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  1. Sorry, I don't want to hijack LadyNinja's thread but I am wondering about Tabata's. I am following the startbodyweight.com routine at the moment, would it be advised to do tabata's intervals with that kind of bodyweight routine, let's say: Day 1: tabata push ups and tabata bodyweight rows. Day 2: tabata pull ups and tabata tricep dips Day 3: tabata squats and tabata leg raises on and on.... Would that help me save some time while working muscle and doing cardio at the same time? I tried steady state cardio and really despise it, tried programs like P90X but really hate it even more (it b
  2. Hey guys, I recently started a new job and I love it, but the downside is that it works on shift rotations. I work 2 - 12 hours days, then have 2 days off, then 2 - 12 hours nights, then 2 days off, on and on. I work on weekends each 2 weeks, alternating between nights and days. Every weekend I'm not working I have 3 days off. When I'm working on day shifts I usually sleep around 7-8 hours each night but when I'm on night shifts I have a certain difficulty to sleep during the day (4-5 hours, sometimes not even in a row, can be 2 hours, then awake a few hours then nap later, etc.), even thoug
  3. Flexibility is definately not an issue I can do ass to grass squats with no problem, I can even hold the position for 5 minutes or more if I wish... I feel like it is either a lack of strength or balance issues. I will check your progression Bacon and will also try assisted shrimps.
  4. Hi guys, I've been doing the startbodyweight.com routine in the past for 6 continuous months and then stopped for about 6 months...Now I'm back at it and I find myself at the same place where I was 6 months ago, I'm progressing slowly but surely almost at every exercise but I'm stuck on the squats progression. I can do 3 sets of 12 reps of bulgarian split squats so in theory I should be switching to the next progression (shrimp squats), but for some reason I'm not able to go all the way down, especially when doing it with my left leg... What are my options to get better at this one-legged squ
  5. I started doing the startbodyweight.com routine a while ago (3 sets of 8-12 reps), and got stuck on some of the progressions, and then quit for some time, trying to recover from various injuries... Now I started to do them again, I'm doing 5x5 for each exercise in the routine. It's ok and I got a good challenge, except that I feel that my movement is very slow. I now slow is good to keep a good form, it's also a good practice to make the movement harder. BUT, I would like sometimes to achieve faster movements (with proper form), you know, have some intensity in the movements I make...just
  6. I used to do dips on a desk while resting my feet at a 90 degrees angle on a swiss ball... Very good for stability. Not as challenging as using a dip station though but a great alternative to dipoing with the fete on the ground.
  7. Thanks Danica and Evicious ( the pun actually made me laugh), your words are very apreciated, and I started again 3 days ago by doing a 7 minute workout (seven app) it´s not too hard, doesn't take as long as my normal routine and does not involve the elbows. Teros , I don't have enough anger or emotions to channel through workouts.... Cannonball, thanks formthe link, will read it. I know change does not happen over night and it is not related to my lack of motivation. I don't have much to lose, only 10-15 pounds, I am generally content with my appearance in fact, that might explain the lack o
  8. Hey guys, here's the story... I started wall climbing somewhere in November and I was really enjoying it, but as I was getting better at it my forearms decided to let me go....verdict:tendinitis in both elbows. So I'm off the hook since early December, I tried some exercises that didn't involve the arms too much, but everything started to feel very boring and now I'm completely out of motivation. I tried to get back on track but it just won't come easily. Both of my elbows are still out, and while I know I can do some other exercises and I know the benefits of it, I just won't do it. Bad p
  9. In my opinion Glute/Ham raises are more fun to do and it targets the same area, am I mistaken?
  10. This site is your friend: http://www.startbodyweight.com/p/pull-up-progression.html
  11. Thanks all for the replies, some great info in here! I thought I was doomed but I think I will move forward with some of your tricks! Bacon, thanks for the link about that dude, that is motivation I needed! Jfreaksho, here's some input about your suggestions, thanks for the cool ideas!
  12. I cannot run: -I'm not a runner -Therefore I'm not crazy enough to go outside in wintertime -I don't have a tredmill Jump rope....I always sucked at that But thanks for your input.
  13. Hi guys, I normally do the start bodyweight routine: squats, pull ups, pike push ups, leg raises, inversed rows (australian pull ups), push ups, dips and planks. Due to a severe tendonitis in both forearms I cannot grip or put weight or bend my wrists in order to put weight on them, no hangs, etc... The only exercises where I don't use my arms are: Squats, leg raises (on the ground) and planks. What would you do in my situation? Just squat and some ab work? Rest until I'm fully healed? Thanks
  14. Will try this out tonight, thanks man!
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