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    Paranoid Wreck?

    Thanks for the link. Having more information is really reassuring.
  2. Hi! Back story: I've been dropping refined carbs over the past few weeks, as an extension of cutting down on alcohol over the last couple of months. I used to drink every night, and now I only drink one night a week. Since that helped me feel a lot better, I decided to start cutting down on other things that might be poisoning me. :-) Anyway, two weeks ago when I dropped the last of my grain consumption, I felt like a paranoid, emotional basket case, and other things were happening, so I added some grains back in after a few days. I decided to try again yesterday, and I again feel like a wreck, so I'm guessing that there's a connection. I've upped my fruit consumption in an effort to ease things along, and I already eat a lot of vegetables. I'm not going to give up - I'm good at rolling with emotional distress - but any guesses as to how long this might last? Is this a thing that happens often? TL;DR: I'm experiencing some paranoia, and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this when switching to full paleo?
  3. Today's workout: Squat: 1: 25 lbs @ 8 reps, 2 and 3: 30 lbs@ 8 reps Stiff Legged Deadlift: 1: 20 lbs@ 13 reps, 2: 30lbs@ 14reps, 3: 30lbs@ 9reps Standing Calf Raise: 1: 16lbs@ 8 reps, 2: 20lbs@ 10 reps, 3: 40lbs@ 20 reps Seated Leg Curl: 1: 5lbs@ 12 reps, 2: 5lbs @ 8 reps, 3: 5lbs@ 8 reps (I scaled back on the weight because my inner left knee was so sore). Inverse Leg Curl: 1: 40lbs@ 13 reps, 2: 45lbs@ 8 reps, and 3: 45lbs@ 10 reps. And then I hobbled out of the gym and made an appointment with one of the school's trainers because I'm clearly doing something wrong. It's a good deal - 3, 1 hour sessions for $80. If I keep hurting myself I'm never going to want to stick with this. I'm still terribly frightened of both the as yet unseen trainer and the weight room itself. I feel old, weak, and chubby every time I set foot in the place. Sigh.
  4. I was thinking about dieting while I should have been paying attention to eating, and I thought I'd throw down some wordage along these parts. I'm not going to do the paleo style diet for two very good reasons: I have a history of bulimia and food obsession. I've wasted years of my life thinking about dieting. Anytime - literally ANY TIME - I have tried to eliminate food groups, I end up obsessed, binging, depressed, etc. I simply can't justify the quality of life sacrifice I would predictably be making if I tried. No matter what I do, my body wants to weigh 185 pounds. Despite pretty much unceasing plotting to lose any weight at all, I have weighed 185 for the past ten years. This has always frustrated me because if I eat paleo for a week, then give into the pizza ache, my body gains the upper hand again and within a few days, I'm back to 185. If I'm on South Beach for 2 months, I'm back to 185 within a week. On the plus side, if I go on a two week bender of fried food and Irish car bombs, and then weigh myself, I weigh, like 188. And within a few days, I'm at 185 again. My body is DETERMINED to stay at 185, and to return to 185 it will make me miserable. So I figure I won't mess with it against its will. I'm at around 24% body fat. If I strength train, and my body still wants to weigh 185 - which I have no reason to doubt, given its tenacity to this point - my body fat will probably go down, and I'll look better, maybe even fit into smaller clothes. I've basically decided to let it have its way so that I can think about something else for a change. Like I said, I'm going to give strength training a six month try and see if my measurements change at all. BTW, here are my starting measurements: Height: 6'2" Weight: 185 Left Bicep: 14 inches Upper Right Thigh: 25.5 inches Waist: 34.5 inches Hips: 40.5 inches
  5. Thanks! I need a foreign language for school, and I fell in love with Irish. It's a very entertaining language to learn. After digging around for a while, I found this program: http://www.simplyshredded.com/the-ultimate-female-training-guide.html It's a little hyped up for my taste, but the workouts seem doable for me, and I like that there progression built in over the next couple of months while I get my bearings. I'm also planning to make an appointment with one of the trainers at my school's gym to get my form down and to get my bearings in the utterly terrifying weight room. The gym used to be a sort of cafeteria/home ec building, and everything is dark and weirdly arranged.
