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  1. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    I was so happy! It's like a cup of fall. It's so tasty. Husband got his first pumpkin spice latte of the season today and he's pleased FALL IS COMING <3
  2. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    I'm okay We only got a tiny bit of wind/rain and nothing too sketchy. It's basically gone now and the sun is going to come out tomorrow! I also didn't do yoga yesterday- I went for a walk instead! It was so great I felt amazing. It wasn't much of a walk, but it really made a difference for my mood and such. Today I was out and about a bunch for work and other things, which was great for my mental state. Less so for my hunger cues because I didn't eat much early in the day. It really messed with my hunger cues and signals during lunch. Dinner was fine, but lunch was a bit much >_> But I forgive myself for ignoring my fullness signals because I wasn't honoring my hunger. I forgive myself for not honoring my hunger and will in the future be better prepared to honor my hunger in similar situations <3 Also I finally found apple cider at a grocery store, which I've been wanting for the past few days! I had a nice hot mug of it this evening with a cinnamon stick in it. Tomorrow I'm making something tasty for dinner (pork tenderloin, sauteed asparagus, and homemade mac and cheese) and will get to hang out with the husband a good bit I'm going to get a quick snack and then get some rest because I've been up for what feels like ever! Night all!
  3. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    I like this idea, I think I'll partake of the yoga later on today
  4. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    I definitely need to be nicer to myself >_> I think other people are nicer to me than I am to myself. I'm trying to subscribe to the idea that 'if you wouldn't say it to yourself as a small child or to your best friend then you shouldn't say it to yourself now." But things are improving. ~~~~ Happy Monday-first-challenge-day all! So yesterday was a hard day. I couldn't get full all day, which made it very hard to be forgiving and kind to myself. But we did the grocery shopping yesterday after church, which means that I was up and about and moving a lot more than usual so my body was hungrier. I'm more able to be calm and find things to do in idleness though, which I'm very grateful for. Today, I won't get my walk in, unfortunately. We're still dealing with the last little bits of Hurricane Florence here in my town. Nothing awful, just a lot of rain and storms that will keep me inside. I'll take the time to relax and rest and get work done. But I will work on my intuitive eating/mindful eating/eating when I'm hungry today, as well as making sure I do my gratefulness list today. I also have some of my youtube/blog stuff that I want to do today, and I think I'll finish my book tonight with a cup of tea or decaf coffee after my husband leaves for work. And watch the youtube videos on my favorite channels that came out this morning. Have a great day everyone!
  5. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    Whooooo! Hi friend! Thank you!! I'm so glad to be back!! And feeling better too. It's so nice. Yay!! I like that idea. Curiosity is something that I need/want to cultivate anyway. And it's good to be back <3
  6. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finally Finds Some Balance!!

    This happened
  7. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finds Herself Again, Day by Day

