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  1. I know I'm biased, but I've liked most of the Canada I've seen (there is a lot of it. I haven't made it past Manitoba yet, but I've been to a lot of the western half).
  2. Some weeks are tougher than others.
  3. It is. It was even better this time, because I made it just in time for sunset.
  4. Assuming you're just using a regular comes-with-the-vehicle jack, that's a lot of cranking.
  5. I had a bicycle stolen once. It was more than 10 years ago, and more than 1000 km away from where I live now, but I still catch myself watching for it sometimes.
  6. Jothra

    Ty's First Quest

    Well done! I think many people forget how varied vegetable flqvours are. There's absolutely something for everybody! Also: I'm glad the workouts are feeling easier. That's a nice feeling.
  7. The world's most distracting screen! I can't even remember what I was talking about! Wait...have I said this before? Just as Jothra was sure he was about to be hypno-screened into submission, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye... his road bike! He wasn't sure how it had found its way here, but the sight of the blue-and-white Trek was enough to bring him back to his senses. And what's more, the seat bag was full of tire patching tools, some of which make for excellent digital sabotage! Day 19 i.) Fly a cardboard tube spaceship! Road oh my yes. 15/20. ii.) Wave that sword like you don't know how! Road oh my yes. 13/20 iii.) Do the Slurpasaur! 15/28 iv.) Clean home base: 18/28 It was looking like an ordinary Friday, but after school I noticed the 20 km/h wind was blowing north-south. Therefore, it was only natural that I bike to Lethbridge! I got a flat tire less than three minutes into the trip, but a few minutes of patching later, I was back on the road. One nice driver stopped to ask if I had everything I needed. I did, but I made sure he knew I appreciated his asking. At the 60-odd km mark, I had to switch from N-S HWY 23 to E-W HWY 3. At about this same time, the wind shifted...in my favour. I had the same minor tailwind for the entire trip. That's incredibly rare; usually the wind shifts to remain a headwind no matter which way you're going. Ninety-six kilometres later, I peeled my poor glutes out of the saddle, and waddled into Earl's. My previous record for this trip was an even five hours. This time I made it in three and a half. Tailwinds! I'm giving myself a pass on this. Apart from a shaky walk, the ride left me with noodle arms. Thank goodness for all the different hand positions on those drop bars. The thing with about bicycling for three and a half hours at 28 km/h is that you need to eat like a jerk. It's a good thing I did, too, because I was starting to bonk right in the very last two kilometres. Under goal. I attacked my closet for an hour before I decided I had to ride. I ran out of the audio dramatization of Diamond of Jeru before the ride ended, so I switched to the very quaint and old-timey (i.e. guilelessly racist) World Adventurer Club. It's fun, but it's important to note that it's a product of a different time.
  8. The update was clearly created to punish mobile users, whether in Tapatalk or just phone browsers. At this point I've basically given up on most of the mobile issues getting fixed, and have resorted to editing Firefox Beta's settings files to force desktop mode on my phone. But at least we still have bikes and hammers.
  9. The world's most distracting screen! I can't even remember what I was talking about! After what felt like several days of walking — not to mention several days of fending off ludicrous attacks from strange people — Jothra finally found...something. It was a small shack with a trippy computer in it. It wasn't long before he was starting to forget why he was here. Can our hero remember his goals? Can our hero survive? Is there a third question we can ask? Yes. The answers are all yes. But how? Stay tuned to this station! Day 10-18 i.) Fly a cardboard tube spaceship! Road. 14/20. ii.) Wave that sword like you don't know how! 25.4 lbs. 12/20 iii.) Do the Slurpasaur! 14/28 iv.) Clean home base: 17/28 I have been riding the crap out of poop. My road bike loves me. My poor mountain bike is not getting the same level of use (I haven't even taken her winter tires off yet). Missed a day. One. I ate two days at maintenance, and the rest at goal. Not bad. The bicycling has been a help. Mostly I've been doing the maintenance cleaning thing, which is a success story all its own. Today I started tearing apart my bedroom closet. There's a lot of stuff stored in there that I really don't want or need. Sorry about the long gap between updates. It's been a very internet-light week.
  10. I'd like to apologize for not updating my skin-the-cats sooner. It's pretty embarrassing. At least it's an exercise at which I am reasonable.
  11. Yes. I've just been mostly offline for a few days. Right now, my bicycle loves me. Big update tomorrow.
  12. skinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecats skinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecats skinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecats skinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecatsskinthecats ninja
  13. Apparently if you right click the edit thing and select "Open in New Tab" it will let you edit. It's been a week or so, and this hasn't been fixed yet. Edit: Yup. Right click, "Open Link In New Tab Or Whatever Man," and edit almost as normal.
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