  6. It's been a while since I participated in a challenge, so I'm picking some things that I'm actually already doing to keep my momentum going...consistency being my biggest obstacle in life. I have 4 goals for this challenge. 2 fitness goals and 2 life goals: 1. Strength Training 4x/week 2. No alcohol until August 10th (30 days, I started a few days ago). After August 10, 1 drink per week. 3. Study Irish for 10 hours per week 4. Complete my prospectus by August 14.
  7. I did it! It was hard, but I feel good about myself for going for it. Bench Press: 1: 20lbs@ 8reps, 2: 20lbs@12 reps, 3: 20lbs@15 reps Bent Over Row: 1: 20 lbs@ 15 reps, 2: 20lbs@ 12 reps, 3: 25lbs@10 reps DB Shoulder Press: 3 set: 30lbs@ 8 reps Triceps Ext.: 1: 15lbs@ 12 reps, 2 and 3: 20lbs@ 8 reps Bicep Curl: 1: 20lbs@ 10 reps, 2:20 lbs@ 8 reps, 3: 25lbs@ 8 reps I'm going to go have some dinner now. :-)
  8. I'm feeling pretty down, and I just want to get it off my chest so that maybe I'll feel light enough to do my workout tonight. So there was this job I applied for, and even though I don't really want it, I found out today that they aren't considering me after the interview. The problem is that I thought I was a shoe-in, so now I'm feeling accosted by self-doubt, tallying up additional reasons for self-doubt. And usually...I'm just the sort of person who would turn inward and numb myself with reruns and video games and booze until complacency again replaces the glimmer of self-confidence that I've been desperately trying to gather. But I really, really don't want to do that anymore. It's just hard to believe that not taking the path of complacency will actually yield any other result - even if I'm not complacent this time, what about next time? I always fail - and, seriously, that sounds so pathetic that it doesn't even sound like me. All right. I actually do feel better now that I've gotten my thoughts in order. I would normally erase this, but I think I'll leave it in my log as a record for the next time I'm feeling like giving up. I'll update post-workout. Thanks for listening, folks of the virtual ether.
  9. More workout stats: Wednesday, July 6: Squat: 3 sets: bodyweight@ 8 reps Stiff Legged Deadlift: 1: 20 lbs@ 12 reps, 2: 30lbs@ 10reps, 3: 30lbs@ 12reps Standing Calf Raise: 3 sets: 10lbs@ 8 reps Seated Leg Curl: 1: 50lbs@ 13 reps, 2: 60lbs @ 9 reps, 3: 60lbs@ 12 reps (My inner left knee REALLY hurt after this, but it felt okay the next day) Leg extension: 1: 50lbs@ 9 reps, 2 and 3: 40lbs@ 8 reps. (I scaled back on the weight because my inner left knee was so sore). Swiss Ball Crunch: 3 sets of 10 Saturday, July 9: Bench Dip: 3 sets: bodyweight@ 8 reps Lateral Raise: 1: 10 lbs@ 8 reps, 2: 16lbs@ 8reps, 3: 12lbs@ 12reps Skullcrushers:1: 10 lbs@ 12 reps, 2: 15lbs@ 8reps, 3: 15lbs@ 12reps Hammer Curl: 3 sets: 20lbs@ 8 reps Bodyweight Rows: 1: 12 reps, 2 and 3: 8 reps Sunday, July 10: Deadlift: 1 set 15 lbs@ 8 reps Bodyweight Lunge: 3 sets of 8 Front Squat: 1: 10lbs@ 8reps, 2 and 3: 16lbs@ 8 reps. Clam: 1: 16 reps, 2 and 3: 15 reps Superman: 2reps@ 20 sec. I have found all of this very, very challenging. I'm also evidently retaining water from these new workouts, which sucks. However, I'm excited, and I'm looking forward to repeating my workout from last Tuesday to see if I've gotten any stronger. I still have a lot of disbelief that I'm capable of becoming very strong, honestly. I'm like a skinny-fat ectomorph body-type. I have a little belly, and flabby arms, but everything else is slim. However, I've never tried lifting heavy before, and I've sworn to give it six months. Also, I have a messed up back and hips - they're really tight. My lower back doesn't have much curve - it's sort of flat. "Posterior Pelvic Tilt". I don't have tight hamstrings. I can touch my toes while seated and in a forward bend, I can put both palms flat on the floor and bend my elbows a bit. I don't understand what is causing this or how to correct it. Anyone have any ideas?
