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  1. Serena Williams, anyone? Also, speaking of Toph, her daughters and grand daughter definitely count in The Legend of Korra. Not to mention Toph herself is well into her eighties and still kicking ass and taking names.
  2. Getting fairly close to graduating to weighted pullups. I just recently did a set of 8 with the other sets having a decent amount of reps.
  3. I've always wondered what the deal with chocolate is. Why chocolate specifically? I would imagine there is some sort of nutrient in there that the body wants, but I can't think of any that are exclusive to chocolate that the body would logically want around the time of menstruation.
  4. So as it turns out,it was a form issue holding me back. Specifically, I wasn't focusing on my grip, and it was slipping without me being aware, causing the rest of my form to deteriorate. In fact, I was losing focus on the lift in general. I am now pleased to say that I just did 205 lbs for a set of 5 with no form issues.
  5. The buckling happens at the start of the lift, before the bar reaches my knees.
  6. Is it ok if I do deadlifts more than once a week to correct serious knee caving issues, or would I just be working against myself recovery-wise? My knees are caving in all of a sudden at weights were they weren't before, and my deadlift isn't all that heavy to begin with (185 lbs, just barely got 190 lbs today with very bad caving on first rep). The weird part is that this only happens on the first rep, and I never have caving issues on my squat. In fact, I don't even think about my knees on squats anymore.
  7. I can now do a deadhang pullup! *cheering* Now to work on the issue of one side pulling faster than the other side
  8. Not to mention better access to food and possessing the knowledge that bathing on a regular basis won't kill you.
  9. No diet/hunger changes here. Then again I don't experience any of the usual symptoms.
  10. I still can't do a deadhang pull up, but I can do partials with my arms almost fully extended. Basically, my gym has a pullup station with a step for shorter people who can't jump to the bar from the floor. If I step up on that, I can do partials for 3 sets of 3 unassisted. Not there yet, but much better than I was doing before.
  11. That reminds me of a story my mom told me of when she was in nursing school and had to do some work in a psych ward for credit hours. There was this guy that constantly had his eyes closed, and he constantly complained about not being able to see. When asked why he didn't simply open his eyes, he said he was afraid that would be able to see. I just realized that the majority of women have a psychologically insane view of strength and muscles. They want to have a lean, muscular look, but don't want to lift heavy weights, because they are afraid of having a muscular appearance.
  12. Google 'paleo snacks'. But to get you started, fruits and vegetables like carrot sticks make for a nice grain-free snack. As for protein snacks, any kind of jerky is good. Just be sure to watch the salt intake.
  13. The only thing I batch cook is meat and fish. I simply buy whatever value-pack sized amount of meat happens to be on sale that week (this week happend to be chicken thighs), toss it into a pan, season with onion and garlic powder and an off-the-shelf seasoning that is made for that type of meat, and bake for an hour. Done. I then have luch and diner for the week, all I have to do is steam some frozen vegetables in the microwave for 15 min, and even that is done in batches.
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