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  1. Halloooo! I'm back! Sorry for being gone for while. Yesterday was a Father day in my country so... I decide to go camping with him and my younger brother for 3 days 2 night....... Just so you know our country is pretty humid and kinda pretty cold up into mountain and I kinda forgot to bring any fire-kit so......... Yea pretty much sum up what me and my brother first day lol! Anyway I got back just fine yesterday night and finish my first final exam of the week.today. Report!! Day 1 4/12/2016 - Exercise : Early morning stretch and mediate among the forest is pretty refreshing I must say so my self - Coding & Drawing : Well our camping site is about 2 hour by foot from any electricity or ppl for that matter (Also forgot to bring my sketch book! T ^ T) - Reading : Luckily I didn't forget to bring my note for exam so I got a material to review during afternoon so Pass! - Sleep: I can't exactly remember when I gone to sleep but should be pretty early Day 2 5/12/2016 - Exercise : On the last day me and my brother (stupidly) decide to go swim in a freezing cold lake for an hour while our father watch us so it count as exercise! - Coding : Pretty tire when I got back so I skip it (0 w 0) - Drawing : Pretty tire when I got back so I skip it (0 w 0) - Reading : I got to read a little on the way back so it good I suppose. - Sleep : I got back home around 11 pm after finish unpacking everything and shower I pretty much knock out. Day 3 6/12/2016 - Exercise : So today is 20 min of stretching 10 min of mediation and...... decide at last minute to review for the test lol - Coding : Skip for the day yo! - Drawing : doodle on my note while reading for the test........ it not count oh! well Fail! - Reading : I pretty much cramp all my book for 5 hour before an exam it ain't fun - Sleep : It's 10:40 pm and I will reading a little bit more before going sleep around 11:30 pm something must be sacrifice! Hey Infinite! thank for your kind advise I will keep the reading on for now when I finish my exam I will pick some other book as a material instead. I want to make this to be a habit.
  2. Nice goal indeed! My exam is also coming up too so I hope you and me will pass this with flying color lol. Also I heard that a little bit exercise between study session will help you focus, feel better, and release tension from studying for long period of time. Fight-O!
  3. ┻┳|・ω・) [peeking over] Welp! been doing trial run for two day and having a hiccup here and there. Trial run Day: 1 - Exercise : Only got enough time for Mediation and Warm/Stretching before I have to commute to College : so passable? I guess. - Coding : Nail it! - Drawing : Help my younger brother sketching a portrait. - Reading : Nope! don't have time for that lol - Sleep : Got to bed around 11:30 pm so a good start! Trial run Day: 2 - Exercise : Passing with flying color, also got to have spar with my Teacher, and learn new move too. Wacha! - Coding : Nail it! trying switching from bracket editor to atom.... not so bad if I say so myself. - Drawing : Spending time sketching at College - Reading : Only spend about 20 min reading before dozing off (-, – )…zzzZZ - Sleep : So..... I doze off at 9 pm and woke up before 12 am and can't go back to sleep and now I'm here does that mean I pass or fail?? lol Heya! Thank for the message, I mostly either draw a Manga or Cartoon style in my spare time. But I start sketching real-life object since I start college so ya. Also a quick question should I start in advance or just start with everyone on 4th December?
  4. - I'm back from slumber!?!.........Rawr!...... This is so embarrassing guys. So I have been dead for a year and I have no excuse but Life kinda happen! Te he he~ - So to update from my challenge year ago. My body have recover from the rehab state, and nearly finish my college only just one more project and final and at last Freedom!! My 4 week challenge consist of: 1. Exercise: My usual workout routine: 10 min Mediation - 25 min Warm-up/Stretch - 40 min of either Cardio/Body Weight exercise (really up to my mood really) - 5 min Warm-down Grading: S: 7 per weeks A: 6 per weeks B: 5 per weeks C: 4 per weeks D: 3 per weeks E: 2 per weeks F: 1 per weeks 2. Health: Slowly but surely sleep earlier and sleep on time: 10:00 PM Not sure how to grade yet.... 3. Level Up Life!: Coding or Research at least 1 hour per day Grading: S: 7 per weeks A: 6 per weeks B: 5 per weeks C: 4 per weeks D: 3 per weeks E: 2 per weeks F: 1 per weeks 4. Hobby: Drawing/Graphic study at least 1 hour per day Grading: S: 7 per weeks A: 6 per weeks B: 5 per weeks C: 4 per weeks D: 3 per weeks E: 2 per weeks F: 1 per weeks 5. The Hardest challenge yet! : Read College Material at least 1 hour per day with "Pomodoro Technique" Grading: S: 7 per weeks A: 6 per weeks B: 5 per weeks C: 4 per weeks D: 3 per weeks E: 2 per weeks F: 1 per weeks If any of you got any recommendation or just want talk about anything from Tai chi, Mediation, Drawing, Coding, Anime, Cartoon or anything under the Sun really! just leave a message! ......I'm so Lonely - So this time I hope everything will go well............Hope I didn't active Murphy's law.
