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  1. I'm taking a vacation day on Friday. I'm going to lock myself in my apartment with the new X-Com game, duck out to see Hyrule briefly and fill a ruck with groceries, and fuck the commute.
  2. Catspaw's dieting pro-tip to the two women behind me at the checkout line tonight: if you are buying Trident because it has it "has 3 calories per stick instead of 5", and you are "trying to cut down on calories", you are either optimizing your diet at the wrong level of granularity, or you should stop eating entire cases of gum for lunch.
  3. There's an ongoing joke between my manager and I about me winning. He feels (and not unreasonably so) that I'm motivated by improbable, challenging goals. That that's when I kick into "great, let's figure out how to do this" mode, laser focused, and align the universe to my whims to make it happen. But, of course, I'm in the least goal-oriented role ever: managing a team and balancing their individual happiness, career growth, team cohesion, etc. with project goals that are of course never as simple as "launch this thing" but are instead intertwined and messy. I can find satisfaction elsewher
  4. Wed, Jan 27th - Workout Log Relevant part of the workout log today is squats. I also did a bunch of mobility shit at the start (like, a bunch) for the leg, and spent a bunch of time afterwards doing Hyrule homework for posterior chain activation which I would describe as "not exciting, at best". But back to the fun stuff... Squats 135 x 5 135 x 5 155 x 4 175 x 2 175 x 2 195 x 1 205 x 1 215 x 1 225 x 1 [10 lb PR] Bam! It was heavy but easy, if that makes sense. Like my CNS was "uhhhh are you sure about this?" once I unracked it, but in terms of actual RPE it certain
  5. When the guy in the squat rack says he's going to need about half an hour and you can't complain because that's how long you plan to take too.... Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  6. It's....okay. I like seeing the data, but I wouldn't say that it really helps me sleep better in any way. For example, last night: "You were asleep for 8.3 hours and sleeping soundly for 1.8 hours." Well that's not great. Let's go look at the little graphs and see what's up: Temperature: greatHumidity: greatAir quality: greatLight level: greatNoise level: greatSo, not super useful in this case. I think the "sleep tracker" would be better as a rentable sleep diagnostic. Check your room one week per year to see how stuff like your humidity is doing, and then put it back away. my $0.02.
  7. Sun, Jan 24th - Hyrule Workout We start with an injury check, to see how my adductor is doing. It's actually doing almost entirely better, though the rest of my leg is extra-tight. Even after some serious mobility work time (15-20 mins), my calf and hamstring are both tighter than usual. This is typical post-injury: my adductor was a little torn and weak last week, so the rest of my leg was overcompensating. Hyrule declares me fit for lifting, but we're not going to go anything heavier than 80% on snatches, and staying away from heavy squatting (aka: no cleans today). Snatch 75 x 1
  8. I said yes. Expect copious callous comparisons.
  9. I've decided to start pre-preparing for responses to "helpful" gym mansplainers. That way when it happens, I'm not stuck fighting between polite canadianisms and wanting to tell them to fuck off. I already have a script ready. Here's my next encounter, already ready: Him: "Hey, [advice about squatting or benching or whatever bullshit]." Me: "I know you think you're being friendly and helpful, but it comes across as condescending and demeaning and makes me not want to be here. If you really want to be friendly and helpful, you can do something for me. Let's be secret gym allies. The next
  10. My gym clothes bag sat on the floor next to my work bag, and I stared at it for several minutes. I have time booked off on my calendar this morning for squatting. My leg/hip's feeling a lot better -- no longer hurts at all during the day, I don't even feel it. But when I do a few air squats, even though it doesn't hurt, I become aware of it, like those nerves are sending my brain a yellow caution sign. I imagined all of the possibilities in my head, like a tree of decisions and consequences. A cladogram of universes. In the best case, I go squat today and hit my 225 goal and feel awes
  11. Mostly! She said she ran a crossfit gym, I said "oh cool, I do olympic lifting" and she said "that's awesome!". End of conversation. We didn't compare hand callouses or anything. Wow, gauntlet thrown, bigm.
  12. Conversation at work this morning: I'm limping veeeery slightly. Colleague: "Is your leg okay? What's wrong with your leg?" me: "It can't snatch my bodyweight yet. That's the only thing wrong with it." Colleague: "I don't know what that means." me: "It's okay. It's a pretty common issue. Fortunately I'm working with a professional to fix it. I'm hoping it's fixed in a year or so." Colleague: "Oh. Okay. Good...."
  13. speeeeezzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. That's all. I just wanted to say your name in exaggerated vowels.
  14. I thought this said "well enough to go to the gym and get my sweater on."
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