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  1. Just started doing paleo at this current 6 week challenge. The meal plan for dinner is paleo spaghetti squash pasta with shrimp. I was curious if anyone had any good recipes for sauces? Thanks!
  2. Awesome first week done. Onto number 2!
  3. Week one is over! Rest of my life to go :)

  4. Been having a werid week due to family, but I've been going strong and eating well. exercise helps a lot too
  5. Thanks ceasefire! Your absolutely right in the fact that even a little bit of a back step is progress, because it's a learning process. I have even changed my kids diets as well. Not as many chicken nuggets and loads more veggies.
  6. Halfway done with week one!

  7. Almost halfway done with first week! Keep going
  8. Awesome!!! It still looks really nice though. I love heavily wooded areas. Good for you for going even though it was muddy! I know for me it's so easy to be like "eh, it's muddy I'll try again tomorrow." Then tomorrow never comes
  9. Thanks ladies so much! It's a hard thing and your right Sammie I gotta think of my body being healthy as it is now and not before pre baby. Barbie i would love to do this journey with you! My brother in law in is army and they are funny about his weight. Which sucks for him cuz he's a stocky guy so it's all muscle. I gained 40 after my first kiddo (who is now 5) I had some crazy post pardon depression. When I had my daughter i ate really well and didn't gain anything with her! So now I just gotta get this first baby weight off. I also have a bet going with the hubby. Whoever does the best this six weeks gets to put money towards a new appliance of our choice.
  10. Yes you should good motivation to get us pictures, lol. Our corgi drives me crazy cuz she will beg for walks. She gets you the leash and everything.
  11. Yeah muddy buddy was more easy I believe than the tough mudder. I suck so bad at running but being outside if deff more enjoyable. Plus we just got a new dog and she loves being outside
  12. I was wondering if anyone had some good stories about losing their baby weight. I had my last kiddo two years ago and am really determined on getting it all off without losing my muscle mass. I even have the hubs on board with me. Going paleo and weight training. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. The 5k I did last year was a mud run (muddy buddy). I had to complete 11 or 12 obstacles throughout the run. It was great because u had to have a buddy. Which was my girlfriend and my husband went with one of his good guy friends. It was a blast and so worth it! We made costumes (functioning ones) to run with and you had to have some upper body strength to complete and helping hand if you couldn't. I would deff do it again.
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