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  1. Wait. When did you get a boyfriend? Have I been gone that long? Also, congrats to him! That's fantastic.
  2. What hazard said. Take it easy and focus on upper body for now. Your lower body will catch up when it heals.
  3. Thanks for the support guys. If anything, I will persevere. Something will come up. I've had a couple of calls from a recruiter, so it's promising. I need to work that much harder on my writing though, because I can't keep doing this. As far as the challenge goes. I think I did alright. I'm up a few pounds from the beginning and that's my own fault. I'll get back down. My arm has really been bothering me, so I'm taking the week off from strenuous activity, just doing some house work and watching what I eat. I recently added half and half back to my coffee (about a month or two ago) and I was d
  4. For the record, I love being at home. It's very relaxing for me. I was out for a stretch of about five weeks at one point and I loved all of it. If I could work from home, I would be really happy.
  5. Oooh, I've heard of adult fitness parks. Never seen one..
  6. Thanks. I'm a bit down. Not because of that particular job, but because of the streak of bad luck. I don't know if it's the industry (IT), the state (Oklahoma), me (about as friendly as Sherlock in Scotland yard), or a combination thereof. I've already sent my resume to a recruiting agency with the express instructions to keep me away from end users. I'm also looking into some Freelance work. Article writing and such. I would love, love, LOVE to write for Engadget or IGN. But I have to start at the bottom and do whatever freelance articles I can. If I can make 500 a week, I don't need
  7. I never go to playgrounds. I don't have kids. I'm scared parents will think I'm some sort of creeper.
  8. Okay, I'm back, for better or for worse. I was gone on training for work. My eating has been alright. Obviously, last week, it was rubbish. I used last week as a vacation. Probably a mistake, but oh well. I had fun. I only got two workouts last week. One hotel room body weight workout and some yoga. I did my pull up training today. I made it less than halfway through my squats before I quit. My knees felt shaky and they hurt a little. So I stopped. Now I have a dull ache all throughout my legs. It's very hot here and our house isn't cooled well. This week will be better. I'
  9. I'm alright. I'm in training right now and my internet is rather shite. I'll update when I get back to home base.
  10. Great job, hazard! That's an incredible effort.
  11. Running in the summer sucks. And running in the winter. I think I just hate running.... I hope you can get things sorted. It'll be hard, but you'll feel so much better in the end.
  12. If it helps, I'll wear the pope's hat.
  13. 104 squats. /flexes. /falls over.
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