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  1. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    I have to agree. I may not like change, but right now it's putting me in a position to rest that I direly need.
  2. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    So instead of a double shift today, I get a snow day! WHOOOOOOO <3 I'm so pleased. I wasn't going to get any time off this week and now I do and I'm so happy It does put off me putting in my 2 weeks, but that's not a huge issue as long as I get a day off during the week after Easter to see my family.
  3. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    I'm so ridiculously happy. I have been incapable of describing to people how much I absolutely hate my job. I made a couple of friends and I've learned that I'm capable, but I hate it. I literally feel miserable just thinking about going in there to work. And it's worse because it's been over 2 weeks since my husband and I have had a day off at the same time. We see each other in the evenings (when I'm not working doubles). But I've gone 3+ days where we didn't see each other awake and it sucks so much. The one thing that makes this awful job situation worth it, the one I'm honestly doing this mess for, I can't even see hardly at all. But with the way they're working me, there's no way I'll be able to get the house packed up or anything. I won't be able to get any cleaning/organizing/clearing done, nothing. It would end up being insanely frustrating. But she comes back from her vacation tomorrow, and I'll be talking to her as soon as I get the chance. I'm insanely nervous. I'm (irrationally) afraid that she's going to be mad. Like... There's no reason to. I've worked really hard for her, and I'm only leaving because I'm moving. And I'm going to continue to work hard for her until I leave. But we don't need any more money than we have right now. I've made enough money to keep us going until we get things straightened out in our new house/hometown. If I need another job, I can get another serving job fairly easily. I don't really want to, but if our financial situation is as stable as it seems like it's going to be, then I can focus on doing independent work and applying for jobs. And not feel as useless >_> As far as everything else, I'm doing pretty well remembering to stretch and getting sleep. The website stuff is going slowly, but I'm also working through it slowly. I don't have but so much free time right now. And today I spent my free time doing packing stuff and hanging out/goofing off with Mr. Right while he played his new motorcross/ATV game.
  4. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    I am legit so excited. I'm putting in my 2 weeks on Wednesday! But I won't have time to do any packing otherwise. But I'm so happy about the whole 2 weeks notice thing
  5. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    The new place feels like a light at the end of the tunnel. Especially right now considering that Mr right and I haven't had a day off together in 2 weeks and it's gonna be God only knows how much longer before it happens again. I'm so beyond annoyed. My schedule is from the pits of Hades. I'm legit trying not to cry because I cannot cope anymore. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    It's the first time I've been so excited about something in a while tbh, it feels good to have something to look forward to Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  7. shadri does some things, maybe

    No fireflies?? That's just a travesty those were the only bugs aside from lady bugs that I didn't mind catching. But I'm glad you've been introduced to the joys of fireflies and clover I used to sit in clover as a kid and make giant bouquet and flower chains out of clover. Clover flowers are great for flower chains because the stems are super durable and flexible.
  8. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    Yeah, both my husband and I feel that. On days where he's working the next day and I work doubles, we don't see each other at all awake because he leaves before I wake up and I don't get home until he's asleep. He does Corrections, and works a 5:30am-6pm day schedule the days he works. And the earliest I ever have to be in to work is 10:45am. But the restaurant closes at 11pm or 12am (Friday and Saturday) so I'm not getting home until late most nights. And yeah, it really surprised me, but they REALLY needed renters and we REALLY needed to rent so there's that Thanks It's SO CUTE <3 I love it I can't wait to be able to arrange everything and decorate and stuff. Mr. Right is talking about making me some shelves so that I can display my teapots as decor (since I rarely use the fancy ones to make actual tea). And we have a YARD!! And wood floors! (my allergies will be so pleased...) It's very small, so we are going to have to get some new furniture and such as well. Like a table of some kind. And lots of plastic totes for clothes because our closet(s) are small. SO MUCH SHOPPING AND CUTE HOUSE THINGS
  9. shadri does some things, maybe

    I'm not gonna lie, it surprised me when you said you didn't have clovers. I've never been somewhere (knowingly) that clover didn't exist 0_o Congrats on your victories
  10. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    Thanks guys! I'm so excited It's barely a third of our current rent, and it's going to make life a lot more affordable once we get things straightened out. I couldn't believe how much stress that removed from me.
  11. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    Hello again friend Yeah, I'm a server (newly) and it's 100% not my favorite thing to do. The 8 hours requirement can be frustrating, especially when it is potentially cutting into time with my husband (whose name here on the forums is Mr. Right). Hello friend!! Oh hai Nice to see you! There's a lot going on right now. It's been a massive mess. But I love that gif Thanks! I'm really trying to get my body back into a happy body land. ~~~~ Well... This is not how I expected this day to go. I woke up this morning to an email that the interview I went to back in February I did not get the job for. It was really honestly quite depressing. And my best friend went to another state to a residential addiction center for a month or more. So I was super depressed this morning. Feeling really hopeless- the whole nine yards. I was trying not to cry all morning, just.. meh. Last night, I left Mr. Right a nice long list of people to contact about potential housing today. I figured we'd get some info and could continue. But today he basically bursts into the restaurant and says "temperament not breed!" I'm just like... whaaaa? And lo and behold he has found us a little house in our other potential city to live in that's $1000/month less than what we are now paying. We went to look at it (doggo in tow) and we paid a security deposit right then. So we now have a place to live that we have access to after April 1st. I'm somewhat in shock right now, TBH.
  12. Jedi's Gentle Spring Challenge

    This challenge is going to be a bit more bare bones. Things are beyond difficult right now so I think I'm going to focus on the things that I really really need to accomplish to keep myself functional. So my goals are as follows. Goal 1- 8 hrs of sleep each night I can't really do work without 8 hours of sleep. And I'm working around 45 hours each week so... I need to sleep. I'm getting better about getting my sleep most nights but I want to dial in on the routine of sleeping enough so that I can handle life. Goal 2- Stretch after every shift My whole body hurts constantly. Sometimes my calves lock up from sitting down for too long, which is highly frustrating. I need to stretch after every shift to keep and improve my mobility- which is awful right now. If I have two shifts in a day, stretching after my night shift only is acceptable but not ideal. Goal 3- Eat more home cooked food Crackers with cheese and cookies are not really the best things for me to be eating- at least not as most of my food in a single day. This is me wanting to eat more food that I've cooked or that I have at home at least since I get tired of other stuff really easily. Goal 4- Finish that Website I really need to finish the website I'm working on by mid-April (somehow). And while it's easy, there are still more tasks. So my goal is to do at least 2 Trello tasks a week, which would have me cranking out a couple of templates each week. Reasonable expectations given my schedule. Goal 5- Find a place to live with my doggie Lease is up on April 23rd. We don't have anywhere else to live lined up. Pit bull housing is v. difficult to procure. Since the job opportunity in another city doesn't seem to have panned out, we are more flexible on location. But not so much on price. It's going to be difficult to find a place and I need to be diligent and not put this off because of the high levels of stress involved. That's my challenge this go-round. I'll finish it off with one of my favorite Star Wars gifs!