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  1. Goals 1 and 4 look on track, maybe you need to find some inspiration/motivation for goal 3?
  2. Mmmmmmm...... That is a tough one. I think maybe you were working in an Amazon warehouse and applying to do something medical? I think there may have been a medusa in a challenge..... It is probably best I just start paying attention going forward. It'll take too long to catch up! Good luck in your interview Congratulations on getting the job and enjoy your game days!
  3. Hope you are doing well, Dan! The website looks great - you have built a good amount of content for it, so well done!
  4. With the power of necromancy, I am revived! Happy Birthday Red. What have I missed? You're character has been leveling up for years - you must have mad stats in pixel and irl 😊
  5. Day 1 (Sunday 14th July) 1) Exercise twice a week I ran between 8 and 9km today around a nearby forest. It was really good weather for it and I walked a decent part of it, when I was too tired or my knee began to hurt. I have made a plan to go bouldering on Thursday with a colleague! 2) Eat well I have planned my meals until next Sunday, so now I just have to stick with it and not eat biscuits.
  6. Talvi wants to find balance Hi there, sorry I'm a bit late but I'm in need of sorting myself out and it is better to do that sooner than later, right? I'm a few months post-relocation and a few months into my new job. The post is super interesting and enjoyable, but between the steep learning curve, increased responsability and the workload, I have been a bit stressed and I have stopped taking care of myself. I don't mind getting a little obsessive about the job, but I need to strike a better balance for my longterm survival and wellbeing. So the plan for the next
  7. Well done on not using the snooze! How is the challenge going Artemis? If it is difficult, then I'd focus on just one or two goals. How about eating fruit or a few dried fruit/nuts with breakfast?
  8. I have never seen a challenge format like this before, but I really like it. It keeps your goals current and provides short-term gratification, but messing up one day shouldn't throw you off the groove so much as long as you make new goals for the next day. Noting this down for future use! I am planning on (re)starting some python and data science Moocs soon - what are you planning on doing with all your python knowledge?
  9. SymphonicDan! PM-ing you! Good luck with your goals!
  10. Hey Red, just checking in! You always pick such nice goals. I hope you have better luck with your sleeping routine than I did last challenge. Is the no tech after 11pm helping at all? I've heard that the bright screens can be disruptive. How was the last week?
  11. Thanks guys! I might join halfway through this challenge. There is too much going on now and I need to pull myself together. I haven't posted the Epic Quest list for 2017 on NF this year since I haven't been that active, but I'd be happy to share it if either you of wants to PM an email address
  12. Hey Dan! Just checking in and my first impression is that if your level 20 is called "lost in Guatemala" then you are doing something right (unless you are actually lost then let us know and we'll mobilise the NF community to find you). I'm with Lucky Fire Dragon that the food challenge looks tough. I would totally succumb to McBurgerDonuts. I actually recently discovered a place near my work that sells Fried Chicken and sweet waffles... together... with frying oil and caster sugar on the same plate. Weird as hell... works though! Have you thought about trying different/new
  13. Well, the good news is that I have been thinking about the challenge over the last 2 months and it has helped me here and there. The bad news is that, as soon as I fell off the wagon, I started dodging the NF site like a pro. Summary of the challenge as a whole Waking up : This was the most most demanding one and the one I failed most abysmally. I needed more motivation to carry this on. I can only hope that as it gets lighter that this will be easier. I have been really busy and so I haven't felt that I've missed out on much by not waking up at a regular early time. I
  14. Are there not scholarships or other funding opportunities? Will you be able to go back then? Can you use any of the modules or universities credits you already have in job applications? I wouldn't get ahead of myself and say that my Spanish is even as good as yours, but it'll do for now. If you know Spanish then French would be relatively easy to learn since its a latin language and follows a number of the same rules. My problem with French is that I'm at a stage where I can't passively improve - reading or listening by themselves won't help. I need to study and use grammar,
  15. You only had 5 days of boring challenge and then you have already started making it more interesting - no point in waiting around I suppose Oh wow! I was actually going to ask about that since I think I read about your first day ages ago but I wasn't sure if it was you. Congratulations!!! When do you think the 'snag' will be resolved and you can go back? I have never seen tagalog before - the alphabet is completely different from everything else I have seen. How are you finding it? I haven't been up to much recently apart from visiting my family and trying to salvage s
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