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  1. Keep strawberries and other sweet fruit in the house instead of sweets, it works for me
  2. Does anyone have a nice salsa recipe for me to try?
  3. Ad Hom

    Snack Woes

    Here is a recipe for paleo hummus - http://livinpaleocuisine.com/2013/02/05/paleo-hummus/ that and some carrot sticks/celery would be filling
  4. new here, joined up to read about nutrition and hopefully find come good recipes Cheers
  5. Salsa is your friend, I put a few blobs of salsa (which is pretty much just tomato and onion anyway) on food I don't like and it tastes amazing
  6. I used to have this problem but I eat a few sticks of celery a day and drink a lot more water now and it's made a significant difference
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