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  1. Day two of the workouts. YAYOG is whipping this Wolfs Tail! It was leg day, I'm scared for tomorrow.
  2. Oh and thanks, I believe that is the PERFECT Leg day gif!
  3. Nice, I did crow and inversions for my last challenge waaayy back, and I made some real gains. I was able to do crow for about 10 seconds from nothing before. And since I haven't been working out, the YAYOG APP totally kicked my can today. He does a warm up and a cooldown. I was totally surprised that they were both essentially yoga sequences. I've done quite a bit of yoga in my day. That was nice, really good stretches. I'll check your post out soon. See ya in the Shadows Assassin!
  4. Hello All, Sooooooooo, eh yeah, I did one challenge a while ago and it was awesome. Then I missed the next one (didn't sign up in time). Then I realized that I'd probably missed the next one. This went on for awhile. Well it looks like I finally caught a challenge in time! I tend to go through phases. I workout great over the summer and fall. Then I completely forget how to workout in the winter. Well i'd like to go ahead and get a jump start on the winter laziness now! *Ahem* And basically do what I always do and workout when it's nice out! So this time I'm taking it easy on myself and starting small. Since it has been awhile since I've worked out regularly. I mean LEG DAY after not working out for a bit....C'MON!!! So here is the plan, I want to make exercise a habit. Like brushing my teeth. So I am going to do the "You Are Your Own Gym" workout routine. Oh that goes by YAYOG a lot. It's only 4 days a week, so I figure right in the middle I'll do some yoga to help stretch everything out. Hopefully ease the soreness some. Without further ado: MAIN QUEST: Make Exercise a Habit! SQ1: Stick to weekly workout regimen. YAYOG on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday YOGA Wednesday Saturday and Sunday is Whatever I feel like doing SQ2: Crow Pose/ Inversion Practice after every workout SQ3: Post Weekly updates on NF! Life Quest: Work on Skills Meditation, use language software and some personal studies. Lets see if this Lazy Lycan can Transform His Ways! See what I did there?
  5. So getting ready for my challenge to start, I cheated just a little. One of my side quests is to have two servings of vegitable a day, so I went and got a Nutribullet. I'll be doing green smoothies to ensure that I hit that goal! Although rest assured, I'll be doing low carb. So many of those recipes have so much fruit I might as well just snort a line of sugar off of a bananas peel! Yup! Ghostface Thrilla the Zombie Bell! I saw that they were a limited supply and I just bought it. I'm pretty excited. I haven't been swinging my bells for a while. It'll be great to get after it! I have to say this forum has really been motivating me! Can't wait for Monday..... I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever said that!
  6. Thanks Secret Dinosaur! I filled out the necessary forms and sub'd to MY Thread. I'm new to this whole forum thing, long time lurker first time poster! Thanks Grizzly but I am where I want to be. It's just since it's my first time I read somewhere that my thread should be in a different section. I want it to be in the Assassins Guild because the isn't a doubt in my mind, I am an Assassin! Nymeria glad you saw this! Your videos are one of the HUGE reasons I am an Assassin and not a Druid! I also did TKD all through high school and for a bit when I was in the Navy. Really looking forward to some great inversion and balance work! Thank you for the motivation! Batwoman, SUPER HIGH FIVE * Now with Werewolf Grip* I'm not sure how to post pics but here is a link to my zomie bell. https://www.onnit.com/zombie-bells/ I have the 1.5 Pood aka GHOST FACE THRILLA! It's awesome to work with because you can say I killed some zombies today! Or I killed it today! What? ZOMBIES! And Thanks for Being Suportive!!
