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  1. Hello NF! I've seen some threads for Triathletes, spartans, marathoners, and a lot more. But are there any duathletes around? I hope to meet you guys! I'm quite new to the sport so it would be nice to see fellow newbies as well. And of course it would be nice to learn from veteran racers and hear some race reports.
  2. I'm also planning on joining a Spartan Race! It will be my first. How do you guys train for these races?
  3. I really hope that you will be able to continue drinking enough amount of water - I guess despite having a hard time with the fast food, at least you were able to drink more water - which is a really great thing for your overall health. It's the small steps that count most! I'm pretty sure you'll be able to figure out a more effective way to cut down on fast food, one way or another. But keep on getting that water!
  4. It's really nice to see you able to meet the running goals and your other fitness goals - one which I've been struggling with. Great job on the challenge, will certainly look forward to your next one!
  5. Yes, you can upload garmin activities. It really sucks, especially when I tried real hard to get a segment PR lol
  6. I'm sorry I was not able to update for so long! Me and my family had a mountaineering/hiking/caving trip from June 2 to June 6. It was hella fun and but there was no internet connection in the mountains so I wasn't able to post. Because of this, I was also unable to take another attempt at my challenges, but it was worth it. Anyway, here is a summary of my challenge: 1. Ride at least 3 times a week. - the habit is set, and I'm ready for the grind for the next challenges! 2. Climb Cardiac Hill at least 4 times: A - It was a success! I was hoping to get 5 but I'm happy with what I got. I want to give myself an A for this. Next challenge, I'm going for 6. 3. Do a Reverse Palace ride. - Another successful challenge. I don't think it's possible for me to do climb this consecutively twice next challenge, so I'll try to achieve a better time. 3. Perform my bodyweight workout - Well, I can't be successful in all aspects. :/ well this one sucked haha I think Iwas only able to get in 4 workouts throughout the challenge out of 8. I'm giving myself an F, and try harder next challenge. THANK YOU scouts for having me. Especially to the people who followed my journey. I have planned to do my next challenge with the rangers as I'll have more emphasis to strength training. And from there, I'll see where my journey will go... Again, thank you! Sent from my K00G using Tapatalk
  7. Yeah, had a rest and felt better on the second ride. Though I'm struggling to REALLY get a recovery ride. lol I just can't gauge how little work I should be doing to be considered a recovery ride. -------------------------------------------------------- May 27, 2016. It was my girlfriend's graduation day, she has finished her dentistry course, and now preparing for her licensure exam. I was not able to get in any work, but it was a great day. May 28, 2016. I was also unable to put in work as I took care of some stuff as well as I went out with my family. Still a good day. May 29, 2016. Got in a 21.4km tempo ride. All was well. BUT it annoyed me as hell because I worked real hard on a strava segment only to find out after ride that my gps got messed up, probably because it was about to rain and the coverage was messed up. Oh well. CHallenge about to end!!!!
  8. oh yeah, forgot that USA uses imperial units. lol
  9. Better add some water, since you've had alcohol lol. I've been there!
  10. Hi! Have you tried the Wendler 5/3/1 program? I've found that it's easy to incorporate the program to other goals. Anyway, looks like you're doing well!
  11. Yeah, I'm planning to go to a gym on Monday. I must find a suitable one first. ---------------------------------------- May 25, 2016. No work done today, but today was tiring. I had to go to different centers to be cleared for my college graduation. I'm almost done! May 26, 2016. Was supposed to ride and build tempo in the morning but was too tired. Extended my sleep and decided to ride in the afternoon instead. 24km @ 21.1km/h avg speed. I've decided to just give myself rest today and went easy, just rode around, went to places I've never biked before. BUT. I noticed that lately I'm feeling a bit more tired despite getting a rest day. I was not sure if it's because of the heat, humidity or something else, but today my legs were burning even after a warm-up. Could it be fatigue? Or just external factors? Anyway, I decided to take a rest tomorrow and see if it improves on Saturday. Just to refresh my legs again.
  12. It has features for running as well ---------------------------- May 18, 2016 - Recreational/recovery ride with a friend. Climbed a hill then went on a trail with my Mountain Bike. It was good fun. 34.8km @ 16km/h. May 19 - 21 2016 - Has been a very busy 3 days. I went to school to fix my requirements for graduation. I was supposed to do some weight training, but was not able to. :/ May 22, 2016 - Had a pretty good and long ride. I was able to get in 65km @ 22.3km/h. Quite slow but it was a rolling terrain, and I'm quite happy with it. May 23, 2016 - Rest day. I was supposed to get some strength training, but had fuckarounditis. Went swimming instead. I was not able to track my laps though. May 24, 2016. SECOND GOAL ACHIEVED. I was able to climb the Palace in the Sky, the whole trip was around 42.5km @ 16.1km/h. The climb was at 1:26min. Whew that was hard! I climbed it with my mountain bike, and I don't think I can do it with my road bike at its present gear setup. BUT! I was able to get it, and I'm almost done with my challenge. I should attempt another climb before the challenge ends, and try to get a faster time. Anyway, I'm having a really hard time getting my strength training done. I usually do my strength training at home since I've decided to go bodyweight, but every session ends up with fuckarounditis, all the time thinking that I could be biking instead. I'm thinking of dedicating a day actually going to a gym and do barbell work instead. That's it!
  13. 1 - Keeping count of laps is really hard lol I find my self struggling about this as well. Sometimes I try too hard remembering the number of laps that I stress out and get confused, I guess it's a matter of getting used to.
  14. Thanks! The functions I've been using on Strava is free, but there is a Premium option. I'm only using the Free features, but it's a lot already. Try it out! --------------------------------------- May 17, 2016 - I had a duty at the hospital in the morning, and today was supposed to be a rest day. But!!! I realized I will be out of the saddle from Thursday to Saturday, so I went out for a quick ride. BUT! Unlucky me got a flat tire. Good thing I have my tools with me. I was able to get 18.2km, generally flat, and did not exert too much effort. 21.6km/h Got a PR on a short climb, from 1:38 to 1:32. I'm thinking of starting a battle log as to not clutter my challenge with my random Strava PRs. lol Tomorrow (May 18, 2016), I will have a recreational ride with a group of friends. I don't think it would be too intense, but I'll take whatever training opportunity I can get.
  15. Yeah, really happy about it! I'm setting it at 5 repeats without rest, to keep it realistic. Reverse Palace will be coming this Sunday. Thank you! Have seen your challenge as well. I am a big fan of Mad Max too! -------------------------------------------- May 16, 2016 - Recovery rides today. Morning: A quick 22.6km, at 24.6km/hr. Tried to get a faster time on a sprint climb, shaved my time from 1:55 to 1:43. Afternoon: A short climb at 12.06km at 23.5km/hr. Also got a PR on a short climb, from 1:47 to 1:38. I'm really thankful for Strava, simple results and PRs like these are really good motivators. No riding tomorrow, Pull day of my bodyweight strength workout.
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