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  1. Hey everybody! Thanks for stopping by to check in. It's been another really rough week family wise, and the whole eating clean thing didn't go so well this weekend :/ . Back on the bandwagon this week though! I gym-ed on Monday, and will be gym-ing again this evening. It's a deadlifting day, woo!
  2. This is so creepy and wonderful at the same time.
  3. I push a bench up against the wall and sort of roll the bar into my lap. Sit with shoulders against the bench, with feet roughly hip-length apart, heels about 8 inches away from my bum. Then engage those glute muscles, and hip thrust until your back is parallel with the bench. It looks like you're trying to have sex with the bar, and the grunting noises don't really make it any better. But I have no shame. I'd imagine that if anybody gives me the stink eye, I'd probably throw them the suggestive "HOW YOU DOIN' BABY" face and get back to thrusting I would be terrified if I heard a pop like that lol. I'm literally like an inch off the floor, but I have problems keeping my legs in a straight line (my back leg likes to be at a slight angle). Hopefully I'll be there by the end of the challenge, and I'll be closer to ATG squats! (Un)luckily, I've been dealing with this family drama for the better part of my life. You become almost numb to it. Same shit different day.
  4. This. I'm stealing this. Also, great work on the deadlifts!
  5. Interesting. It might not be a bad idea to start an accountibilibuddies group for the Keto-ers. I know I always like hearing about other people's experiences. [sorry to hijack your thread, Darwin ]
  6. I have a hard time getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and I don't even have kids! So I feel your pain on that one. Having a really rigorous daily routine that demands you get all of your stuff done early can work really well, especially once you realize how awesome it is to just relax after dinner. You'll probably find that you also sleep better with that little bit of relaxation beforehand, knowing that everything is done for the day. Looking forward to following your progress
  7. It seriously saves my ass all the time. I look ridiculous on Monday morning when I come in with a load of groceries, but it works out nicely. Saves me a ton of money from eating out too. Thank you so much I love that damn dress, but this is the first time I've been able to wear it since last year. Huzzah! Thank you Bera! The glasses are Prada frames, if you do end up needing new frames. I'm looking forward to following your progress as well! So far this week has been quite hectic. My family is falling apart (as usual). I feel like every week I spin the Wheel of Misfortune to find out what will go wrong this time. This week, my dirt bag step father decided it would be a great idea to push my mother through the shower door and smack her around. Of course, her living on the opposite side of the country means that I can't do much except make phone calls to various attorneys and therapists and rehab facilities. Sigh. But the good news is that I haven't let this drama derail my food or exercise goals. I've gone to the gym on Monday and Wednesday, and plan to on Friday as well. Wednesday's workout: Squat: 65# 5x5 Deadlift: 95# 1x5, 135# 5x1 Bench Press: 55# 5x5 Barbell Hip Thrust: 45# 5x5 Push Ups: 3 full, 17 knee Curl: 15# each arm, 3x8 Sprint Intervals: 20 minutes I am so close to being able to do the front splits. I've been doing a lot of hip mobility stretching, and I think it's paying off in my squat form and flexibility. The box squat idea suggested has been great, and I'm sticking with that for now until my bad habit muscle memory gets re-written. Thanks for all of the support guys!
  8. I cannot wait to 'bulk'. The only benefit I'm getting right now are the noob gainz, but I have a feeling that in a month or so that's going to slow down pretty significantly if I'm still at a deficit. How long did you 'cut' the first time? I should really stalk your old challenge threads....
  9. Work always disrupts the important things....like browsing NF...oops... Anyway, congrats on getting your biking in! Every little bit helps.
  10. The Significant Other wants to see the new TMNT movie. I refused on principle. I think we're just going to have a marathon of old TMNT at home instead Also, I can't even handle looking at all of your numbers. You are too awesome, CK.
  11. Eat all of the eggs! But for real, when I was a super poor college student and trying to make my protein goals, I would go through like two dozen eggs a week. Repetitive, but effective.
  12. That is an impressive workout sir. Especially the almost 1 minute plank and all the glute bridges! I tried barbell hip thrusts for the first time last night, and I can't really walk today (in a good way. So sore!).
  13. I wonder how many keto-ers we have on NF? I haven't really seen much in the way of threads or discussion.
  14. I enjoy the way you articulate your job description...I've never found a way to explain to people what I like doing before. Taking a messy broken group where everything is on fire and fixing it. Sort of a management fire fighter? Anyway, I'll enjoy reading more about your experience on the job
  15. So much this on the sore butt. Also, my inner thighs are super sore after doing some high volume box squatting. I'm thinking that now that I'm doing this properly, those muscles need to "catch up". Side note: coconut oil is great for adding excessive amounts of calories. Especially in coffee.
  16. Looks like you're making great progress keeping up with your food and exercise goals. Good for you turning to healthy food instead of junk in times of stress
  17. What a great way to reward yourself! I think that's an awesome way to work towards your goal.
  18. That sounds really tough, but a good training idea for Tough Mudder. You'll have to let us know how it goes!
  19. I love Jezebel This is a fabulous article. Thank you!
  20. Just a tip, order them slightly smaller than you would in your normal size. They stretch to your foot after about a week, and you want a snug fit. Good luck!
  21. The smart engineer. All day 'err day.
  22. I guess by calories? I'm assuming that MFP breakdown is by calories, which is what I use. Using mass can be confusing, with the difference in caloric density in fat vs. carbs/protein. Like I said, I use a hard and fast rule of 20g carbs/day (excluding fiber. This can be important when consuming excessive amounts of broccoli). No matter how many calories I eat, I must stay below 20g/day. If I want to eat lots of bacon because I'm starving, that's totally cool. But I can't do that with chocolate, or bread, etc. I'm generally not a big advocate of super strict diets, but it makes me very conscious of how much sugar is in everything. It works well for losing fat, for me anyway. Once I hit a good goal weight, I will probably try to stay below 70g/day.
  23. darthluigi is like a keto ninja. Literally answers almost every post on that sub.
  24. This is totally anecdotal, but my body is *not* happy these days when I go above 7-10% carbs for my macros. Is that 23% including insoluble fiber? Edit: I don't know if you've discovered this yet, but www.reddit.com/r/ketogains is a great resource for keto and gainz.
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