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  1. 2600 calories and 45 minutes of exercise for Tuesday. Wednesday 3000 calories, no exercise Thursday 2900 calories, no exercise I've discovered I can't spell to save my life. Thank Crom for spell check.
  2. 2500 Calories and 30 min of exercise for Monday
  3. I'm using my fitness pal. Turns out this last week wasn't "normal" at all. I had a minor mental brakedown. I think I've been heading toward it the last couple of months. Now I'm in the middle of changing medications, and undergoing therapy. So I didn't get as much excercise as I usually do. But for the 1st week I averaged 2800 calories and 0.5 hour of cardio per day. No wonder I've started gaining weight.
  4. Rest of the week Average 2800 calories a day. Got no exercise. This wasn't my best week.
  5. Boogers, too late. I'll find a Westerly team...
  6. I'm looking for a team. Would you add me? I jogged 3.1 miles (on a treadmill)
  7. I also had my desk at work reconfigured to a standing desk and am trying to move around more. Hoping it helps. So far, it makes my feet hurt.
  8. I'm back and I plan on kicking butt!!! Still going to look silly in my Comiccon costume...
  9. I'm lost. I concur with the I have no idea of whats going on. I'll have to read the thread and catch up.
  10. Redd Hart soundly defeated me in the last challenge. Instead of losing 10 lbs. I gained 5. I now weigh 173 lbs. I’d like to say it’s due to an increase in muscle mass or that I’m retaining water, but I’m certain that it’s fat. Oh well. Goal Develop a baseline health profile. Half way through the challenge I would like to reduce the calories I consume by 5% and increase the time I exercise by 5%. Document Everything I eat Document all exercise
  11. Not really. I'm starting fresh in the next challenge. I had to get my head on straight again.
  12. Do you think anyone from the knights of the gspc are still around?
  13. Too bad the steroids killed me. Bleeping Predisone.
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