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  1. This is so good, I'm clicking "like" twice.
  2. Get better, properly, and then: "Get the stick!"
  3. Subbed. I'm kind of in a similar boat, my numbers are like yours... except that you lift about double what I lift! Show that 10km who's boss.
  4. I think so. Not sure, I'm a newbie too (well, did my last challenge with the Warriors, but not super vocal). So, anyway, what's your plan?
  5. Is there any way you can outsource the whole employee info-gathering? Like an H&R Block type of thing? It sounds like it's a major headache, and if you could get someone to tell you the pros and cons of each options for your particular business, quickly, you could tackle the other things you have on your plate... The good stuff looks great though!
  6. Jan 22: (Day 2) -Deadlifts:40kg (2x8) then 42,5kg (2x8) -- made a mistake and did too many reps. But it felt good, so I didn't realize until the end that I'm only supposed to be doing sets of 5. -OH DB press: 10kg (4x8) -Neutral grip chin ups: BW-35kg (4x8) -Burpees: 3x10 A good day. Jan 27 (Day 1) Improved warm-up: squats with the bar, one set of 8, then one set of 8 with 30 kg. -Squats (high back): 35kg (5x5) -DB Bench press: 12kg (4x8) -Inverted Rows: 4x8 -Back extensions. Good day. Jan29 (Day 2) Warmup: deadlifts: one set w/ bar, one set w/ 30kg, one set with 40kg. -Deadlifts: 45kg (4x5) -OH DB press: 12 kg (4x5) -Neutral grip chin-ups: BW-30kg (4x5) -Back extensions holding 5kg (3x10 OK day. Didn't force it. Jan 31 (Day 1): warm-up: 5 min walk on treadmill, foam roll, stretch, dynamic warm-up. -Squats: 35 kg (4x8) but the last rep always felt iffy -DB Bench Press: 14kg (4x8) -Inverted Rows: 4x8 Back extensions: 2x10 with 5kg, one set of 10 with 6kg. Good day. Feb2: Day 2 same warm-up as Jan 31 -Deadlifts: made a mistake, instead of loading 45kg I loaded 35kg. And then proceeded, again, to do 4 sets of 8 reps. Instead of 5 reps. -Military press: 12kg (4x6) -Neutral grip chin-up: 4x6 (BW-30kg) -Back extensions 3x10 holding 7kg Bleh. My brain was on the fritz today. In fact I think I'm getting sick. But the interesting thing is: I'm starting to look good, toned. But as I'm getting that, I'm realizing my body has clicked. It enjoys lifting. I enjoy going to the gym for simple, straightforward work. I want to continue to get stronger, I don't care if it goes slow (for now). Getting a round caboose is a nice side-effect but loving my body and its work, loving the feeling of being physically powerful, that's the best. (for now! Let's see what I'm saying in 6 months, one year, two years...)
  7. Ouch. Physio, yes. Go see that physio, mmmh... last November, and do as (s)he says. Had a similar story last summer, luckily I found a good physio. He flat-out told me my shoulders were too weak to do push-ups, and taught me how to do them on an incline. My ego took a hit, but eventually the pain went away. I still only do push-ups off a bench, but now I'm glad I took it back to Level -5 before working my way back up to Level Awesome. Good luck!
  8. Jan14: (Day2) Deadlifts: 30+small plates (4X5) OH Press: 9kg DB 4X8 Chin-up: BW -35kg: 3X8 then one set of 6 Back extensions: 3X10 (holding a 5kg plate) Jan16: (Day1) Squats: 45kg (one set of 8): my brain doesn't know how to count, I thought I had 35kg. So then I did 30kg + the smallest plates (i think they're 1,25kg?) Inclined Bench press: 10kg (4x8) Inverted rows: 4x8 Burpees: 3X10 Jan20: (Day2) Deadlift: 35kg 4x5 OH DB press: 10kg: 2x8; 2x7 Neutral chin-up: BW-35kg 2x8; 2x7 Back extensions: 3X10 (w/ 5kg plate) Jan22 (Day 1) (pretty tired) Squats: 30kg (4x8) DB Bench press: 8kg (1 set of 8); 10kg (1 set of 8); 12kg (2x8) Inverted Rows: 4x8 Back extension: 3x10
  9. Things are a bit topsy-turvy with the new job. I'm not seeing the spectacular progress of a newb. I wonder if it's the stress, or just sitting at a computer for 20 hours a week out of the blue, or just more tired. I also think it's in my head: last year I got my shoulder badly injured because I was doing push-ups all wrong, so it's possible that I'm holding back. I'm really enjoying using the rack. I mean, today, I felt kind of comfortable there for the first time. A feeling that I can only translate with: "This is the only place in this gym that I want to be in." Also, the day after deadlifts = hungry.
  10. I choose love.

    1. Barfly


      Always a good choice :)

    2. Moriartea_time
    3. bluecarfuffle


      Anger was slowly getting me sick. So I'm learning to have my strength originate from love.

  11. Jan 9: (Day 2) Deadlifts: 30kg (4X8) OH Press with DB 6 kg each (4X8) Chin-up (assisted, so BW minus 40kg): 4X8 Back extensions: 3X10 Jan 12: (Day 1) Squats: 30kg 4X8 DB press (inclined): each 8kg (2X8), then each DB 10kg (2X8) Inverted rows on the Smith machine: 4X8 Back extensions: 3X10 (holding a 5kg plate) Tomorrow is my first day at my new job! I'm pretty excited, but wondering how I'm going to hold everything together. Today the Smallest Carfuffle went to daycare, and seemed ok with it. January might be a little rough, since she will be in daycare only in the mornings, and I will be at work only in the mornings. I don't know when I'll be able to get to the gym this month. I may have to go late (8pm), which is my least favourite time of the day. But: new job after 4 years of maternity leave, yay!
  12. It's so great that you went all out. Money spent on travelling, especially NZ, is money well spent.
  13. Yikes. While whitewater rafting a few years back (Gauley River, West VA, I HIGHLY recommend it, in September), a similar thing happened to me. I managed to warm up... doing squats! (on the shore during one of the breaks, not on the raft, obviously...).
  14. Yikes. While whitewater rafting a few years back (Gauley River, West VA, I HIGHLY recommend it, in September), a similar thing happened to me. I managed to warm up... doing squats! (on the shore during one of the breaks, not on the raft, obviously...)
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