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  1. Found a use for the Smith Machine after all - it's perfect for barbell hip thrusts, if you need some space to comfortably set up under the bar.

  2. Gym was empty tonight, so I goofed around on some equipment I would never normally touch, including the "quad/glute machine".  Tomorrow morning is going to interesting.

    1. ian1824


      hope your morning D.O.M.S is not to painful.

    2. TMedina


      Surprisingly, not too bad.  Definitely felt it though.  Think I'll be adding it to my squat training program to focus on, well, quads and glutes.

    3. ian1824


      good effort i have just come back been hitting running and kettle bell work outs hard this week i attempted the gym but unfortunately i can only lift the bar no weight but at least im trying hang in there man stay stong. 

  3. That awkward moment when you start to strip away old, bad habits and realize you have nothing to replace them with.

    1. Davlamin


      I know how that goes! I've gotten rid (or hidden) most social media from myself, and now I'm fighting the itch to habitually check up on things I used to like too much (sports news, scores). It's almost like that was my "boredom eating" but for my mind.


      Food is easier, since I could just grab another can of sardines or handful of almonds, though thankfully the hunger doesn't come to me as strong as it used to.


      Best of luck filling the void left by bad habits!

  4. Another day done, and I think I'm still employed. Not sure how, though.

    1. Raincloak


      Maybe the market is inefficient? :P

  5. Added 20 pounds to my DL. Front squat is progressing nicely. And I'm looking for several icepacks.

  6. Might not be losing weight, but it is re-distributing. I can now comfortably fit into a formerly snug pair of 2XL exercise shorts. Whether or not I have the nerve to wear them to the gym, on the other hand...

    1. JedgeJerns


      Nice, sounds like you're waist size is reducing -- while you may not be losing weigh on the scale per say, your body fat percentage is dropping. Nice -Jedge

  7. Developing new respect for leg machines. Hyruk.

  8. Should still too stiff to back squat - perfect time to investigate front squats!

  9. Day one back to the gym after two weeks of letting my rotator cuff make up its mind. So far, so good.

  10. We never appreciate what we have, until we don't. Fact of life.

    1. Machete


      Example: pants.

    2. Raincloak


      They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.

    3. fitnessgurl
  11. Cautiously optimistic - rotator cuff seems to be feeling better.

    1. fitnessgurl


      Yay! *clapping hands*

  12. Got my take out, got my adult beverage(s) - pre-emptive Happy New Year, y'all!

  13. If sleeping without electronics nearby produces vivid dreams like that, I'm using a laptop for a pillow. Freaking subconscious.

    1. fitnessgurl
    2. TMedina


      Left my phone across the room and passed out early. My subconscious went for artistic points from the judging committee while going off the deep end.

    3. fitnessgurl
  14. Oh rotator cuff, why must you ache so?

    1. fitnessgurl


      Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon.

    2. TMedina


      If I have to take a break from lifting, I'm gonna have the biggest legs ever seen. :D

    3. fitnessgurl


      Haha! Way to think positive! :D

  15. Oh yeah, much better leg day today. Ouch.

    1. fitnessgurl


      Ha, I'm doing obliques today. Embrace the burn!

  16. And suddenly, I realize why the leg press hasn't been setting my thighs to burning.

    1. Kilyra


      You've been getting stronger than you realized?

    2. TMedina


      Heh. I did the math and realized that my bodyweight plus barbell squat exceeds the weight I've been loading on the leg press. Ooops.

  17. Yep, pretty sure I've done something to my shoulder. Ouch.

    1. fitnessgurl


      Oh no! :( Hope you're better asap.

    2. Basement Cat

      Basement Cat

      Get well soon! And maybe put some ice on it.

  18. Say what you will - the leg press machine is a fast way to wear out your quads.

  19. Oh holy carp, ouch. Tomorrow is just going to suck.

    1. TMedina


      Huh. After foam rolling, this AM is not too bad. Stiff, in places, but not too bad.

  20. Lower body day, and the small of my back hurts worse than anything else.

    1. Q_est


      ruh roh. Don't make my mistake, get that checked out if you can.

  21. Detoxing from Facebook shouldn't be this tough. :/

    1. Raincloak


      It isn't tough. Your brain just thinks it is.

    2. TMedina


      I'm realizing how much I fueled my social habits through, well, social media.

    3. Fearkiller


      The habit has had a long time to form, so when you suddenly don't, it's quite a jarring impact.

  22. Barked my knees on a deadlift for the first time ever. Dunno if I should be proud, or annoyed.

    1. Why not?

      Why not?

      Proud. Wear it as a badge of honor.

  23. 9.5 days out of 10 - not bad for a two week mini-challenge.

  24. Day 4 of the 04:30 wake-up. So far, no bail needed.

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