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  1. Oh its going! I can't say that I don't want to eat a greasy pepperoni roll, but I can say that I didn't eat one lol! My healthy eating goal is to follow the weight watchers program and stay within my allotted points for the day. Cheat meals are anything that I know I shouldn't be eating even if I've earned activity points through the ww program. I'm slow to accomplish my working out goals, but I plan to meet my goal by Sunday! Thanks for checking in!
  2. Good luck on your goals! We have pretty similar goals. Snacking out of boredom is a huge weakness for me too! One thing to try is to have plenty of healthy snacks at the ready, so that when you do get the urge, you can nosh on a banana, some celery, almonds, or cottage cheese. That's what i'll be trying to do. Certainly not the same as salt and vinegar chips or a block cheese, but it's better than nothing! I hope you enjoy your first challenge!
  3. Good luck on your challenge! I think college was the beginning of the end for me, so it's good that you are working on cleaning up your diet while you're young. I remember the "meal plan" days! Fettucinni Alfredo or Spaghetti and meatballs? I'll take one of each that you! As I swiped the magical food card LOL! I hope you enjoy your first challenge and reach your goals!
  4. Good luck on your challenge! Sounds like you have a great plan in place!!
  5. Good luck on your challenge! You have a great motivation to succeed!!
  6. Main Quest: Reaching my goal weight (135 lbs) by eating healthier and working out! Goals: Workout 3 days a week total: 2 days Pilates and 1 day Yoga. -Grading based on final percentage of missed workouts. Eat healthy with no more than 2 cheat meals a week and behaving on school nights! -Grading based on successful days. Lose 6 lbs following the WWP+ program. -Grading based on delta weight to final pounds. Life Quest: Sleep & Schedule: Get approximately 7+ hours of sleep a night, wake up: M-F @ 8:00 -Grading 6wks * 5 days = 30 days, percentage of days achieved.. Motivation: Always ready to put on a bikini and go to the beach! Starting Stats: 31 - Female
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