  7. First Challenge on Nerd Fitness Everrrrrr!!! Don't Flame Me!!! I wrote this out and then saw that it should be posted in the Newbie spot. Since I am new here and just happened to sign up right before a challenge started, I’m jumping right in. My first challenge is going to be a bit of my own stuff and a bit of a couple of other Assassins goals. When I first hoped on here I wasn’t quite sure I was an Assassin. I run a lot and do yoga, so I thought Druid sounds good. I pretty much had my mind made up when I thought might as well look at the Assassins just to try and stay unbiased. Then I started reading the threads. I saw threads on “Hand Balances†and “Inversionsâ€. Then there was movement-based workouts, flexibility, kettlebells, and tree climbing. I saw Milythael go upside down into tripod and then on to a headstand. I saw a video series on crow pose by Nymeria! I had tried crow pose in the past and failed miserably. I followed her directions and I was able to balance in crow pose within a day of trying, mind you my “crow pose†is like 5 seconds. But Damn it… IT’S CROW POSE!!! I’m hooked! So in honor of those two Assassins videos, I come to my Main Quest. MAIN QUEST Hand Balances and Inversions I will work up to holding crow pose for 60 seconds. I will work up to tripod, then to an unassisted headstand. Hold this for 60 seconds. Extra Credit for my Main Quest will be wall assisted handstand for 60 seconds. SIDE QUESTS To get into better shape (strengthen my upper body enough to accomplish my main quest), I will be using the Primal Blueprint workout model from Marks Daily Apple. SIDE QUEST #1 Primal Workout MON: Sprints TUES: Lift Heavy Things (for me, my Zombie Kettlebell) WED: Move Slowly/Play/Rest (for me Long Slow Run with my dog or Hatha Yoga) THURS: HIIT (Bodyweight or Kettlebell HELL!!!) FRI: Move Slowly/Play/Rest (for me Long Slow Run with my dog or Hatha Yoga) SAT: Lift Heavy Things (for me, my Zombie Kettlebell) SUN: Move Slowly/Play/Rest (for me Long Slow Run with my dog or Hatha Yoga) SIDE QUEST #2 Sun Salutations, and Hand Balances/Inversions (5min practice) every workday upon rising. I work nights so I get up at 9ish a.m. I work Monday through Friday. I prefer odd numbers so either 3,5,7,9 or more depending on how I feel. These must be done before leaving the bedroom for the first time in the morning or they don’t count! SIDE QUEST #3 EAT MORE VEGGIES!!! 2 or 3 Servings a day, everyday! No days off! LIFE GOAL Meditate daily for at least 5 minutes. This can be any type of meditation, eastern (empty your mind Grasshopper), western (embrace the noise, and let it go), or just concentrate on breathing and repeat a positive/uplifting mantra/phrase during the time set aside. Well Assassins, there you have it. Oh one more thing! Since I am a Lycan, one long slow run at night, on or as close as weather permitting to the full moon with my dog. I’ll be fleshing my character out a little bit more once I get the hang of all of this. I know it seems like a lot, but for me it really isn’t. I generally exercise daily just not toward any type of goal, you know just for fun. Also if any of you guys have ideas for future quests or how to put points on these quests I would be very thankful. Looking forward to getting to know you all a bit more! Ruckus Out-
  8. Nyxy, I'm new here but I decided a Lycanthrope would be my best option. So, I'm a level 0 Lycan. I am starting to flesh out my werewolf/assassin character/workouts as well. I'll try to post some ideas that I have up to this thread and we can compare! This will be my first Nerd Fitness challenge, and I have to say I'm loving the assassins! Also I'm taking my ideas from the original WOD (World of Darkness) Werewolf the Apocalypse. If you're not familiar give it a look, might give you some ideas on werewolf powers and workouts! So I'm going to be a Fianna Werewolf, they're Celtic descendants. Well, looks like I've got post #2 in the bag. Ruckus
  9. I am in California MD, not sure how far south you guys are. I am into yoga and running, as well as body weight exercises. My wife goes to the gym sometimes but, with two small daughters (4.5yrs & 1.5yrs) we have our hands full. I'd be interested in getting to know some local NF members.
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