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  1. I did not manage to go to the shops that day but have this morning and prepared myself a lunch of salad for the first time in ages. I also started calorie counting again today and am eyeing off the chocolate in front of me wondering if I'll be able to get some of it to fit. I think I have managed to move daily so far but between studying and needing down time I am not entirely sure. Todays shopping trip hit the buying less packaging mark - I bought no packaging! But I do need to thing of a solution for cheese. I love it and am determined not to give it up. There is a cheesemaker at a market I've used and loved before that has paper packaging, but with a plastic barcode on it. The market is also semi-far away. Something to ponder. On the more non-fiction note I've been following the hiking adventures of Elina Osborne but still indulging in my shows. Time to look at my non-fiction book pile and consider it, me thinks. I wrote the last two lines of my first post of my mirror. It is a good internal chant when things don't seem to be going my way. Be kind, be thoughtful. Love more.
  2. To live with and learn from nature. To support it and the communities I immerse myself in with kindness and vigour. This was the mission statement I put together at the start of the year. I wonder if I am setting myself up for failure with the vigour part but now that university is (almost) over for the year I'd like to start working on myself. Intentions Move daily Buy less packaging Sustainable fashion More non-fiction Let go of my past self More simple, nutritious meals For this challenge I'd like to have something to say about each of my intentions. Move daily will require some form of either exercise whether an activity or just a moment of activeness (like cleaning/organising). Buying less packaging involves looking at alternative options to buying things. My biggest weakness is ready-made meals which goes hand in hand with wanting more simple nutritious meals. I plan to visit the local fruit & veg shop and the bulk buy shop and between the two I'll hopefully do well for myself this challenge. I'm meant to be going on holiday during this challenge so will need to plan accordingly if it comes to fruition. Sustainable fashion. I did, in a rush of not thinking, buy clothes from a chain store recently. This challenge I'd like to make at least somewhat of a dent in my mending basket. More non-fiction. I'm going to allow watching YouTube videos into this one. But, rather than watching shows or reading fiction (fanfiction) I'd like to be a little less fictional and a little more real. Let go of my past self. There is also a part of this that should say "let go of expectations". Of myself, of others. I've had some expectations recently that haven't been met and it results in hurt. Be kind, be thoughtful. Love more.
  3. Ha. I tried much of the month but uni was very overpowering. I'm at study break/exam period now and my mental health is much improved though
  4. I had a CrossFit session this morning which showed me that my cardiovascular fitness is.... not great. I will not beat myself up regarding this, I will just accept it has happened and work towards greater cardiovascular fitness This was followed by pulling out weeds in a garden bed and planting sunflowers. So long as they grow I can tick this off my goal list, hurrah! Sometimes the best feature is that it's done. I've been working on an assignment for the rest of the day so nothing done towards reading. I did convince my mother to take the computer and monitor I had sourced her so that's one thing gone from my space.
  5. I am tired of hating myself. Setting myself 500 goals and then being upset when none are complete because the thought of them is so overwhelming I cannot begin just one. One of the intentions on my whiteboard is to let go of my past self and that combined with envy of other people because I feel like I'm not doing enough ultimately resolve in me doing nothing. So, all I have left is to be kind to myself. It's been a challenging month for me. University and work have been very stressful. I'm trying to finish things on a deadline for an SCA event at the end of this month. I'm now in a relationship that while it is joyful it also challenges me. I should spend less time focusing on this and more time focusing on myself. Inspired by Steve's post on Instagram I have two goals this challenge. 1. Read the book on calm I got from the library (Actually reading the books I get from the library is a smart idea) 2. Prepare the batcave. Except, it's more a hobbit house, I think I'm not sure what this looks like overall, except everything I don't want is gone, my areas are tidy, things are accessible and I set boundaries about what goes into my spaces. Does anyone have more advice/words on how to be kind to ones self?
