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  1. I went back to work yesterday for the first time in a week or so. I actually felt good in the morning. Around noon my energy started falling and I ended up leaving at 1:30. Luckily I have an understanding boss. Today I dont have to arrive until 10 and the goal is to stay until 6. Hopefully each day is a little better than the last and Im back to a full shift next week. I'm really lucky to have all the sick time I have. Before all this iron stuff started happening I was almost never sick. One day I hope to be back to that. Yesterday was okay on my food. Breakfast: banana black
  2. Yesterday was rough. Food log: Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, and mixed nuts, with water to drink. Lunch: I had just gotten out of a rough dr appointment and caved in to fast food. I had Raisin Caines. Three chicken tenders, fries, bread, two sauces, and lemonade. Snack: chocolate caramel candy bar. Again, stress got too me. Dinner: I made homemade chicken soup with carrots, leeks, green onions, and celery. Water to drink. It tasted great, but two hours later I was hungry again. Snack: two hotdogs and 15 green olives. As I said it was a rough day. I saw m
  3. It's a bit of a late start, but I'm here. I participated a few years back, but life got in the way and I stopped. I got sick. Thought I was getting better. Wasn't. Now I'm even worse off. Long story short: I suffer from iron deficient anemia. Last year I had to get IV iron to try to get me to reasonable levels. Turns out I'm allergic to IV iron. However, before the allergy showed itself we did manages to get enough iron into my system to put me at the lowest part of normal. Even with the iron in my system the side effects of low iron remained, depression, constant exhaustion, memor
  4. I was doing good working out for a while, but got really sick a little over a year ago and completely gave up on everything health related except for running tests to figure out what was wrong with me. The doctors discovered I had severe anemia, and almost no iron in my system. As you need iron to produce red blood cells which supply oxygen I was always exhausted, not thinking clearly and had pretty much given up on everything. We began iron transfusions and discovered I'm allergic to iron. At least the two types of IV iron they tried to use. There is evidently a third type we could try if nee
  5. Never started a new thread, so I'll just post here. The Job - The position I originally planned to interview for was canceled; however, they had two similar positions open. I applied for those. They are accepting applications until the end of this week. Salary will still be a cut if I take it. If I get the high end of the salary range I'll break even considering the amount of gas I use each week to get to my current job and local gas prices. If it is on the lower end of the range my husband and I will have to talk things over. Diet and Exercise - Haven't done anything
  6. Got the phone call, and taking the job would mean a pay cut. Depending where on the scale I fall it would be $2,000 to $6,000 a year less than what I've been making. That's why she wanted to call me, to make sure I knew about the cut before they went further. I'm going to talk about it with my husband, but I don't think it would be a good decision. That would mean $500 to $160 less a month, which is a LOT of money for us. Although I would love the less stressful aspect of it, and I'd love the work environment I don't know if we can afford that much of a pay cut. I told her I'd have to think ab
  7. Got it set up, they are going to call today between 11:15 and 12 noon. I've done my research and looked up the salary range. I've set my asking price and my lowest number I'm willing to do. I'm all jittery. But in a good way. This job will be so less stressful than where I am at now. It'll still have stress, but not the type I'm dealing with currently. Plus I'll enjoy what I'll be doing. I've held very similar positions in the past and loved them. And I will know most of my coworkers and those I already know I like. Okay, next challenge. It will end the day we leave for our trip t
  8. I haven't had a chance to put one together, but I am going to give it a go. The job application must have gone well because they sent an email saying they would like to call me an discuss salary. I've never before had to negotiate salary so I am both excited and nervous. We technically haven't done an interview yet, but it turns out I know four people on the hiring committee because I had two of them listed as references and had to change them. I know who the other two are because one is the head of the department and the other is the direct supervisor. As it is a 6 person committe
  9. No worries, I drink Mug, which doesn't have caffeine. Occasionally I'll have an IBC, but as they're in the glass bottles and more expensive it's a rare treat or an A&W which is hard to find here. Some restaurants do have Barqs (which does have the caffeine), but it's usually well marked. I like Mug better as it has a little more sweetness to it than Barqs.
  10. I think you have a really good point. I'm totally fine with skipping out on bread and pasta. They're nice foods, but nothing special to me. Ice cream however is a must have. I will admit, it is a comfort food. I eat it and it makes me feel better mentally. I just need to learn to eat a small portion of it instead of a huge bowl. I think if I can train myself to follow portion sizes I will be okay. My issue previously was that I would eat a pint of ice cream, or two or three popsicles instead of one serving size bowl or one popsicle (the chocolate fudge ones). Maybe that should be my focus. Lea
  11. Yay for them not being mushrooms! Yams I'm totally fine with. So, the bad news. I broke my diet. I spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning crying. Tears and snot everywhere because I wanted real ice cream and couldn't have any. My husband, trying to make up for me having to watch the kids on Monday, offered to take them out for the day to go swimming. I still kept crying. The kids were getting worried too and kept asking if everything was okay. (Yeah, they were worried Friday night after we got our McDonald's (just nuggets and water for me) and I sobbed the whole way home.
  12. With all my bitching and whining earlier, I forgot to post my good news. I've lost 10 pounds. I haven't gone down a clothing size yet, but my shirts are feeling a little looser. If I can get from my size 26/28 to a size 22/24 by the time we go to Disney (Mid-October) I MIGHT fit the new Pandora Flight of Passage ride that everyone has been having trouble with. Have to have a waist size of 22/24 or less and a calf size of 22 inches or less to fit on it due to the restraints. No clue what my calf size is, I'll have to measure this weekend to see where I stand.
  13. Thanks! I'm going to give it a try. Lets see...Day 9 was Tuesday? Tuesday I ordered a lettuce wrap sandwich to be delivered. It was pretty good. Work didn't get canceled. I can't remember what we did for supper. Day 10 I was off for a dentist appointment. I cooked eggs and bacon for breakfast. Did some shopping for our upcoming Disney trip. We're going to the Halloween party and need costumes. We're all going as Alice in Wonderland characters (cartoon, not Tim Burton) our 8 year old is being Alice, the 5 year old is going as the Cheshire Cat (she wanted to be the pink h
  14. Zeroh13 do you mind sharing the recipe? I'd love to give it a try. I found a job opening at the first library I worked for years back and I'm going to apply. I remember it being a great place to work for the most part, and even though that may have changed a little I think I will like it much better than where I am at now. I have until the end of next week to apply, so I'm going to work on my application tomorrow as I have the day off for a dentist appointment. Day 8 part 2 - Egg crust pizza does NOT reheat well. It made me sick and I had to leave work. It was a very l
  15. I don't have internet at home, except on my phone, and given this weekend I was too tired to put in the effort to post from my phone. Thank you both for checking in though you're messages were emailed to me and it helped me remember to stay on track. I don't normally send food back at restaurants, but given how little I'm allowed to eat on my diet that the restaurant had available I went ahead and did it. Our waitress was very good about it and the manager checked in with us too even though we didn't ask for him. We made sure to tip our waitress well as it wasn't her fault the kitchen cooked i
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