNACKS and 2) if I don't eat snacks I eat people and that's not okay. I dislike the foods I'm eating enough that I'm back to reading and eating together because if I'm not paying attention to what I'm eating, I can force it down. I'm so lost and torn. I was and am proud of myself, but I don't know if it's all worth it. Or if it's ever been worth it. I'm really confused. I feel like I'm trading my physical and mental welfare. And that's not okay at all. Anyone with ideas on what to do I would much appreciate....
  4. Okay yesterday didn't work out for first day back on keto/low carb, but I wasn't in bad shape over the course of the day either. Not great but not bad is the best I can say. Better than previous. Today I have keto food planned out properly. As long as I don't get insanely hungry I'll be okay with that today.
  5. Thanks! When I'm actually doing and tracking low carb things, that's fairly common. But I've been off for over a week now *guilt brain intensifies* and am trying to jump back on. For sure! It was a great time. ~~~ Today I'm putting out into the void that I'm going to start tracking keto/low carb again today. It's not my preference, but I need to and I'm going to track things as soon as I finish typing this up. Aside from that, things have been okay. Night before last, the night after I drank all those energy drinks, I couldn't sleep a second time (I forgot caffeine is a diuretic... I was up and down every half hour all night x_x) Last night I finally slept, but not as much as I wanted because I had to get up early to take Mr. Right to work and go to the office to get work done since our internet is out again.
  6. So... I've definitely been on the #strugglebus for the past couple of weeks. I'm not entirely sure if there's a cause. I'm not entirely sure if there's an answer. A friend who I was talking to today said it sounds like my anxiety and depression are acting up again. Which is... not good. I haven't decided what I'm going to do about it. In the meantime, I'm going to be trying to get myself together and am focusing on building some habits that will help. I'm planning on keeping my previous format (since it actually seems to be working) and build some habits. Habit 1: 9am Wakeup Time - I've been doing too much sleeping in until 11am this week. It's made work difficult and it makes my being able to go to bed at a reasonable hour difficult. 8am is probably not realistic right now, but 9 is. My goal is 5 days each week. Habit 2: Breakfast - I need to eat breakfast. Every day that I wake up I should have a protein coffee. It's easy and doesn't take a lot of effort. My goal here is also 5 days each week. Habit 3: Cleanup - Keeping my house clean has been a bit tricky without any energy. I need to do 1 task per day, 5 days a week. Habit 4: Bible Reading - Do devotionals every single day. Every day. Keep up that connection with God. Habit 5: Personal Growth - Do 2 personal growth exercises 6 days each week. If I do extra, I get extra points. I'm going to track my weekly progress with points here: W1: 29/36 W2: 23/36 W3: 30/36 W4: W5: 72/175 So this is what I have. Hopefully things get easier with life. Or I figure something out.