  6. I'm sure you mean pot but honestly think you deserve a whole pit of always perfectly right tea.
  7. It's been a while since I wrote here but things are plodding along. I've updated the original post, but here's how I ended up after my three months was up. 3 Month Goals - 01/04/2021 Complete Charity Walk - Completed 07/03/2021 Finalise my Mission Statement - Completed 10/02/2021 Put 'Life File' together - Completed Unplug for 24 hours - Completed 24/02/2021 Have a baseline for my weightlifting goals - Completed 03/01/2021 Complete story timeline - Completed Put University assignment plan together for Semester 1 - Completed Regularly attend archery training 90% 1 caffeine source a day - Completed Kon Mari'd assets Identify attributes I like and dislike about myself - Completed Complete budget tracker - Completed 03/01/2021 Put the wrist balancer together - Completed 02/01/2021 What was interesting to me was that the trackers I completed - Uni assignment plan and budget tracker I don't use at all. This has been a learning opportunity that those kind of trackers don't work for me. I don't check them regularly enough and I loathe having to regularly update something. Which reminds me I didn't update my mood and caffeine tracker for yesterday. SEE?! The two goals I did not complete... I definitely left Kon Mari until too late and then tried to do it too quickly. I don't think I'm going to finish off decluttering as a Kon Mari thing now but the values I will definitely hold in mind as I do so. Archery training was happening and then I fell off the wagon between school, needing to find archery gloves to wear that ideally are also sustainable in some way and in the right fashion and not being able to do so... It's on the list to start back up. Today I completed this and I am happy.
  8. Oh good. My brain was very confused for a second!
  9. 42km charity walk completed in just under 10 hours (I am a slow walker). I bumped the XP for this walk in my Quest for Adventure. The walk was entirely worth going up a level. My journey began at roughly 8:15pm on Saturday after a speech from Adam Gilchrist (Australian ex-cricketer and ambassador of the charity this was for) and a Welcome to Country from a lady whose name escapes me but it was a very nice Welcome to Country and I kinda wish I'd memorised her name. As we left the starting area people stood to the sides and cheered us which was nice. It was a common theme throughout the race actually - strangers walking by would find out what was going on from people ahead of me and as we passed them they would cheer us on. At first, things were easy. I overtook a lot of people and during the first two pit stops only stopped to grab something to eat before continuing onwards. The distance between the second and third pit stop was difficult. Apparently it was a longer distance than the first two had between each other and I definitely felt it. Also, a lot of people I had overtaken in the beginning now began to overtake me. What would happen though was we would then get to the next pit stop and because I didn't hang around for long I would get ahead of them resulting in a lot of lovely "oh hello, fancy seeing you again!" moments. Many people checked in with me as they passed me to make sure I was okay (solo walkers seemed rare) which was nice. When I got towards the finish line I was overwhelmed. I had to keep blinking back tears and I'm afraid some people probably thought I was miserable as they congratulated me when I passed them by but really I was just very proud of myself. I rarely finish the things I set out to do. It's something I still need to work on. And here I am, with my level of fitness (another thing to work on) completing a 42km marathon walk in just under 10 hours by myself. If I could do this, if my body could do this, I can do anything. Also, I found out at the end we get medals for finishing and we all know I like shiny reward items (sorry for the giant image).
  10. I keep alternating between a tiny house or just finding a small already built house. If I was going to go the tiny house route at this stage I'd be looking at buying the plans for this one: Of course I'm not looking to build or buy anything for the next three years (I already have a mortgage on a home that I rent out and then I pay rent for the house I'm currently in) when university is done. Your point is one of the things that makes me hesitant to date though. I'm sort of at that stage where I've always been the person willing to make compromises in relationships and as I get older I'm getting less inclined to do so. Oof, that sucks. I'm lucky that for a lot of my units it doesn't appear that books are a requirement, just a recommendation. There's only one unit that had a textbook in the last few years that was a requirement and I have a free version of it., Two of my units released the outline on Friday so I'm only waiting for two more which will likely come in on Monday. So far no required texts and no exams. (One does have a take home test during exam week but that's not the same). Today's very long to-do list is: - KonMari papers - Wash sheets - Wash clothes - Vacuum - Work out uni route - Clean study so I can post pictures to the Garden thread - Charge laptop in prep for uni - Advertise my VAX vacuum battery and charger online (my vacuum is broken so I'll just be using the housemates for the future) - Complete study file set up - Finish of my household file set up funfunfunfunfunfunfunfun
  11. Me looking at that jigsaw puzzle (and I love jigsaws): Does she hate herself??
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