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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm planning to just do the "counting calories" thing this week to get a good idea of a baseline. Since things like almond butter can be hard to come by here, option are limited or can be outrageously expensive. However, like I said, it's time to let go of excuses and try new things. Perhaps I'll find almond butter at the Organica store I know is somewhere in z10. I used to live in Portland, OR, health food mecca of the US, and it was so EASY there! It's a bit harder here, and I've let it get the best of me. Next step, almond butter. Thanks again for the tip.
  2. You have an amazing story! I admire your courage and wish you the best in your journey. Although, I'm only 5'7", I live in Guatemala where the average height seems to be about 5 feet tall, so I feel like a giant always. Not to mention that the memories of "developing" early and trying to play soccer with boobs among skinny pre-adolescents also left some lingering trauma. Tall females unite! I'm just beginning too, so if you ever needs some support from a beginner or a cheering section, just let me know.
  3. Sounds like you're really motivated and up to a great start! I don't have any injuries and was only able to do the basic warm up and beginner body weight circuit X 2 on my first two tries. It's a lot harder than it looks if you haven't done any training in a while. After my first time, I was so sore, lifting my friend's 5 lb. purse was painful. Be careful with knees, though! Perhaps you should consult with a physical therapist before going any further?
  4. I'm an elementary teacher at an American school in Guatemala City! Guatemala is a lovely country, but it does pose its challenges to a healthy lifestyle, at least for me. Challenges: To stay in shape, I used to walk, run, cylce, hike and generally do things with others that were outside. Guatemala City doesn't really have much public green space for outdoor activity.Crime is a problem and walking/running/biking/hiking around is a problem for a blonde gringa.The main activity among my friends is meeting up at the pub.My boyfriend is a great cook, but his idea of "light" is a steak and potatoe
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