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  1. Week 3, Day 4: As bad as it makes me feel physically, this bulking cycle seems to be going spectacularly well. The results to date have been far beyond my expectations. Maybe this is because I'm not breaking any new ground, but instead just returning to where I was? It could also be that I'm putting on water weight. At any rate, I'm pretty happy with the results so far (spoiler: I've already weighed in for Day 5... I always do this in the morning before eating anything). If things continue at this rate, I might be done bulking by the end of the challenge. I had a long 2.5 hour semina
  2. Week 3, Day 3: Not sure how long I can stick with this bulking cycle. It really hurts. That being said, I'm pretty sure I was close to 4000 today. Maybe ~3800 cals. Unlike yesterday, I didn't miss any meals. Snacking after dinner was lighter than usual, but we had steaks in the evening and that probably made up for it. I went to CrossFit today. I spent the first hour trying to hit ring muscle ups. Sadly I couldn't get any, kipping or otherwise. I can easily pull the rings to my chest, but the transition to the dip is going very badly. It makes me think my triceps are still
  3. Week 3, Day 2: Still eating lots of food. Still feel awful. I'm guessing I was a bit closer to 3400 calories today. I had a bad computer crash at work and somehow managed to get the blue screen of death on a Windows 10 machine... something that hasn't happened to me in over a decade. It took a while for the IT guys and I to sort out the mess, and in the process I missed my afternoon snack. I tried to make up for it in the evening, but the volume was just too much. Anyhoo, weigh is slowly going up (and surprisingly, bodyfat is not... yet...), so things seem to be going quite well. I sh
  4. Thank you both for your encouragement. I really appreciate the comments. =)
  5. Week 3, Day 1: First official day of my bulk, and quite predictably, I feel awful. But if I didn't hit 4000 calories, I came pretty damn close. I'm using a food scale to make sure that I'm being honest. The issue is that I got my last few calories from a homemade peanut butter cookie (ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, eggs), and I'm not confident about exactly how much that adds. I'm guessing 150. The bottom line is, it's really just water under the bridge since the most important thing is the end result. I have started weighing in every morning, and I'll post the results at the botto
  6. Update: So I was almost done adding a huge update here and I accidentally hovered over a hyperlink in the text and hit backspace. My browser followed the link and I lost the whole damn post. I don't have another hour to hunt down all of my links and numbers and re-create the data. So here's the short version. I'm not happy with my current weight. It's far too low compared to the 170 lbs that I normally compete at. So I have decided to start a bulking cycle. This isn't a decision that I make lightly. I haven't done one of these in about two years. The last time I tried bulking I was
  7. Week 2, Day 6: I had a core and flexibility class today, followed by a stretch session. I started off with some low lat pulls, just to warm everything up. I think they went OK - I haven't done this lift for about 4+ years. I was able to hit 120 lbs for three sets of 8, 135 lbs for three sets of 5, and 150 lbs for three sets of 3. During the breaks, I did strict pull ups. I hit two sets of 4, one set of 5, and one set of 6. Definitely getting better. After getting back from the gym, my gf and I went for a bike ride. This is the first time I've ridden a bike in almost 12 year
  8. Week 2, Day 5: Still getting stronger. I did the CrossFit metcon today, which was mostly shoulder work. That part went fine. After CrossFit, I went back to pull-ups. I found that I can hit kipping pull-ups without too much problem. In regards to strict, I hit 5 sets of 3 strict pull-ups, followed by 5 sets of 3 strict chin-ups. It's certainly better than yesterday and a huge improvement over Wednesday, but it's still very low. In the evaluation process, I noticed that I can't hit a single chest-to-bar, kipping or otherwise, nor can I hit a kipping ring muscle up. Will need to watch th
  9. Week 2, Day 4: I had an extremely busy day at work and couldn't find any time to run over the lunch hour. I did make it to my stretch session and rings class, though. I'm still really weak, but getting a bit stronger. Before stretching, I managed to do a few strict pull-ups: 3 sets of 2. That's all I could hit. My coach was a bit worried, so we toned down the workout. It still didn't go very well. Obviously, I can't hit a single ring muscle up in this condition, much less any of the false grip chin-ups. It was a pretty depressing day. My coach suggested that I might be old enough
  10. Week 2, Day 3: As of this morning, I'm officially completely pain free. Finally. 8 days of severe DOMS really sucked. But now I have a new problem: I'm weak. I can't do a single strict pull-up. As in, zero. I hang from the bar, pull up, and nothing happens. This is a bit frightening because normally I can hit about 15 unbroken. What makes this especially strange is that nothing else seems to be affected by very much. Yes, my front squats are low by 10-15 lbs (we lifted today at 95% in the metcon), but that's not a big deal. I'm going to stay calm and assume that this is part of the
  11. Week 2, Day 2: Soreness is almost completely gone. There's just a little tweak now when I hang from a pull up bar, but it's minor. I ran over the noon hour (in my weighted vest! - I guess old habits die hard), but only went about 2 miles. Handstand class was tonight. Before class, I tried doing my usual strict handstand pushup progression with a stack of furniture pads. I got doubles down to 5 pads. Then I switched to singles. I hit a rep at one pad, but couldn't hit a rep to the floor - I think I was too tired. Next week I should be back up to full strength. Dinner tonight was hom
  12. Week 2, Day 1: I'm feeling a lot better today, but I'm still sore. My legs are fine now, and so are my arms. But it still hurts to hang from a pull up bar. I decided to try a CrossFit workout... mostly because it was legs day. I was a bit weak, but the workout was fine. Based on my performance I figure I'll need a week to get back into things. Dinner was grilled salmon, served with asparagus and rice. I snacked on dried fruit and crackers. My gf and I discovered a Netflix series called the Umbrella Academy, so we started watching it tonight. If you haven't seen it and like comic bo
  13. Week 1 Summary: Wow, sorry for disappearing like that. We had a large group of summer students start at work on Tuesday. I've been completely swamped. Luckily, there's not too much to report, so I'll just do a quick summary. In regards to gym stuff, I've been so sore that I can hardly move. On a scale of 1 to 10, where a 1 is a minor twinge and a 10 is "my entire upper body has seized up", I'm sitting around 9. I can't lift my arms over my shoulders without help. And I can't lift them straight over my head even with help. It's that bad. It hurts to straighten my elbows all the way,
  14. Week 1, Day 2: Soreness from Murph is starting to set in. Its getting worse as the day goes by. I've been walking around at work as much as posdible to try to stay loose. I went to handstand class tonight, although I didn't do very well. My shoulders are feeling pretty weak. Dinner tonight was pizza, followed by a lot of snacking on blueberries, crackers, and dried fruit. Tomorrow I am getting a lead water service pipe in my front yard replaced. The job will take all day, so I will probably miss my gym time. Honestly, I think its for the best. I could use a brea
  15. Thanks guys!!! The soreness is definitely kicking in.
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