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  1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi and the Most Basic Human Needs

    Well after a fun and relaxing weekend, the week came back with a vengeance to bite me in the butt. First thing was 100% my own fault: I slept in so much. But I haven't slept in in a while so I was just like 'alright let's do a little bit of sleeping.' And I slept until 11:30am. Whoops. Facebook was down earlier, which, for a social media manager, is a problem. That got resolved, but I've got a horrific headache. I've eaten, so I'm pretty sure it's not needing more food. I'm currently working my way through a cup of coffee to figure out if it's caffeine related. I also took 2 ibuprofen to try to resolve that. Also the animals are being insane today. *sigh.* I'm ready for this headache to disappear >_> I've got to work through it because my dnd group meets tonight. I don't really entirely wanna go but I hate bailing on people. Ugh. Wish me luck getting through this day, it's gonna be a doozy
  2. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    The IE Group - Intuitive Eating Support Group

    Can you do that with any recipe? I'm not even sure my recipe has a second rise. It's below
  3. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    The IE Group - Intuitive Eating Support Group

    I get so busy >.< I work from home, so I track my own hours. My thought is 'let's get to the next half hour so it's easier to track and then I"ll eat' but then I miss it and then I'm like 'well ok next one then.' But then it's a couple hours later and I'm ravenous. No bueno. Between that and the emotional residue I've got dealing with salads (every time I went to eat something - 'why don't you have a salad?' 'Salads are a good option' 'You should have a salad') I just don't bother with them unless I'm in the mood. And I rarely am so..? I don't have a mixer or a bread maker so I make my bread literally from scratch. It's very fun, but it's also time consuming >_> I love bread but not like 99% of wheat bread.
  4. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    The IE Group - Intuitive Eating Support Group

    SAME THOUGH. I'm still learning how to listen to my hunger signals and actually do something about them. I am hugely guilty of just... not. I always seem to put things off. It's kinda crazy. I keep finding excuses to not eat when I feel hungry. I'm so used to ignoring those signals that I don't know how to exist otherwise. It's super weird. I'm slowly learning to eat when hungry (when I can- when I'm not working retail >_>) THANK YOU JESUS THERE ARE MORE OF US. I feel so guilty sometimes because there are a lot of trendy healthy foods that I just don't like. I can't stand Avocado. Salads have too much emotional residue and I still can't make them fill me, wheat bread is just nasty (unless I make it and I don't have that kind of time all the time to hand make and hand knead bread on a weekly basis), etc.
  5. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi and the Most Basic Human Needs

    Thanks <3 I'm getting there. Things will eventually calm down. That's how I'm getting through this: the knowledge that this is NOT forever. Introvert pampering night sounds lovely >_> Perhaps either tonight or tomorrow, depending. Mr. Right is FINALLY home for a couple days, and I'd love to spend some time with him. I think I saw him for like 10 mins yesterday. Which is a normal day for us at this point. We need to spend some time together as well.
  6. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi and the Most Basic Human Needs

    Wowzers my life is hectic AF. My last challenge went a little bit by the roadside because I got insanely busy. I now work two jobs (plus my Youtube Channel which is basically a third job jesus heck) and my car is currently in a semi-broken down state again. AGAIN. But yeah. I think my primary goal for this challenge is for me to Get My Shit Together (tm) because when isn't that the ultimate goal? But really. I need to get it together. I think I'm finally starting to get used to the pace of my life. I'm trying to sleep more to make up for the additional stress and other things. But now I need to take time and get the rest of my life together. But I have Three main goals for the challenge. Start Bullet Journaling again I'm starting the process for this tonight. I'm going to set up my journal and start a new layout. But I have 5 to-do lists scattered around right now and I need to get things more well organized. Bullet Journaling has always helped me keep it together and I think that'll make a difference for me moving forward. Figure out where I'm screwing up intuitive eating This is a little trickier. I'm not really screwing it up (You can't screw it up tbh), but I am losing something somewhere. I need to take a good long look at my habits and figure out what and where I need to change. Including implementing those changes as well. Start the process to get back into therapy This is the last leg of my 'figuring things out' tripod. I really need to get back into therapy to balance out my celexa/meds. I want to find a good therapist covered my insurance and go twice a month now that my copay is so much higher. It's not ideal but that's the best balance I can come up with. These goals will help me get my life back on track. More detail is probably needed later, but this is the core of it.