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  1. It's a little hard to tell from the back - ideally, the video should be shot from the side, or "side quarter". You do have some "wink" going on, but again, a little difficult to tell from the back. How does that feel on your knees? Your feet look like they're uncomfortably wide apart. All that said, I like your positioning on the bar - looks like a good set up on your shoulders/back and very nice hand positioning.
  2. I was worried about the double post, but then I realized it was still appropriate fitting.
  3. I have nothing to contribute, except to make the observation that if you break off the dildo, you won't have much left to beat it to death with. Unless that's a terrifying dildo.
  4. What? We like giant pictures of cats. Seriously though, usually I edit the photo beforehand - load it in MS Paint and just re-size it. Typically I make a duplicate of the photo and work on the copy, so if I mess it up, I have the original to go back to.
  5. I'm suggesting the R. DLs as a means of working on your hamstring/glute activation, before chasing DLs. Overall, I think the latest video looks a lot better.
  6. Pretty much what he said. If you drop your hips *too* much, you waste effort coming up before your legs engage to take the load. That's what Rippetoe means - if you squat too low, you're not being as efficient since you have to come up to the "angle of engagement", where your hamstrings kick in. Have you tried Romanian DLs? It might help you get used to keeping your back straight and engaging the hamstrings going down and coming back up. Looking at your video, from 1:01 to 1:03, slow it down to .25 speed and watch what parts of your body tense first. That's all lower back and upper body. The only thing I can suggest is to stick your butt out more, keep your shoulders relaxed, and bring your hips to the bar. You should feel the activation fire in your glutes and hamstrings first. For that matter, you can try an exaggerated DL position at home: try bringing your chest up and see what fires first - do you feel it in your back, or your glutes? Concentrate on keeping the lower back neutral, shoulders relaxed, and standing up by engaging the glutes/hamstrings.
  7. Oh man, I cringed on that first gif. Head first into the dumbbell rack? Owwww...
  8. Stick to lower body drills. Squats. Flutter kicks. Your body is broken and it needs to heal. Push the hooah envelope and you risk a medical discharge - especially with the push to cut numbers.
  9. You mentioned weight training before, SL - are you doing anything besides the pure 5x5 program? How do you mean stalling? Are you able to complete the full 5 sets of 5 at the 90lb squat?
  10. Or try the opposite approach and drop the subject altogether. Some people dig their heels in at the idea of taking advice and prefer to arrive at their own decisions. Once you stop trying to motivate her, she may take up the issue on her own. Assuming she's not just fishing for reassurance, rather than being legitimately unhappy. Regardless, you're making this into an issue in your relationship and it's going to stress both of you out, which won't do either of you any good.
  11. For your pushups, try negatives - at home, on carpeting, or outside if you don't mind getting dirty, lie flat on the ground, chin up, looking straight ahead. Put your arms in the start up position and push. What comes up first? Is everything tensed and braced, like others have mentioned? Try looking up, rather than down - when you look down, it tends to throw off perception and people also tend to stop short, rather than hitting "chest to ground". Other cues that might be helpful - "butt up" - you don't want to keep it too high where you break the plane, but it makes you keep it engaged, rather than neutral. Also, when you "assume the position", you position your hands first, then place your feet comfortably behind you. Try planting your feet a little short so you have to adjust your hands when you get ready to push - this loads your feet/legs, keeping them tense, rather than just along for the ride. Otherwise, looking good!
  12. Still, small victories are better than no victories! Woot!
  13. Have you spoken to a doctor? It sounds like it could be a couple of things - Seasonal Affective Disorder, or depression, or an underlying physical medical issue.
  14. Heh. Pick a weight and run with it. As long as you're consistent with noting which bar you use. The accurate log keeping is for your improvement. If you want to assume, for bragging purposes, the bar is an Olympic standard of 45 pounds, go for it.
  15. Keep in mind that while ab exercises are great in their own right, they will not help you carve away the fat. You can't spot reduce and the fat will come off in the weirdest places to start. Deadlifts and squats are going to be your best friends for burning calories. Good luck!
  16. I've been in and out of gyms for years, but I was always a "bro" lifter - usual lifting guides, usual focus areas. Neglected my back and legs and it showed when I started doing Strong Lifts - notably in the barbell back squat. Strong Lifts is great, but it glosses over beginner's issues like shoulder mobility, or hip/knee/ankle flexibility. The barbell is great, but none of the exercises are as simple as they seem right out of the gate.
  17. The *shins* should be about an inch from the bar, not the feet. Deadlifts, as others have said, is an intense exercise. More than almost any other, a deadlift will leave me winded and gasping. If you're doing full sets of what is a full body exercise, you're going to get winded, and then light-headed, and then nauseous. Especially starting out for the first time. After you complete a set, step back and catch your breath. For that matter, make sure you catch your breath between reps, as SS noted.
  18. Barked my knees on a deadlift for the first time ever. Dunno if I should be proud, or annoyed.

    1. Why not?

      Why not?

      Proud. Wear it as a badge of honor.

  19. You're not going to bulk your legs. Trust us, you're not. I know it feels counter-intuitive to everything you've ever read, but you won't. Women especially who have huge quads the size of my head? Yeah, they spent hours and hours of dedicated training to achieve that. Nobody stumbles into legs like that by accident.
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