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  1. Happy Monday everyone! My mom is free to work out again so we're going to work out together today via Zoom I'm excited - she was out of commission for a couple weeks while her surgery healed. Yesterday wasn't my best food day. I tried - I made quesadillas for lunch for myself. But they were so badly burned I couldn't finish them So Mr. Right and I got pizza at Sam's while we got groceries. On the up side, we have a TON of groceries and healthy stuff. I'm currently slowly working my way through a bowl of yogurt and granola. Lunches are pb&j with fresh strawberry
  2. Changing goals happens! There's no point in forcing something that's not necessarily working for you
  3. Solid first week! I was doing well early but petered out thanks to some mild injury things happening with my calves. So I'm going to try to get back on the horse this week. I think my mom is able to exercise again, so I'll see about whether she wants to work out a couple times this week. I've missed working out with her, but her mini surgery was 200% necessary (melanoma- but it's all gone!!). I still want to go climb, but the only day this week I could have gone injury wise was Friday. And honestly - I didn't have the emotional energy Friday night to talk to strangers about belayi
  4. That's so awesome!! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it That ice tray sounds adorable!!
  5. I'm so glad FabFitFun has been a good experience for you!! ❤️❤️
  6. So today is going to be a climbing day. I finally feel like my leg is feeling better, so I'll be going to the climbing gym tonight. I'm having a hard time kick starting myself today unfortunately, but I'm definitely still trying. My brain is fried beyond all belief. But I have a meeting this afternoon so I'll have to get my brain in gear at least somewhat!
  7. Okay so yesterday was an interesting day. I wasn't super productive outside of work but it was a pretty stellar day overall. Mr. Right and I went to a local farm and picked two large buckets of strawberries. I'm hoping to make freezer jam this weekend! I just bought a bunch of jars on Amazon so that'll be fun We also got a couple of different kinds of jam to try, and I got some local honey to help with my allergies (hopefully). When I got home, I made a set of friendship bracelets that match the three the Valkyries had in ACOSF. I'm considering making a
  8. It's awesome to see you back!! I've been following on Insta and you're working so hard!
  9. I think one of the most important things is to start by understanding the things we want to change about ourselves. We can't start fixing the issue if we don't know the issue. We're people - not perfect. The goal for life is progress - not perfection! I'm sorry you're stressing at work, I get that. It happens a lot to me as well. I hope it gets better!
  10. Yesterday was alright, I just was super tired. I didn't end up climbing because Mr. Right was having a weird muscle ache, but we're going today after we pick strawberries. I'm also planning on making dinner tonight - I just don't know what I'm making. Possibly the chicken/bacon/ranch bake because it's super easy. Today I'm struggling a little getting my brain functioning but hopefully the sun will come out soon and wake me up a little. I'm about to get another cup of coffee a bit sooner than I should but honestly? I'm brain dead and want coffee. So coffee it is.
  11. I hate mornings, have I mentioned that before? I'm not a morning person (or a night owl tbh) and before I get some delicious caffeine in my system I'm half dead. Grey clouds don't help either. But I made bread in my new dutch oven yesterday and that was AMAZING. It's a delicious crusty bread with a gorgeous crust. I had a couple of small pieces last night with butter and a drizzle of honey. Today Mr. Right and I are going climbing, and tomorrow we're going strawberry picking after I get off work. I got his mom's recipe for strawberry freezer jam, and I'll be making th
  12. Happy Monday everyone! I'm safely home, and I got a LOT done yesterday. I managed to cook a dinner for myself and my husband, prep both breakfasts and lunches for him for the week, NOT make a mess of the kitchen, finish my first fiverr order, and catch up with my husband Super productivity! The other day I rediscovered a group called GMB.io who focus on functional movement. As a climber, that seems like it'll be really helpful. I've been doing their basic stretching routine for the past two mornings and it actually wears me out?? It's great. I also am going to try one
  13. For recipes, pinterest saved my butt! And also Mealime.
  14. That's so beautiful!! And we too are in the allergy apocalypse... though my allergies are bad enough that every day is the allergy apocalypse 😅😅😅
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