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  1. Yay, finally a group to join this round and you have a TARDIS. That makes you double cool. I have 3 kids- 6 yr old boy, 3 yr old girl, 15 month old boy, and one on the way coming December/ Januaryish. We are getting geared up to start our first official year here in Ohio. I'm kind of putting my own things together inspired by Apologia Science, Easy Peasy, Classical Conversations, and Pinterest. We aren't part of any groups yet, but hopefully in the future.
  2. On cleaning and chores, I did ok. I did about 6 loads of laundry yesterday, so that's a (+12). And I folded laundry (+1). "Ok"? Are you kidding me? SIX loads of laundry???? AND FOLDED???? You are my hero!
  3. Don't stress about it. This is a long term goal you're working on. You will have ups and downs. I've had more downs than ups. I've read that unevenness is pretty common even among people who are in good shape and have been working out for years. You'll get there. I'm saying this out of love and experience, you really have to eat. Sorry if you already know this, but when you work out, you are actually slightly damaging your tiny muscle fibers. You need enough protein and food in general so your body can repair these fibers. When they repair, they are stronger. You could maybe try slow cook
  4. Does more work get you more pay? Hang in there and do what you can. As for bedtime, half point maybe?
  5. More water, less soda- double win! Keep it up!
  6. Great start, hope you're still doing well!
  7. Yes, burpee free run! Can't wait to hear about it. Also, totally thought of you when I saw this.
  8. Moving right along! Hope it goes well with the trainer!
  9. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Thanks for the well wishes on growing our family. We saw little peanut and things look good so far. We will probably be finding out the gender mid-August. I finally made it in to the store and I did maybe 80% of my plan for about 2 days. Just out of curiosity, I checked my calories and it was almost 2400! It makes a huge difference and I felt great those days. I also did 4/5 workouts. Then of course, life happens, littlest guy got sick and I got a horrible case of poison ivy. It's finally starting to get better though. I tried the watermelon water and altho
  10. I actually haven't found any kind of tea that I like at all. My husband says I'm a picky eater...I really don't feel like I am haha. Watermelon actually sounds good. I'll have to try it. I found out I put too much lime in the last one. I had been keeping a big mason jar of water in the fridge. Having it colder helps with the taste. My darling hubby snuck in just a few drops of lime and it wasn't bad. I've already had my two days off of my workouts this week so I can't miss any more. I'm ok with that though. I do them while we're watching Hawaii Five-0. We just started season four, no spoilers!
  11. **pay no attention to this post**
  12. I used spark people to count calories and macros before. They also have points and levels so that makes it kind of fun. With that one you can just type in the food and add the amount. It wasn't too much of a pain, but in our case it's easy to say "Oh pecan pie- 500 calories. Yes, met my goal." This way I'm using more real food to get where I want to go. I actually haven't started that part yet because I won't be able to get groceries until Wednesday. Water- nope. I tried blueberry infused water with a splash of lime and no, I'm just not a fan. So I'll just keep a big mason jar in the fridge
  13. Great start so far! I'm still not great at meal planning and the shopping. Also...be strong!
  14. Hello friends! About halfway through last challenge I had an unexpected visit from the Shadows. I stopped everything. I have since told them to move on and I am ready to continue my journey to healthy weight gain and being in better shape than ever. Food I'm taking a bit of a different approach this time. I have decided to try keeping track of servings of different food groups. I will probably still calorie count the first week or so to make sure I'm still getting what I need and adjust servings as necessary. I'll probably come up with some kind of point system for this. Fit Body weight w
  15. How fun! I love how everything ties together.
  16. Hi and welcome! I'm in the same place trying to gain. I've made some progress with tracking food and body weight training. Although I've always hated running, I would like to do the couch to 5k someday. I'm too afraid of any cardio right now, though. It's weird, but it is hard to get enough food sometimes. Before I started keeping track, I had no idea how little I ate. My hubby is a computer guy and he gets sucked into his projects too. Is there any way you can set an alarm or some kind of alert for you to take a break and eat while you're working? I know you want to finish ______, but you ha
  17. Hi! I'm trying to gain weight too. It's been slow and I haven't been as disciplined as I should be, but tracking my food to make sure I get enough and doing body weight exercises has helped so far.
  18. Hi! Another homeschooling mom here! Starting slower than you were hoping is much better than not starting at all. Do what you can. These things take time, but it sounds like your willing to stick with it.
  19. Sounds like you have a great plan going here and I love that you made one of your goals a reward system! Looking forward to seeing the dress.
  20. You'll feel so much better eating real food. Don't go shopping when you're hungry! This is a challenge of willpower. If you don't buy it, it won't be laying around the house for you to eat it. You can do it.
  21. So sorry to hear of your grandmother
  22. Stretches, mobility, and pull ups. I like it. The dreaded bedtime. That's a real fight for me, but I'm sure with this determination, you can do it.
  23. Very cool he's old enough to go with you this year. You are well on your way to your goals. Keep it up.
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