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  1. Yesterday's food log 4 chocolate chip cookies like 2/3 of a bag of chips 12ish chicken taquitos
  2. It's been a wild couple of days but MY HUSBAND IS HOME He's here for a few days for a wedding before going back. He's going to focus on getting us an apartment when he goes back and then I can move soon Food log from Thursday 2 fajita wraps 2 packs of goldfish crackers a quarter of a can of honey roasted cashews 2 more packs of goldfish crackers some butterscotch chips croissants a cupcake a bunch of mac and cheese Food log from Friday 2 fajita wraps 5 cupcakes the rest of the croissants I don't entirely remember if that's what I ate but it's not great either way. I'll just keep working on doing better I guess
  3. I finally did run out of pepperoni xD It's mostly the feeling; It was kinda midgrade. I hadn't eaten much that day so I had the "space" but still. It was so good. I needed a food and it hit the spot. I love sushi but not sashimi and not mayo so I have to be careful what I get xD
  4. Yesterday's food log shrimp tempura sushi roll chicken katsu ramen 2 mozzarella cheese sticks honey roasted cashews 2 goldfish cracker packets like.. so much pepperoni 3 pieces of bread with butter and jam
  5. Yes but I also binged a bit yesterday Just gotta keep trying I guess. It's been a whirlwind of a few days.
  6. Wowie wow yesterday was awful. No bones day for real. My friend depression is sorta backing off, but my friend anxiety is replacing it and also PMS. I binged for the first time in a while last night and I'm so frustrated by it. But it's been a rough couple weeks so... I do what I can. Yesterday's food log 2 fajita wraps 2 packets of goldfish crackers chicken and wild rice soup 2 pieces of buttered crusty bread 1 piece of buttered crusty bread with honey lots of pepperonis some honey roasted cashews 2 more packets of goldfish crackers
  7. Please do! it was such an anxious and rough no bones day so far today seems better though
  8. Food wise yesterday was better but otherwise... not so much >_> ~ I got done the things I wanted to get done - mostly. But just emotionally it was... hard yesterday. Not my fav. Today feels like a no bones day but I'm going to push through and do what I can. As usual. Food log for yesterday 2 fajita wrap things 2 little pouches of goldfish 2 cupcakes a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup 2 small pieces of crusty bread with the soup
  9. Well, happy monday? Yesterday was a pretty good day, and productive to boot. It was nice to feel like I had my shit together. I packed up a bunch of stuff and also finished sorting through my kitchen. Today I'm hoping to get most of my office packed up (aside from what I need of course) and I have soup in my crock pot. At lunch today I plan to start a loaf of crusty bread to have with my soup. Yesterday's food log mac n skillet with bacon 2 frozen cheeseburgers a bag of grandma utz chips 4 cupcakes Yesterday was a day, clearly, as far as food is concerned. Today will be better
  10. Thanks! To you as well! I've found that a larger water bottle helps me. Less to keep track of
  11. Week one was... okay. It went well initially and then fell off. Friday was an entire emotional nightmare and I've been trying to recover. I even took a day off work Friday it was so bad. So... it really do be like that. I'm just taking life a day at a time right now, and just doing my best. I'll keep pushing and doing what I can. I want to get as much packing done as possible this week. I need to get my food situation a little better but that's... a moderately small issue right now considering. Food log from yesterday 2 fajita wraps 2 little lunch pouches of goldfish 4 cheese filled breadsticks a box of pierogies with cheese on them a pouch of little debbie cupcakes
  12. yesterday's food log last of the tortellini alfredo DQ burger DQ vanilla shake 2 small DQ fry orders
  13. Haha I don't measure very closely at this point so that's the best I can do xD Weather is okay and I'm... here. It's been a really rough week emotionally, honestly.
  14. Yesterday's food log 2 small fajita wrap dudes with chicken, veggies, and cheese 2 little lunch pouches of goldfish crackers large pile of pesto alfredo tortellini with chicken
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