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  1. This has given me a ton of information to read. I did read the Rhabdo article, and I wasn't even aware it was tied more to the intensity than anything else. That's really good to know, as my trainer has me on a hypertrophy plan right now (8 to 12 reps/set) and I may ask him to switch with this in mind. I'll have to read the rest of this later today, there's definitely some good stuff in there. Thanks so much! Yeah, this is what I ended up getting told by the trainer when I asked him about the difference. According to him, the first four to six months are about habit
  2. So just curious here, continuing with my theme of not knowing how to eat. My personal trainer isn't having me do this because my goals don't really include a 'cut' phase since I'm not worried about my overall physical appearance (I want to build good habits around getting in the gym, being aware of what I'm eating, etc first before I worry about doing more with it) but being introduced to the concept got me curious. For folks new to strength training, would you recommend cutting or bulking first and why? I'm interested to see if there are arguments to both sides, as I suspect there is
  3. So I need some practical advice. I work a job that can have some pretty wild hours due to production demands and being on-call. I'm working on restarting (again) and trying to do meal prep. However, I don't necessarily always have time for this since I can easily hit three 12-hour days in a row and will just collapse afterward with no ability to do said meal prep. While I know the real solution is "Make Time to do it!" (I'm working on that) I want to have back-ups just in case. So, the question now becomes: What fast-casual places are "safe" to eat at if you're trying to eat clean and lean
  4. Hi guys! After a long-term injury and some bad luck medically, i'm finally in good enough shape to start doing excersize again beyond suffering up the steps to my apartment! Unfortunately, i'm limited to resistance bands for now (We want to be sure i'm not injuring myself with these before we throw open the gates to free weights again - conveniently in six weeks after hte next 6-Week-Challenge wraps up!) so i'm looking to find out what to do with resistance bands. Does anyone have some good resources, or should I make a thread over in a different forum? (Move me if you need to, mods!)
  5. I'm not familiar with either of these things. I'm assuming burpees are made of pure evil.
  6. So, recently i've gotten this crazy idea in my head that one of the ways to improve my LARP game is to get more in shape. For many, many years I've played Amtgard, a combat larp. I've also played Belegarth and Dagohir, which i like less for reasons i'm about to get into. In all three cases, when magic or ranged weapons are present, i'm deadly at arms length, but never, ever been good up close or if I get chased down since i start huffing and heaving and dying a little bit. Knowing that i need to be able to engage in short sprints (get in/out quickly with spells), extended close melee
  7. So, here's a fun story. We learned about ten years ago that i'm sensitive to rhabdomyolosis because of a muscle fiber (fibrin?) imbalance. So, last night i am dutifully trying to start doing cardio again, and wind up in urgent care at 11:30 at night with an iv hooked up to me, wondering what the heck I did wrong beyond getting on a stationary bike with adaptive resistance. I wanted to know if there's a way to manage this a bit better so I don't wind up out a ton of money via repeated visits to Urgent Care and the ER (since that is eight days of my life i'll never get back). I'm
  8. Well, that's good to know. I actually did just cardio yesterday, about 30 minutes on a stationary bike, and for some reason (and I know I'm sensitive to this so i'm already taking a stupid amount of precautions) I experienced symptoms of rhabdomyalosis (because apparently there was resistance on the bike I didn't ask for) and got to take a trip to urgent care at 11:30 last night. THAT was fun... Thanks for the advice, which i'm going to amend with "Don't be a f***ing dumb***, Wells" becuase clearly that's something I need to say to myself a lot.
  9. Hey, what do i do if i want to start again after falling (very) hard off the horse?
  10. Hi guys! So about a year and a half ago, I was in an accident at a LARP and hurt myself pretty badly (The tendon on the inside of my leg that goes into the groin!) and I fell off the wagon pretty hard, to the point where its been that long since i've done anything weight-related. I recently restarted a gym membership (at a much more newbie-friendly gym) and want to get back on the horse as it were. There's two rules about this though:1) No suppliments, since i've decided they're expensive/dangerous/not needed and 2) I'm not worrying about food right now until the gym habit is in place (3-4 we
  11. Geeeh. So, i quit the credit union, got a new job, and FINALLY got back to the gym! OHMYGOD I feel amazing. now, if i could re-kick the soda, we'd be happy people. ._<
  12. Neat! Good job Snappy! Keep up the good work!
  13. Mr. Wells, a note to your future self: This thread isn't for bitching.
  14. I am so angry about this.. im getting written up at my job for no good reason, and they're questioning my 'commitment'. By all accounts, it looks like they're trying to get me to quit. If I wasn't committed to my job, i'd have stopped showing up months ago.
  15. Don't worry, i didn't shatter anything. It sure felt like I did, but everything is decidedly non-shattered. I'm having a bunch of pain today, but i still have painkillers... I miss the gym. A lot of bad habits are coming back right now, making this almost impossible to feel good about it. I'm really sick of drinking water. >_<
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