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  1. Things I learned this week: I'm ending up 400-600 under on calories by the end of the day and I find myself needing to make another meal at bedtime. I need to beef up my meals and snacks to spread out that shortage over the course of the day. I can not keep putting off walking the dog/ stretching. Before I know it, it's dark-too late for walk and if I end up going to bed late I won't do my stretches before. I'm just too exhausted. Stop eating cake! Every stinking time we have a birthday party I eat several pieces of cake over the next few days and I end up sick. Right now I'm fighting an awful headache from a sinus infection I think.
  2. Sunday I just didn't care and didn't track anything. Monday was baby's first birthday party so the whole day was consumed by that. Tuesday, didn't quite get enough food or water. Didn't do stretches. Back at it today.
  3. Hey Tioga! Looks like you have some good goals. I love the music one. I haven't played my guitar in well over a year. How did things go this week?
  4. She had only been gone half a day when the storm hit. Without other shelter nearby, she was forced to return to the cabin. She was disappointed, but it was turn back or don't survive. Three days, she was stuck there with no food. Only once did the white out subside enough to get wood for heat. Finally, the storm passed and she was left again with a choice. Maybe she should just stay. No, she shook the thoughts away. She would leave again in the morning. Not being strong in perseverance, I considered just dropping out and waiting until the next challenge. I decided though that I desperately need to do this, so yesterday I did. I got all my calories, not all by the best means, but I did. I drank all 6 cups of water. It was getting too dark to walk so again I debated, but I found a video and did my stretches even though I really didn't feel like it. I DID IT.
  5. Well...that didn't go according to plan. Over the weekend, two of the kids got hit with a nasty stomach bug and by Sunday night, I had it too along with hubby and the baby. Lots of laundry, trips to the bathroom, and very little sleep and eating... let's just say my challenge has been postponed a bit. I'm hoping to start tomorrow or Friday.
  6. She cracked open the door of the small cabin. The skies were gray. There was a chill in the air. "It's too cold", she groaned. Yet, she knew it was time. It had been over a year since she left the valley to stay with the hill people. What would it be like when she returned? She had heard of changes. How would she fit in to all of this? She put the last of her things into her pack. She looked back one last time, took a deep breath and stepped out. Hello all! a bit of history: Last year mid-pregnancy of #4 I fizzled out mid-challenge...again. Things got busy, life happened, blah blah. Things are still hectic. Life is still happening and it always will. I've decided to ease my way back here and make this work. I'm tired and weak. I have a family to take care of and things I want to do. I can't do those things like this. Main Quest: Gain about 20ish lbs, mostly muscle but a bit more body fat wouldn't bother me improve my flexibility, agility, control, endurance, and strength- have each of those areas be better than they ever have been Goals for this quest 6 cups of water a day- This is one I have always struggled with. I just don't think about it unless I'm eating. walk the dog for 30 min a day- I need some peaceful time and some fresh air. 2000 calories a day- I don't get enough to eat. I don't have enough energy to get me through the day and I have weight I need to gain. I just need to make sure I sit down and take the time and plan ahead. I know I sound like a baby, but I get cold easily. I won't be walking outside when it's below 20 F or raining. I will find some alternative those days, maybe a youtube video? I don't want intense cardio and nothing too taxing on the muscles because my nearly 1 year old still doesn't sleep through the night and I think my body would really struggle with recovery at this point. Suggestions are welcome.
  7. Our goals are pretty similar, following along
  8. Hi! It seems we come from a similar place. I need to get my crap together in just about every area of life. I'll be following along.
  9. Hey guys, just wanted to give an update. Baby Kalla arrived yesterday morning. She came one day past her due date which is 2 weeks longer than I had ever carried before. I gained a total of 29 lbs, also the most for any pregnancy for me. We are both doing well. I have a recovery period of at least a month before I can do physical activities, but when that time comes, I'm going to very slowly ease back into things. I'm excited to see how far I can get this year.
  10. Hello, all, just poking around the guilds. These minis sound like exactly what I'm looking for. I think I've found my new home. Looking forward to following along.
  11. Following along! Will you be judging your first goal on the weight lost or by what you eat/ don't eat?
  12. I'm not doing a challenge this time as baby is due to arrive any time now. After she gets here, I will need to be walking so I'd like to join as soon as I can.
  13. I think your goals compliment each other well. Each one that you do will make the others easier. We're dealing with screen time issues in our house too, myself, my hubby, the kids.... You are not alone in working on this.
  14. Bummer on the dancing being so far away, but glad you found an outlet. Crossfit may or may not end up being your thing, but good for you for trying something new.
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