  10. Good grief! This thread is so old. So I've spent the last year getting good at yoga (fitness-wise) and working on school. School included: finishing my comprehensive exams (passed!) and studying Irish language and literature. When I tried lifting last year, I kept spraining my neck and my right hip, so I knew that I needed to decrease my tension levels and become more flexible if I were going to achieve my goals. Luckily, I really love yoga! Anyway, now that I'm crazy flexible and devoid of injury, I'm back to weight lifting again. I'm just going to post my workouts on here to keep track of things. Today's workout: Bench Press: 1: 5lbs@14 reps, 2: 10lbs@15 reps, 3: 15 lbs@12 reps Bent Over Row: 3 sets: 20 lbs@ 12 reps DB Shoulder Press: 3 set: 20lbs@ 8 reps Triceps Ext.: 1: 5lbs@ 10 reps, 2 and 3: 5lbs@ 8 reps Bicep Curl: 3 sets: 20lbs@ 8 reps I have no idea how to change the tags on this thread, but I'm sadly not cut out to be a ranger. Running is too hard on my crappy hip. I do sprint and walk a lot, but I'm more interested in getting stronger than in getting faster. ~Civel
  11. Grades for Week 4: 1. Weightlifting 3x/week - C 2. Running 3x/week - A 3. 1 hour of yoga/ week - C And one life goal: 1. Painting or drawing every day - C Last week was a rough one. My hip is giving me trouble again, so this week I haven't been weightlifting or running. Alas.
  12. Grades for Week 3: 1. Weightlifting 3x/week - B 2. Running 3x/week - A 3. 1 hour of yoga/ week - A And one life goal: 1. I changed this goal! I've been painting or drawing every day instead. - C
  13. Grades for Week 2: 1. Weightlifting 3x/week - B 2. Running 3x/week - B (I sprained a muscle in my hip, so I skipped a day to help it heal up). 3. 1 hour of yoga/ week - C And one life goal: 1. I changed this goal! I've been painting or drawing every day instead. - B I'm really happy to see the improvement of my grades! I know this week is already off to a better start. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  14. Grades for Week 1: 1. Weightlifting 3x/week - C 2. Running 3x/week - A 3. 1 hour of yoga/ week - D And one life goal: 1. 600 words of creative writing/ day - C
  15. I forgot to set "grades" for my goals. 1. Weightlifting 3x/week (STR: 5 points) 3 = A, 2 = B, 1 = C, A partial workout = D, 0 = F 2. Running 3x/week (STA: 2 points) 3 = A, 2 = B, 1 = C, A partial workout = D, 0 = F 3. 1 hour of yoga/ week (CON: 3 points) 1 hour = A, 45 minutes = B, 30 minutes = C, 15 minutes = D, 0 minutes = F And for the life goal: 1. 600 words of creative writing/ day (CHA: 5 points) 6 - 7 days of creative writing = A 4 - 5 days of creative writing = B 2 - 3 days of creative writing = C 1 day of creative writing = D 0 days of creative writing = F
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