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  1. So obviously I haven't been checking in lately. I've been too busy at CrossFit! I am enjoying it immensely and it is kicking my ass!!! Last night's workout: 20-15-10-5 reps of: 20lb Kettle bell swings 55 lb Cleans I did it in 9:15 (That's actually really slow, but I am so happy I finished it.) How's everyone else doing on their challenge?
  2. Hi!! I'm so sorry! I got impatient so I joined CrossFit! You're more than welcome to come and work out with me there! It's a great community of people. CrossFit Shift on Canal Rd. in Lansing.
  3. Vintage, you are a genius. I'm going to ask the coaches and see what they think. They might just have someone in the same predicament. I'd be willing to stay there for two hours and watch their kids if they watch mine, or find a teen willing to play with him. Thanks!!
  4. We just moved into our house and don't know anyone yet. We don't have access to anyone we'd trust with our son yet.
  5. Thanks for the back-to-back solution! That one is probably what we'll go with.
  6. (Please move this thread if this is the wrong forum.) So I got a CrossFit membership and I rave about it so much my husband wants one, too. The issue with that is we have a 17 month old boy, who is not old enough to stay home by himself, and not old enough to keep himself occupied in the box while we workout. Who else has young kids and crossfits? How do you do it? We're both only available to go after he gets picked up from daycare, so daycare keeping an eye on him is out. Do you just not see your kids? Any help is great!
  7. That's so cool to be in Sydney right now! I don't have any tips on eating clean at restaurants, but good luck with it! If you pick up some tips of your own let us know.
  8. Snowbmon, let's do this!!! So I finally was able to join CrossFit! I'm really excited about this. Yesterday I went to the gym on my own and did 7 rounds of: 7 burpees, 7 squats, and 7 situps. Then I went to CrossFit. I'm just doing the Foundations class right now (learning the proper technique to do everything) but I can still feel it today. Apparently I haven't been working my back like I should because boy does it burn today!! I'm looking forward to going back again tonight. So far, so good!
  9. MedicTWO, we are awesome. So far, since this challenge has started, I'm down 4.4lbs!! My BMI has dropped 0.8% as well. Not bad for just starting! This gives me a bit more motivation to keep pushing along. My shoulder and groin are both doing better, so after a weekend of rest, hot compresses, and clean eating, I'm ready to get back to the gym and bring it!
  10. So today is supposed to be my rest day. I pulled my groin muscle two days ago and worked out yesterday anyway. The problem is I want to go workout! Good news, though! Today I grabbed myself a diet pepsi to have with lunch. I ate lunch and drank the water, and the pepsi sat there, unopened. I watched a little TV and the pepsi sat there, unopened. It was right there in front of me and I didn't even want it! I'm on the right path.
  11. Thanks, guys. It's tough to remember to cut myself some slack sometimes.
  12. I am not new to fitness, but I'm new to the type of training I'm doing (weights, crossfit-type training) and I'd love to have a workout buddy! My gym is Go Workout in Lansing.
  13. I am with you on all three of your goals. Lifting is always a nerve-wracking thing for me because there are so many judging people in my gym. I need to stick with going at least 4 days a week. Last but not least: I. Love. Bread. Being Paleo is so hard sometimes because I just LOVE bread so much. If you fill your fridge with easy to eat foods and snack on them when you crave bread it helps. ETA: Just read your trip to the gym. Holy hell, woman! You get props for not smacking the douche in the face, and even more props for going and doing that shit yourself! You are an inspiration.
  14. I hope your wife is better! And mad props to sticking with it! We're almost done with the first week. Keep pushing!
  15. I can only say that I'm half a badass today, Eleven. I only did two sets of that workout, but I did run 2 miles. I need to build up my stamina.
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