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    Week 4, Day 4: I spent most of today at my house waiting for contractors to show up for an estimate. Details: Last January, I got a letter from the city stating that they think the service (water) pipe going into my house is made of lead. I told them I didn't believe them - when I bought the place, I was told by both the real estate agent and the home inspector that it was galvanized. And then I proved it by sticking a magnet to the service pipe right before the main shut-off valve and sent the city the photo. (To wit: lead is non-magnetic). Their response was: "send us some water samples and we'll run a free test". I did. Lo and behold, it came up positive for lead at low levels. Wonderful. Apparently, the service pipe IS made of lead... but only from the water main to the meter. After that, it's galvanized from the meter to the house. But after 100 years (my house was built in 1911), there's so much residue built up in the galvanized pipe that it will continue leach lead for years even if the rest of the system is clean. Therefore, the galvanized piece also needs to be replaced. Long story short, DC Water has a program where they split the cost of replacement between the homeowner and the city. It takes a while for them to move on it, but they finally did. And my estimate was today. Thankfully it looks like it will be much cheaper than I thought. Work will take place in two weeks, on Wednesday May 29. I got in a few hours at work after that, and then had my weekly stretch session followed by rings class at the gym. I hit another PR today: four consecutive (unbroken) strict ring muscle ups. Video is here. Considering that I hit my very first strict ring MU just a few months ago (beginning of 2019), I'm really happy with this. Tonight was steak night - thick cut New York Strips from Costco. My gf is on an elimination diet for gluten, so we tried making gluten-free stuffing to go with it. Spoiler: it wasn't half bad. We also had brussels sprouts. I snacked on dried fruit and crackers after dinner.
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    Week 4, Day 3: In the last post, I talked a little bit about my promotion interview. I won't hear back about the results for a couple of weeks. I felt good about my interview yesterday right after it happened, but last night I started feeling differently. The problem is that I told them the truth, not necessarily what they wanted to hear. And while that's worth a lot of points in regards to character, I'm worried they will send me back down to get more experience and then come back in a few years. Bottom line is, it's out of my hands now. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best. I made up for yesterday by running over the noon hour with the weighted vest. I've been running just a little bit further each session. Today was the first day that I ran my normal (unweighted) distance. It's close to 3 miles. I'm happy with this. After work, I went to CrossFit. Only did the metcon - three workouts in one day is a bit too much. Dinner was homemade basil fried rice with shrimp and scallops. (Frozen seafood from Costco is a real lifesaver). Snacked on fresh blueberries. For the record, here's the workout: A. Bench Press (based off 215 lb) Warmup with bar, 95, 135 lbs 5 x 78% (165 lbs) 5 x 80% (175 lbs) 4 x 82% (185 lbs) 2 x 85% (195 lbs), 3 sets B. For Time: 21-15-9 Strict Press, 55% Ring Pushups Strict T2B I got 12:44, Rx at 70 lb press
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    I was wondering where you disappeared to. Hope everything is going ok. We miss you. =) Thank you!! =) Sookie was half asleep when we took that pic. But she's a good sport. Personally, I"m really happy with the way it turned out. Wearing sweats under the vest worked pretty well, and the shadows had a really nice effect.
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    Week 4, Day 2: Today was a big day. I had an interview for a promotion at work. I really hope it went OK. It's hard to tell. (I'm not nervous at all... ./bites fingernails down to stubs). I missed my regular noon hour run over this, but I'm willing to make that trade. Lol. I had handstand class in the evening. Before class, I worked on my strict HSPUs. Rather than just focusing on negatives, I decided to be a bit more methodical. I started with a stack of 10 furniture pads under my head and did sets of single reps. With each successful rep I removed one furniture pad. The first 5 were easy. After that, it got harder, but I took a bit more rest. By the time I got to two pads (about 1 cm thickness), I knew things were going well. The end result is here. (Spoiler: I hit my first strict HSPU. For real). Unlike the last filmed attempt, this time I DID touch the ground with my head. So it's legal. This is a really big milestone for me. And yes, for anyone who is working on this, I do highly recommend getting a stack of furniture pads. You'll need at least 10, maybe more. It's like adding change plates to barbell. Dinner tonight was crabcakes, with salad and rice. I snacked on dried fruit after that. Overall, a very good day. =)
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    Week 4, Day 1: Today brought back memories from when I first started CrossFit, back in the dark ages. I remember I used to get hit with workouts on a semi-regular basis where my biggest comment was, "the weight was just too damn heavy". That doesn't happen to me much anymore, mostly because I've figured out when to swallow my pride and just scale the workout... but today was a blast from the past. I guess we're all human, eh? =S Part A was strength work, which was fine. Part B was a very different story. The metcon was a long grind of a workout that consisted of 100 wallballs, 100 KB swings, and 100 weighted lunges (with the KB), with a 22 minute timecap to finish it. The prescribed weight was a 70 lb bell. It seemed pretty reasonable, and even the coach told me to Rx the workout. So I did. Here's what I didn't realize until AFTER the workout had started and I couldn't change the weight: I had assumed the KB swings were the standard Russian style that comes up to eye level. But after looking around at everyone else, I realized they weren't. Instead, they were American style, where you take the bell straight overhead. That one tiny little change took the workout from manageable to completely unreasonable. (If you don't believe me, try it with your favorite KB weight) The bottom line is, once your lower back gives out, you're done. And that hit me around rep number 30/100 on the swings - which I did end up doing American style. I spent 22 minutes grinding it out in the pain cave and still couldn't finish the workout. And yeah, I feel pretty stupid. I chalk this one up to poor reading comprehension on my part. Ugh. On the bright side, after the workout I went for a run with my gf and that really helped loosen up my lower back. Dinner tonight was grilled salmon with asparagus and quinoa/rice mix. I snacked on dried mangos and blueberries. For the record, here's the workout: A. Back squat (based off 265 lb max) Warmup with bar, 135 lbs. Then 5 x 75% (195 lbs, with belt) 4 x 80% (210 lbs) 3 x 83% (220 lbs) 2 x 88% (235, 240, 245 lbs), 3 sets B. For time (22 min timecap) 100 wall balls (20/14 lbs) 100 American KB swings (70/53 lbs) 100 weighted lunges w/ KB I didn't realize it was American swings until I had already started or I would have scaled. Got 225 reps at timecap, Rx.
