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  1. Hey, great goals Parzival, I'll be doing the BBWW as well, good luck! Btw, there is an user called Artemist around here
  2. That'd be awesome, I'm already suscribed to your recipes post. Gracias
  3. The potatoes looks amazing, sadly I don't have an over, I suscribed to this topic, thanks for posting!
  4. Ecuador is doing great I have heard of Quinoa here but it's freaking expensive as well. As example, black beans are about 65Bs per kilo. Quinoa is about 2000Bs (and the fancy one 12k Bs), so, not an option here I live near the caribbea, i have to see if I can get cheap fish, but I have never cooked fish before, hope is not hard nor leaves annoying odors, thanks for your reply!
  5. I should look for fish pricing thank you!
  6. Hi guys, I want to set a new 6WC, but I have a problem with food, I'm not eating enough. Lately I have been lazy to cook and I want to change that. In past year, I was doing meals prep with meat, because I was able to get meat, nowadays the meat shortage in my country is so hard that I haven't buy beef or chicken this year, only pig and really few times. So, meat is not an option to include in my diet, since is not something I just go to the market and grab it. I'm omnivore on "cheat meals", but generally I avoid dairies and glutten because they make me look like 5 month pregnant and it doesn't feel nice at all. I have been researching, and the replacements for meat are some grains and some stuff that or is too expensive or I'll never find them here (Venezuela). Well, so far my favorites options are black beans, potato and yucca, because are cheap, easy to cook and I can store them in the fridge. And that's what I mean by "easy", there are something I'm missing that is easy to cook and have a lot of protein? Also, I don't count calories, I rather eat like a pig good food, the paleo diet. And well, the only paleo thing I can grab from grocery easily are eggs and sometimes bacon
  7. This challenge was sucessfull I did a lot of workshops and I'm improving a lot my dancing
  8. Feeling like to start gym once again!
  9. Full 7 hours of class this week, I'll take a bachata Workshop on may 17th
  10. The wednesday I had 4 hours of lessons, but I was so tired and had about 20 hours without sleeping so I fell asleep before classes. And on friday was hlyda so there were no classes, but this week I'll do full lessons and the 2 practices I fixed it by asking the moves I missed on classes, so, not bad at all, thanks for asking
  11. Onl 2 hours of fdance past week
  12. Wednesday: 1h Dancehall 1h Salsa Casino - Practice 1h Mambo Friday: 1h Bachata 1h Mambo Saturday: 1h Salsa Casino 1h Bachata - Practice Total: 7 hours, this week achieved! I'm starting to see how my dance have improved
  13. Friday: 2 hours private lessons 1 hour bachata 1 hour mambo Total this week: 8 hours Haven't started climbing again because I'm ridiculous busy with a roject
  14. Monday: abs and a little workout. Wednesday: Abs and a little stronger workout. Dancehall and Mambo class (2 hours, 1 each) Today: 1 hour Salsa Casino practice in the park. 4 hours remaining for dance goal (Should be my main goal)
  15. Update: Who I'm lying to? I just want to dance. ---------------- I wont use this challenge to level up but for warm up for the next challenge. Main quest: -Take 7 hours of dance classes weekly. (Currently my classes are 5 hours, but I can take extra classes to practice) Side quest: Reach the sky. The clouds to be precise, just wanted to sound romantic. In the little mountain I climb on weekends you can see the clouds in the top, but when the sun comes out they just fade away. To reach the clouds I have to climb the montain really early, before the sun gets strong.
  16. Rescue time does helps a lot. And don't forget the Pomodore, I installed this app on my tablet and it helps a lot. Oh yea, being an owl is the common habit we get. I kind of "hacked" my nocturnal behavior with troll science: "It is hard to wake up in the morning? DON'T! Sleep longer instead!" Instead of wake up at 1pm, continue sleeping as long as you can, and let's say you wake up at 5pm. Waking up at 5pm will make you sleepy between 10am-1pm of the following day. Now you're not waking up at 1pm, you're going to sleep at 1pm! Repeat till you wake up between 4:30am - 5:30am, (that way you're awake most part of the day, but of course you can use this method to wake up at 7am, but I think is easier to wake up before). This method is powerful but take care, wake up at 6am is tricky, your body can think that you're "waking up early" so he'll be like "fuck it, I'm a night owl, let's screw it again" but waking up at 4:30am he'll be like "I'm so badass that I wake up really late". Thats what works for me, and personally, never use alarm clocks, that's the most hated thing in the world
  17. Hi Spezzy! do you work freelance? We tend to struggle with sleep, budget, diet and productivity on daily basics. Example: I'm writing this at 00:39am, haven't eat dinner and I have a ton of code left to write. You've just gave me ideas for my challengue It's good you're going for the habit instead of focusing on one challengue. Best wishes with the journey!
  18. Haha good, and thanks I have been thinking about take english classes, btw, I made a quite funny mistake on Duolingo http://i.imgur.com/PG49RGH.jpg ----------------------------- This week a kick-butts week! I made a blogpost, I almost finish other 2, did the abs and tmnt workout. Also coded a lot compared with past week! I'm making a really nice control panel for my wordpress themes
  19. 80m - that's great! Congratulations! Willl you recod the cover of the sonata? (=
  20. Glad to hear you're getting better! Waiting to hear about your training with Splinter Pyro!
  21. Today I leveled up and kicked butts :) what about you?

    1. Eleanorsbee


      I had my butt kicked ... it wasnt you was it ?

    2. ch3


      oh gosh I've just see your comment! and not haha, pretty sure it wasnt me :P

  22. ch3

    Harika was first

    Hey Hariko! It's really interesting how you focused this challenge on life goals only. I hope you kick butts this week
  23. You're doing a good job counting calories! Don't forget to update
  24. You're doing it good with planks! I should practice liek you as well, because after 20 seconds I shake as an old Nokia
  25. Btw, the 30 mins was while there were no internet, so I tested all the code after the blackout, it worked!
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