  5. Really sorry guys, I been really busy with my new 'job' that fall on to my lap for the past few weeks. So I kinda forgot coming back for this site at all, and so thank you Elastigirl. Because of your message here. Their are message pop up on my mail to remind me I still have this challege . Okay here my current status, ....So I been trying to get back my usual mojo back. But after comming back from work. I kinda don't have much energy left. So everytime I start and finnish streching I kindda dozing off, So I just say F*ck it, and gone to take a bath, and just jump on top of my bed and sleep to lala land. That is pretty much my routine ever since I start this challenge so yea. I think I gonna rate this challenge a E+ for now. I will come back here everynow,and then to check how all of you guys and girls doing. Anyway tommorow I have to wake up early so Tata now.
  6. Thank for droping by Viking-Doc. Well first the different between standard, and military push up for me is the hand position, and how you bend your elbow when you go up and down. Military push-up hand position is pretty close to your body and when you go down your elbow will bend back alongside your body. Thank for the tip really easy for me to undetstand, Also I only drink coffee only when I have to wake early and not sleeping enough. But right now I think might bite more than I can chew, At the moment feel really tire and miserable yesterday I only got about 2 - 3 hour of sleep so I'm pretty cranky right now. Also what do you usually do when you just keeping thinking about a lot of stuff and become super stress when trying to fall sleep.
  7. Challenge Accept!! if I done this will I get a cookie instead?
  8. Welp this kinda embrassing, coming back here after I took such a long break hehe. Anyway I wanna update my exercise routine I been doing after my rehab . 1. 8 min of warming up. 2. 40 min of full body streching yeaa..... I take that long to finnish(I kinna enter some kind of trance after awhile) 3. About 30 min of bodyweight workout (not really sure how long I took) 3.1 2 set of 15 Military Pushup & 1 Set of Regular Pushup. 3.2 1 set of 30 Elbow to Knee situp & 2 set of 15 leg up Crunches (don't know how to call this one my body look like V) 3.3 1 set of 30 Squats & 2 set of side 30 Squats hmm something like wide horse stance and then go up & down. 4. Cool down by light strech. Every exercise, I trying intergrate in my work out are all low impact. So if you have some move or, an idea that I can modify or add that doesn't impact either my knee joint ,or Achilles tendon much will be greatly appreciate. My main quest for this challenge is probably consistent. I want to keep it steady for now, so that my body can keep this up without risking injury again... A - 7 times per week B - 6 times per week C - 4 times per week D - 3 times per week F - < 3 Hmm my side quest, For now I want to get rid of my habbit of sleeping late. If you're a former Night owl then any tip, hacked will be awesome . My goal will moving my bed time from 2 - 3 a.m. to 4 p.m. so that I can wake up 6 in the morning. Still don't know how I gonna grade this yet. Do guy have any ideas? Sorry if my grammar are wonky. I'm not a Native so Forgive me Grammar Nazi! Oh yea Is anyone here an Otaku? Anime,Manga,Manhwa,Light Novel,Fanfiction? anyone? - In hard work I trust.
  9. 13/3/2014 Mission 1: Check Cardio : 25 minutes Active stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Check Today wake up for the mission at: 5:20 a.m. Mission 3: Check Just eat any fruit that left in the fridge. Thank for checking in Teros, I just come back from beach vacation with my friend and i have been drinking a little too much lol Anyway I still haven't giving up the challenge yet. But i have been skipping too many time now.