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    Update: I have linked a pre-Murph advertisement here. Sookie is ready. =)
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    Week 3 Summary: Yeah... so I had another crazy week and didn't really do a good job keeping up with the logs. I did get most of the workouts in, though. Here's a quick summary. Monday was already posted in Week 3, Day 1 above. Running: I ran with the weighted vest on Tuesday over the lunch hour, and twice on Friday (once at work over noon hour and once in the evening with my gf). With each run, I'm going a bit further in distance. I'm up to about 2.5 miles now, and considering both runs on Friday I probably totaled close to 5 miles for the day. Handstand work: Tuesday night. CrossFit: I did these workouts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday was especially brutal - we essentially did two metcons instead of the usual format of a strength or skill part followed by one metcon. There were ring muscle ups involved, and I'm pretty happy with the way that it went. Thursday involved push jerks, and I was able to hit 3 sets of 1 at 170 lbs, which is a pretty big weight for me. (it's just slightly over bodyweight). Friday's workout involved dumbbells - thrusters and snatches, among other things. It was a tough way to end the week. To say that I have been sore this week would be an understatement. After Monday and Tuesday, I literally felt like I could hardly move. I had to skip rings class and my usual stretch session on Thursday and replace it with a quick CrossFit class instead because I had a friend's bday party to attend. Plus, I was so tired that I moved my normal run from Thursday to Friday. And I missed Saturday's workout completely because I was participating in a walk for Lupus research. It's probably best that I did this; I really needed a break. I honestly can't remember everything that I ate last week but the food was good. =) For the record, the CrossFit workouts are listed below: Wednesday: A. 2 rounds of 5 min on / 2 min off: (Try to keep a "conversational pace"... although this was impossible given the exercises. Note this was 4 rounds total, 2 of each) 500 m row 50 Thrusters, 45/35 lbs 20 Kipping Pull Ups ... then... 80 Double Unders 60 Wall Balls 40 KB Swings B. 10 min AMRAP AMRAP Full Snatch, 155 / 105 lbs *2 ring muscle ups OTM* Your score is the total number of snatches you hit. I scaled to 105 lbs, the women's weight. I actually hit all 20 muscle ups on the rings, and got 12 snatches. Thursday: A. Push Jerk (calculated on 175 lb max) Warmup with bar, 95, 115, 135 lbs. Then 2 x 85% (145 lbs) 1 x 92% (160 lbs) 1 x 95% (165 lbs) 1 x 97% (170 lbs), 3 sets B. AMRAP 18 min 18 DB Push Jerk at 30% total (50 lbs, 25 per DB) 12 T2B 6 man makers (pushup on DBs, one arm row, pushup on DBs, other arm row, then one DB thruster) I got 4 + 15, Rx. Used 25 lbs DBs. Friday: A. Snatch Pull Warmup at bar, 75, 95, 125 lbs. Then 3 x 105% (145 lbs), 3 sets 3 x 112% (155 lbs), 1 set 1 x 120% (170 lbs), 3 sets B. For time: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Row Cals Alt DB Snatch (55 / 40 lbs) One-arm DB Thrusters I got 17:56, scaled to women's weight (40 lb DB)
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    Thank you both for your kind words. It really just comes down to chipping away at the reps.
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    Reset, Recenter, Rebuild

    Congrats on the news!!! This is awesome. =)
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    Back to Basics

    The CrossFit Open is finally over, and I've identified a whole slew of weaknesses. I think I've been focusing so much on reaching the summit that I've forgotten to work on the foundation. I need to remedy this problem. Between that and a busy schedule with my job, my work is cut out for me. Goals are: 1. Handstand Work: My open score really suffered due to the fact that I STILL don't have a single strict handstand pushup. Rather than spending my time perfecting skills that I already have, I need to address this shortcoming, and hit it hard. I will spend a significant amount of time each week working on shoulder strength and flexibility, and spending time on my hands (to wit: this means upside down). 2. Food: Between the open being over and going on vacation, I've been getting sloppy about my eating. I need to clean this up. I will focus on whole foods, especially protein and vegetables. I will bring lunch to work every day, if at all possible. 3. The 'Murph': The 'Murph' is an annual American CrossFit tradition that takes place on Memorial Day. It involves the following: Part 1: run 1 mile Part 2: (in any order you like) 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 air squats Part 3: run 1 mile To make things more interesting, the Murph should be performed in combat boots, and while wearing a 20 lb vest. While I don't own combat boots, I have done the event in a vest in both 2017 and 2018. This isn't really a competition, but it does require a bit of prep work. (100 pull ups in a vest, anyone? Ugh). I will spend some time training for this.