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  1. Days 2-5 Well my ankles continued to hurt so I have been taking it easy I went for short walk tonight with my dog and even that flared up the joint pain. I am just going to wait it out until they recover and see what happens. I am not quite on a normal schedule yet but I am heading in the right direction. Still just going to bed/sleeping a couple hours later than I would like. I have been avoiding the scale since it discourages me so much so no progress to report there until I give in and step on it Bre
  2. Day 1 Well I am still on a weird schedule, but I did get 8 hours of sleep. I am going to try to get to sleep 1 hour earlier than last night and hopefully by the end of the week I will be on a normal schedule. I decided to repeat week 1 of C25k to give my body more time to adjust. The good news is my knees feel fantastic and so does my right ankle. The bad news is my left ankle/foot hurts like a bitch. It was feeling stiff all weekend so this was not a surprise. I have a feeling this is a technique issue more than a conditioning one. I am going to take it really slow and easy this week and h
  3. I love these books and am also re-reading in prep I am really glad HBO is doing it, its best chance of being done right.
  4. For me its the clothes I have from a year and a half ago that I really want to fit into again. They are sitting in a basket in the corner waiting for me. Also those moments when I look in the mirror and really see how big I have gotten. Lastly, if I was able to quit smoking, curbing my bad eating habits should be a piece of cake. When I feel like I can't do it I think about how I was able to quit smoking cold turkey on my first try and realize I can do anything I put my mind to.
  5. Back and ready to try again. Here are my goals: 1. Complete C25k. Joint pain has stopped me from doing this in the past. I have been doing a lot of walking and strength training and am ready to try again. I am in my second week and no joint pain yet. If it comes back I will have to think of another exercise program to replace this with. 2. Sleep During Semi-Normal Hours for 8 Hours. I work from home as a freelancer and I am really bad at staying up to all sorts of hours and not getting enough sleep. I feel soooo much better when I am on a consistent schedule and am not stressed about over slee
  6. I crashed my last week of this challenge so I am a little disappointed in myself. I will give myself a C since I think I did well the first 3 weeks. 1. Get into the 170's: Unfortunately the scale didn't move as much as I wanted or at all really 2. Do some sort of activity every day: Aside from the last week I did get out and do something every day, I would like to blame the heat but that is an excuse and I could have found something to do indoors 3. Track everything I eat: Same deal with tracking food, I did it religiously until that last week. I ate some things I shouldn't have but I did
  7. Thanks that sounds like an idea that might wake up my metabolism. Turns out staying with your mother for a few days does not help when trying to cut calories lol. I haven't completely fallen off the wagon, I've been breaking even a lot instead of maintaining a deficit which is better than nothing. She has been great about cooking healthier foods, there is just a lot of it lol. That being said I have still been getting out for my walks and tracking what I eat even when I mess up. Bre
  8. Today went pretty good. I was so sore from moving all weekend I took a break but I ate well. Stayed below my calorie goal and everything was pretty balanced. Went shopping to try and find some more filling foods for lunch so I am not so ravenous at dinner and tracked everything I ate. Bre
  9. Thanks yeah I have been avoiding the scale for a bit, when I get frustrated I am much more likely to eat something bad. I moved this weekend so my food tracking was crap and I didn't do any activity aside from carrying a lot of stuff which I guess is something. Back on track today, Bre
  10. Day 18 Another good food day. Ate a really good balance of meals. I did treat myself to some munchies in the evening but I had the calories for it Its been crazy hot still so my walk was short just to get some sun before the heat was too much to take. The scale refuses to move which has been frustrating. I am trying not to let it effect me too much and stick with it. I do feel better which I know is supposed to be the most important part, but I want my old clothes to fit lol. Bre.
  11. Day 17 Today was the opposite of yesterday, I got my exercise in but I could have eaten better. A lot of carbs and not enough protein and veggies. But I kept track of everything and got my activity in Bre
  12. This week was hard, I started to crave some bad greasy foods and slipped a few times but nothing TOO bad I am still remaining active, the heat in the northeast has made that difficult though, inside activities only. I need to think of a better way to handle lunch/dinner. I find myself starving in the evenings and craving a substantial meal. Not necessarily anything unhealthy I just feel I need a lot of food and I don't always have the calories left for that sort of thing. I try and fill up with veggies but that gets boring pretty fast. I normally for lunch have either a roast beef sandwich
  13. Day 16 Today went great foodwise, but I didn't get a chance to exercise. We are about to move so things are crazy hectic. I am still tracking everything I eat even though I slipped up a bit recently. I haven't seen much of a difference on the scale so that is a little frustrating but I think I am definitely firming up some even if I am not losing a lot of weight. Bre
  14. Day 15 I have been back sliding a little. I am still staying active daily and tracking my food but I haven't been making the best food decisions and have given in to cravings. Need to re-motivate! Bre
  15. Day 14 Today went really well. I went to a BBQ at my parents and managed to eat the good stuff and avoid the bad and still meet my calorie goal for the day. Bad side is I didn't have time to exercise, it's supposed to be ridiculously hot the next couple of days so I am going to have to get up early to walk or figure something else out. Bre
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