  10. 6/3/2014 Log : Mission 1: Check Ab Intervals : “Get a shredded core with this interval-based fat-burning routine.†for 25 minutesActive stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Check Today wake up for the mission at: 6:38 a.m. Mission 3: Check Orange punch for the day 7/3/2014 Log : Mission 1: Check Cardio : 25 minutes "start to get tired" Active stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Fail Today wake up for the mission at: 8:15 a.m. Mission 3: Check Out of stock: need replenishing 8/3/2014 Log : Mission 1: Check Lower Focus : 25 minutes "My legs is Burning!!" Active stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Epic Fail Today wake up for the mission at: 10:48 a.m. : Shouldn't Drink too much Last Night Mission 3: Check Buying Banana for the week. 9/3/2014 Log : Mission 1: Check Stretch : 25 minutes Get the kink out of my body! Active stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Check Today wake up for the mission at: 6:00 a.m. Mission 3: Fail Kinda Well i got Banana and Ice cream. You know what come out of this? Thank for an encouragement bro! Also good luck with your rebellion. Thank for checking in on me !
  11. I'm back Booyah!!! I just finish the Final Exam last week and after that my Father friends and I gone to this god forsaken jungle without Computer or a Phone But still i got to play Bungee Jump like a Tarzan, Climb Mountain and I even got to ride a buffalo across the river lol Anyway now that I'm back home. I'm gonna continue the old routine workout now 5/3/2014 Log : Mission 1: Check Total Body Circuit : 25 minutes of "cardio based strength workout" Active stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Check Today wake up for the mission at: 6:30 a.m. Mission 3: Check After spend my time in the Jungle with only Dried salted fish and Rice some Fruit would be Nice
  12. Well.............................................. Good luck on your mission assassin. Still funny even if i saw it about ten times now.
  13. *Sniff Sniff* Thank guys never thought that have someone encourage you will feel this awesome!! so Thank you!! So anyway I decide to start early little bit early 1st day 22/2/2014 Log : Mission 1: Check Cardio : 25 minutes of calorie-burning, sweat-drenching cardio Active stretch : 3 minute Mission 2: Check Today almost wake up late for the mission: 7:46 a.m. Mission 3: Check Today i bought a lot of orange for this weeks fruity challenge and Try my best to get rid all candy that i stash all around the apartment!?! It was super weird when i get outside with bucket full of sweet and give it to neighbor next door . I think i gonna put this on the ceiling so whenever I going to Sleep or Waking Up I'll have something to remind myself what I'll become and fighting for!! Yeah all this time i just feel numb with what everyone say about my body but from this point on I gonna have to accept it and start to change my self to prove them wrong! Let the Rebel continue!
  14. Thank for your kind word on my post and good luck on your goal. I'll cheer you on
  15. I start really late for the last challenge so I haven't finish it yet and I kinda fail my last challenge miserably so I'm thinking of Start a new one here with everyone on 24th Main Quest Refine my body strength endurance balance and agility enough to be able to start training Pakour or Martial Art Mission 1: Complete Focus T25 Alpha Work Out DVD (Will report what I'll be work out each day) A:100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% E: 20% F: 0% Mission 2: Wake Up Early 6:00 am - 7:00 am (I heard old Martial Artist practitioner wake up early to train so i will too! ) A:100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% E: 20% F: 0% Mission 3: No more Candy!?! And eat Orange (I really want to try Paleo food program but I live and birth in Thailand so i mostly grew up with Rice and Noodle so it nightmare for me to change suddenly so the next best thing i can think of is cut off Non-Paleo and add Paleo-Friendly one by one each Challenge so that I can slowly develop a new eating habit) (Only Eat Non-Paleo when It's a Special Event!?! ) A:100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% E: 20% F: 0% Grade: This how i grade six week is about 48 days. So I'm gonna count the day that I complete mission and then divide it by 48 is that good enough? Life Side Quest: - Ace an Exam that gonna happen in next week after so i gonna up my reading time each day Wish me Luck!?! - After Exam start clean up the House and start learning Guitar once again! Class that i want to be: Assassin/Ninja! Monk might change over time Motivation I might die tomorrow maybe next week or even next month I don't know But i know one thing!?! I got one chance at life why not give it my all. Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. -Mahatma Gandhi Little bit about me: Well my name is Jin as that the name my family call me or as my classmate like to call me retard nerd otaku fat ass loser etc etc. I'm born in south east Asia "Thailand" in 1994. I'm use to be a short fat kid and right now I'm still a short fat-ass so nothing change much i guess. "shrug" Anyway i been try to get in better shape for past few years by doing DVD workout like Insanity Les mill PX90 all that stuff But i never got to finish any of it...... I give up every time it getting too hard always gave myself an excuse say that i don't have any motivation to help me or I'm tire let try tomorrow. So as you might think I gone back to the usual routine of eating playing game and then sleep. But past few month i stumble on this site and decide WTH let try once more time "I don't want to be the same Lazy fat ass forever!!" so here I am ready for a challenge! To rebel against my own very nature to become strong, fit, healthy to be free from those name calling to feel good about myself!?! Let the Journey begin!
