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  1. Following along and loving your goals. Hope you can get things lined up for a smooth transition when moving time comes.
  2. Wow, that break really flew by. Between our anniversary, a long weekend family trip, and the start of our county fair, it's already time for the new challenge! To recap where I am now. I am a bit more than halfway through a pregnancy. I've been gaining weight well and we found out little one #4 is a girl! Long term goal: take care of myself the best I can so baby and I can be in good shape by her arrival in Dec/ Jan Quest 1- continue gaining weight and eating well STR-1, STA-1, CON-2 Quest 2- I don't want to get out of bed at all in the mornings. I'm sore and in pain when I firs
  3. Last week was definitely better than the week before. I had some great gains and now just past the halfway point in my pregnancy, I've already gained about what I did total the first time (although then I started out with more). I'm pretty happy with this and I hope I continue this steady upward climb. Things are a bit crazy this week. We are getting ready for a camp out at the cousins' and leaving Saturday morning for a trip with the grandparents. It's stressful getting ready, but it will be so nice to get away from the day to day stuff.
  4. Super bummer on the injury, but dang...you get knocked to the ground and you just bounce right back up again. Sorry you can't do your events in Sept, but I see the real ranger coming out in you adapting to your conditions and figuring out what you can do. The mental part is half the battle anyway and you've got that part nailed. Prayers for a quick recovery.
  5. Thanks so much for all the well wishes, guys. Unfortunately, this was not the week I was hoping to have. We got some devastating news about a family member. This doesn't affect my day to day life as we only see the family involved a few times a year, but I was quite upset about some of the details involved in the situation. I didn't eat like I should have and I'm down two pounds this week. On a happier note, I had my first event for one for my businesses and I didn't end the night in the negative so I'll take it for just starting out
  6. I would love for our kids to learn some of those skills too. If we can them close enough to us, there are some scouting type programs I'd love to be a part of. Maybe you could check the library?
  7. Awesome job! You totally deserve that cheesecake. I really look forward to being able to do physically challenging things like that. Like that, but not that...cuz you all are crazy
  8. Great job with your bodyweight stuff. I envision a day when I'll be able to do things like that. I feel ya with the laminate floor. I have a whole room I need to clean out and I finally just started this week. You'll get there though. It's hard work, but it so worth it. Looks great and easy to clean.
  9. I've found a lot of my veggie recipes on pinterest and vegetarian times website. I'm not a vegetarian, but those who are get pretty creative in their flavors. I take their recipes and add some meat on the side or mix it in depending on what works for that particular recipe. I've made several cole slaws with very different flavors and broccoli with an asian peanut sauce . I also do stir fry maybe once a week. I've lost quite a bit of produce too to poor planning and them going bad.
  10. Wow, so many people don't make it through their first challenge at all and you are doing awesome!
  11. Go for the pizza! Why not when it still works with the plan. Glad to hear things are still going well and congrats on your soccer game! I'm excited to hear your end of challenge update.
  12. Sounds like you had a great week! I'm glad you had a good time on your trip and yay for great news at the doc. My father-in-law has to use the machine and I know how much he hates it. I've never had a membership at a gym so I don't have experience with machines, but I think I would like the rowing machine if I could actually do it. Those peppers look lovely. What do you like to do with them? Although we don't get it much having young kiddos, hubby and I both love spicy foods. Any southwest favorites you wouldn't mind sharing?
  13. Hello all! Sorry, I haven't caught up with many of you this last week. We have been away more than we've been home. I'm excited to say we had our ultrasound today. Everything looked great and baby did cooperate, so here's the news... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Baby is a girl! For those of you keeping track, that's two and two and we can't wait to meet her this winter. We also had a great day yesterday celebrating hubby's big 4-0. We started with cowboy church, then had hubby's favorite pizza. That evening we went to a rodeo demo with barrel racing, bull riding, mutton bustin'
  14. It turns out that muscle recovery, growing a baby, and fighting off an oncoming sinus infection was just too much for my body. Recovery was not happening and I was still in quite a bit of pain yesterday. I made a vitamin filled protein shake last night right before bed and that helped, but I think it may be best that I postpone my strength training until spring. I can't just it around all day so I'm going to do a lot of stretching and taking longer walks with the dog. I need to let my body have the strength to grow this little guy/ girl while chasing after three others all day. Right now we ha
  15. Oh guys, I am such a wimp. Last night I decided to change things up a little bit and just do a workout from a youtube video. Within the first few minutes, I felt it was going to be more effective than the ones I had been doing. Then I started having problems actually moving my legs. After doing a variety of squats and dead lifts (light weight at first, then just bodyweight), it was time for lunges and nope. I tried to go down and my legs were jello. They would not move where I told them too, so that was the end of that. I made it halfway through the workout, but I would rather do half of a gr
  16. This week was kind of up and down. I had my checkup with the midwife. She didn't come out and say it, but she's concerned about my weight and it's connection to preterm, which I had with my first. Hopefully if I keep gaining, it can ease both our minds a bit. I gained a good bit this last week and that puts me at a total of 10 lbs since the beginning of April. I know it's nothing huge, but it's definitely progress and I'm not too far off from where I want to be. My ultrasound is a week from tomorrow and I am super excited. It's always reassuring to hear that all the organs and systems appear t
  17. Oh no! I totally would have let that ruin my entire trip, but you apparently have super hero positivity. Will you be my friend? lol Hopefully it won't be too much of a mess for you to straighten out and you won't have any more issues.
  18. Hope you're having a great time! I know you'll work hard when you get back no matter what the trip did to you.
  19. I'm so glad to hear your pup is doing better. We lost our mini pin at 10 years old last fall, had him since he was a puppy. I know it's hard, but you will end up right where you need to be.
  20. Who eats half a Chipotle burrito?? That would take some willpower. Glad to her this are going ok this week.
  21. My hubby has it too. Stinks. Anything is better than nothing. Glad you're still hanging in there.
  22. Great job with the workouts. Obviously progress would be ideal, but lack of movement is better than movement in the wrong direction. I totally would have piled my plate with mac and cheese too... and chips. Chips are my weakness.
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