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  1. 70,000 steps a week which can be walking and/or running plus a kettlebell workout three times a week. To drop six pounds by the end of the challenge.
  2. Hi Guys It has been a fair while since I have been on here, this has been mostly due to my long term naff ankle deciding it has given me enough warnings and saying "screw you" and giving out entirely; no excuses, all my own fault but the high I get from running outweighed the pain I was getting and then....arghh. Six months plus with no running appears to have cured the problem although tbh I am wary of putting it to the test; a very brisk walk of 5 miles seems ok but you never know. Still cycling which i do enjoy but it does not give me a running high.
  3. Hey girl, I hope you are on the upward path now, it seems so from your posts. Best wishes from London lol.
  4. This afternoon STUPID STUPID STUPID I had not eaten since 6-30 the previous night so I decided to go to the gym at 1pm today. 15 minutes of kettlebells and then I started a 60 minute run at a high speed (at least by my standards) after 25 minutes I felt like death was stalking me. What an IDIOT and its not like I have not done this before with the same result.
  5. Minor things that make a major difference. A bit of smuggery (is that even a word?) here. I can now: Tie my shoelaces without a struggle Bend down to drop a dropped coin without grunting Get out of the deep armchair in my lounge without needing to push myself up using my arms. Touch my toes without bending my knees. Not a big deal to many but it means a great deal to me.
  6. Hi guys, no posts for a while due to having 20 days on holiday from mid May, I have got behind on my work and needed to do a bit to catch up, excuses excuses LOL. The exercise has been in a "steady as she goes" mode. The diet has been a bit off kilter but the calorie level has been about right. A few posts will follow this one I just hope I don't bore you all.
  7. Todays idea. Nike says just do it, may i add "just do it again" See you guys on Wednesday.
  8. ONLY!!!! 45 miles, you are to hard on yourself, I would hate to guess what portion of the western world could ride 45 miles but I would think it would be below 2%.
  9. 7.5 minutes a KM is pretty damn good and a great achievement after 11 weeks, congratulations.
  10. You have that right, I tend to get home an hour or more earlier from work than she does and it normally goes something like this. "have you been to the gym yet" (me) not sure if i will tonight (her) Ok then you better get the dinner started and their is some ironing to do (me) I think I will go to the gym. LOL.
  11. No dropping out, remember the only bad challenge is the one you dont do not the one that does not complete all you goals. Glass half full is the way not glass half empty.
  12. Sue, thank you so much for your kind and heart warmimg words. My wife is a truly supportive person although she does have an ability to see through my sometime bullshit and call me out on it. The good thing is we like mostly the same things but also have our own spaces. My trust in her is 100%.
  13. Hi Terinatum, sorry about your problems, I will be thinking of you.
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