  16. Journey log: 17/2/2014 Ah another day in land of living.... Wake up early today to present a project in front of whole class(It was embarrassing!?!) I bought a lot of orange today "Juicy Juicy" that all for now i start to feel the exhaustion from today catching up. Gonna go to sleep now! Good Night Total Body Circuit : 25 minutes {Oblique Knee Push Up} is really tough for me i call still feel the burn! Active stretch: 3 minutes Body Condition: Arms - *Sore Legs - *Okay Back - *Good Torso - *Okay Head - *Headache Hey what did you guy do to motivate yourself ? For me i watch this vid and many other to motivate me before every work out!
  17. Keep at it man. A little bit more and you will finish the first week now!?! Anyway thank you for the tip. I was worry that i have some serious illness or something lol Good luck on your mission "Salute"
  18. ^Ah i see so that what it call Thank for the info man now i know where to look it up!?! Here is what i found: What to Do for a Side StitchIf you develop a side stitch when running, stop running and place your hand into the right side of your belly and push up while inhaling and exhaling evenly. As you run or swim, try to take even, deep breaths. The stretched ligament theory would argue that shallow breathing tends to increase the risk of a stitch because the diaphragm is always slightly raised and never lowers far enough to allow the ligaments to relax. When this happens the diaphragm becomes stressed and a spasm or "stitch" is more likely. Some other ways to alleviate the pain of a side stitch include: Tips for Preventing a Side StitchTime your pre-race meal to allow it to digest prior to the eventAvoid drinking reconstituted fruit juices and beverages high in carbohydrate and osmolality before and during exerciseStretching may relieve the pain of a stitch. Raise your right arm straight up and lean toward the left. Hold for 30 seconds, release, then stretch the other side.Slow down your pace until pain lessens.Massage or press on the area with pain. Bend forward to stretch the diaphragm and ease the pain.* If you continue to experience pain, see your doctor. Source http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/injuries/a/aa053100a.htm
  19. That something prepare meal for five day a week. ^^ I can't even allow into kitchen or i might blow something up!?! Any way good luck on your Goal Cheer Cheer!!
  20. ^ Thank for the word man that a huge relive for me Journey log: 16/2/2014 Waking up late today but got a lot of homework cover so not bad i guess and no smoke for two day now Speed 1.0 : Fast-paced cardio workout improves speed and focuses on stretching, stability for 25 minutes Active stretch : 3 minute Body Condition: Arms - *Okay Legs - *Okay Back - *little sore Torso - *Okay Head - *Okay Have any of you feel sharp pain on lower right of your stomach whenever you working out? I have to stop workout for ten minute until the pain go away before I can come back and cotinue again.
  21. It the start of Rebellion Bro Get it going!?! Hope you ace those class
  22. Journey log: 15/2/2014First day of training and i already being a lazy ass wait till day is almost over to find enough energy and motive to start exercise But able to clean some old junk in garage and read more than 10 page of study material. all in all a productive day Cardio : 25 minutes Active stretch : 3 minute Body Condition: Arms - *Okay Legs - Sore Back - Got a back pain when waking up Torso - *little sore Head - *Okay Got a question: What do you guy do before exercise? The first step is always the hardest, but it's the only way to reach the second step.- Susan Gale
  23. Keep at it don't worry a cute innocent looking thing always distract me too
  24. An humble Otaku/Neet ready himself to an Epic Adventure. Main Quest : Lose 10% of Body Fat from 25% to 15% 1. Start & Complete Focus T25 Alpha How I grade: A: No skipping B: Skip Once or Twice C: Skip more than three time a Week D:Skip Four time a Week E: Skip more than a Week F:Give Up 2. Avoid Drinking too much and Try to stop Smoking 3. Start eating a flesh fruit Life Quest:: Read 10 or more page of study material a day Get good grade for an Exam in 3 week After Finish an Exam start take course in playing Guitar(Finally!!!) I don't know if Workout DVD are allow in the Challenge so..... What are your opinion on Workout DVD? My English skill suck so excuse my grammar mistake
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