    "Only you can decide what breaks you, Cursebreaker, only you." A Court of Wings and Ruin Oh WOW drop kick me Jesus last month fell apart at the seams a little bit. Lotta bit. Basically, last month, I lost all ability to cope with life. I still don't know what caused it but I was losing every bit of my energy around 2pm every day and was struggling to do more than the very basics of life. All I wanted to do was curl up and read. And eat a lot of food. I was also getting debilitating headaches literally every day. It was absolutely awful. I stopped working out completely because I just didn't have the energy for it. "When you spend so long in the darkness, you'll find that the darkness begins to stare back." A Court of Mist and Fury Like a wise person, I went to the doctor. I now have my allergies more under control, and I'm on an anti-depressant/anxiety to help take the edge off of my anxiety and struggles. Within less than 48 hours it was like night and day. I feel so much more like myself. I'm also (eventually) going to start up therapy again, and I'm going to take up some new habits to help improve my mental health. Now that I'm back from my trip out of town (OMG So much fun <3) with newly dyed hair and a nose piercing (!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH), it's time to get back to figuring myself out. Yay for cultivating healthy habits. So I'm going to pick a couple of habits to cultivate during this challenge to improve my mental health during this challenging time. "What we think to be our greatest weakness can be our biggest strength." A Court of Mist and Fury Go for a walk every day that you don't leave the house for something else. I need to get out more. Part of my problem was that I was closed in the house constantly. It was excessive. So now, if I don't go anywhere and the weather isn't awful, I'll go for a short walk. Or a long walk. Or a hike. Just something. If I don't feel like doing anything I'll just go on a short walk. Otherwise I'll go somewhere nicer and hike or something. "There are good days and hard days for me- even now. Don't let the Hard days win" A Court of Mist and Fury Practice Intuitive Eating. My intuitive eating has gotten a bit.. forgotten. With everything that's been happening I've let it fall by the wayside. I'm trying to be gentle to myself and forgive myself for that, but I do need to find the intuitive eating again. "We are all broken in our own ways- in places no one might see" A Court of Wings and Ruin Gratefulness Journal. I started a gratefulness journal a couple weeks back but want to actually keep up with it every day. It's a good reminder to find three things in every day to be thankful for! Bringing more happiness and peace to my soul. "Don't feel bad for one moment about doing what brings you joy." A Court of Thorns and Roses Take Time for Yourself. Don't forget to take care of you. Do youtube stuff or read or just enjoy life as you will. Don't let yourself get left behind in all this. Take care of yourself. <3
  8. Friend! I'm back to lurk on your post here. It's so nice to see you managing all the things. Monies on car repairs are no fun. I hope things get better and easier for you as they go. A friend told me recently that she learned in rehab (drug/alcohol rehab) that people grieve more than they think they do. Grief over losing people, an old place, an old life, many things. Grief is such an integral part of life that it's vital we learn to deal with it. You're grieving the loss/change of so many parts of your life. And you're doing it so gracefully. You're still here and I'm so so proud of you <3
  9. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Ensi - Urban Pirate Witch Cherishes Autumn

    Lurker mode (re)activated! Here for this
  10. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finally Finds Some Balance!!

    whooo I'm so behind right now I can't even >_> I can't wait to tell you guys how my trip went (hint: It was great aside from the actual travel) and all that jazz. I'll post a new challenge soon!
  11. TheGreyJedi-Ranger

    Jedi Finally Finds Some Balance!!

    My last challenge was heavily focused around bringing myself back into balance. I'm happy to say that that was successful! I feel more balanced emotionally and feel like I'm getting more balanced physically. You guys know that last month was one of the most financially challenging we'd had in a long time, and it was at a really rough point. Like I ate the same thing for a week straight(homemade pizza and Kraft Mac and Cheese) and my mom felt so bad for me she ordered Chinese food for me online so that I could have something a little bit different (bless her). But now we have more money and can handle buying more varied things. I've been cooking again and it's SO GREAT. I actually managed to kick my 'eat and read' habit again thanks to actually enjoying the food I'm eating. My Intuitive eating is going a lot better as well because I'm eating what my brain and body want. I'm actually trying to eat more healthy foods- because my body wants them! It's nice. Though I'm trying to find a substitute for pinto beans since those (along with chickpeas) are now on my list of foods that make me sick to eat. I may have to see if I can find a way to prepare black beans so that I like them. I've also been working out again! I love it. I feel so much better when I work out. I've been doing bodyweight workouts that I kinda came up with on my own. I do squats, plank, wall pushups, downward dog, arm circles, russian twists, and one legged chair pose. The one legged chair has made a huge difference in my ankle strength with my bad ankle! I'm not so wobbly and I'm also not having trouble with it any more like I was. But we'll see how it holds up when I start running and also BOOT SEASON. The plan is to work out at home until around October or so, and then get a Planet Fitness membership so that I can start lifting again. So as for goals: - Work out 3x Weekly - Keep getting that Intuitive Eating going - Don't lose my mind trying to balance part time work, being a housewife, being a dog and kitten mom, and running a (v. small) makeup and beauty related Youtube channel and blog - Do stuff with your friends - Make sure to drink all of your necessary water! So yeah, that's my challenge this time. Something simple and easy for now, I can always edit it if I need to!