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  1. Started waking up at 04:30 to hit the gym - hopefully it will go better than trying the gym after work.

  2. Welcome, and good luck! I also love your name.
  3. Actually, not a mattock, per se, but: From the same fellow that gave us the No S Diet, there is an exercise program: The Shovel Glove. Have fun!
  4. WOOOOT! Congrats! Speaking of, any word on how much self-injury you managed to inflict?
  5. Ok, fine. You can have it. And, by the way, roll into the arm bar - you can sometimes get enough slack to drop the elbow and wiggle free.
  6. You realize the point of this was not to actually break yourself off, right?
  7. My understanding, and I'm happy to be wrong, is that low bar allows for more weight, whereas high bar lets you hit better range of motion - ATG is more feasible with high bar than it is with a low bar. In order to keep the low bar over your heels, you have to lean forward a lot more - hence the better range of motion with high bar. Two observations from personal experience: I find I drop my chest rather than my glutes when I'm consciously fixating on going low. And as much as I love squats, I've never felt a burn in the glutes. You might consider dead lifts and weighted glute bridges and/or hip thrusts instead. Good luck!
  8. Pictures. Which sucks, but they're a harsh, impartial perspective - particularly of you have pictures of him a year ago. In all honesty, you may also have to accept that as long as he's in denial, there isn't anything you can do to make him change his mind - I'm not saying he's an addict, but getting someone to commit to changing their lives with food management and exercise can be almost as bad. Unless they decide to do it themselves, most people will resist external pressure to change.
  9. New personal goal: to squat enough that I can contribute my tales of woe in these discussions.
  10. You never really fail until you stop trying.
  11. I actually started doing yoga stretches to work on my hip flexibility for squatting. Turn it into a dynamic warm-up before lifting and you'll optimize your time in the gym. Good luck!
  12. WOOOOOOT! And squats. Weighted squats. Best full body calorie burners going.
  13. Just discovered: You can use a layer of mayo to coat a fish fillet for a quick fry. Defrosted a tilapia filet, slapped a layer of mayo on one side, cooked in a skillet on medium-low for two and a half minutes, coated the other side, flipped, and cooked for another two and a half minutes. Tasty, and fast! You can also mix spices and seasoning into the mayo - a friend suggests lime juice and I'm going to experiment with lemon juice.
  14. Check out the beginner links I have posted in my profile.
  15. I suspect the folks debating supersets versus split sets are probably doing so because they enjoy it, not because they need the extra help in "getting fit".
  16. Find what motivates you. You have a ton of stuff to do (school, work, and clinical). And you know the gym is good for you, but it isn't something you enjoy. Given the choice between making yourself do something you know you need to do, versus something you *want* to do - you'll find good reasons not to do it. Find something about the gym, or an exercise program, that you really enjoy. As tired as we may be, we'll almost always find time and energy to do something we really enjoy.
  17. For anyone who doesn't know, "taiko" is Japanese kettle drums. Dude. You're doing bodyweight drills and by the time you're almost ready to feel better, you jump into an intense upper-body workout on a drum! You might have better luck if you cut your bodyweight drills in half and work into it since you have a very active activity on top of your bodyweight exercise.
  18. Have you tried re-framing the context of the food? Saying "I don't eat ice cream" versus "I can't eat ice cream". Do you have eating triggers? Emotional eating? Or impulse?
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