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  1. okay! another update after yet another week of not checking in! way to be, Mama T! main stuffz: Fitness: Getting a bit better now that I'm more aware of what makes my back cry, and what doesn't. basically, i can't back/front squat. but i can still split squat and lunge, and snatch DL (if i just make sure to use caution). i've cleaned, jerked, and snatched more over the past few days than i have in the past few months, and i'm loving it. I watched a video last week of Dan Bailey fixing an early arm bend, and for some reason it just clicked. Like I've been told a million times before to not bend early, and worked on it, but something about the way he explained it just hit home. so i was working on that. my traps have been so sore the past 2 days from all the cleaning. rawr. also getting more into interval rowing workouts. i'm been letting myself be a lazy T - no bueno! ALSO i've been trying to go on early morning mile walks! just to help wake me up a bit before working. teh endz. Job: I GOTS A JOB-O! The place north of the city offered me a job, and the compensation is good, and they're going to help me pay relocation fees for my move to the city, and everyone that I met seems very cool, and I think the job is going to be a great challenge. I'm pretty pumped. I start the first Monday of November, after my contract w/ my remote job ends on 10/31. NOW the next mission is to find an apartment in the city. Cause commuting from the burbs err'day is not happening, yo. Animal rescue: I got my first email about a volunteer opportunity today, but it's this Saturday, and I'm going to the city to look at apartments. So sad face, but hey, at least I'm on their email list and will receive updates. WIN! The Dan Bailey vid, for those interested. Such a cutie, that one is.
  2. Southpaw is WAY better. and no, i don't know why. just cause, K?????? i'm kind of intimidated by her awesomeness. haha that gif is from the episode when she sees Nick's bing-bong and chickadees. <3 back is a bit better, but probably because i'm avoiding squats. something about the squat (front, specifically) that i'm doing wrong to cause issues. and i don't have insurance now to see what's up. c'mon, new job w/ benefits! mama needs a chiropractor (pretty sure i do, at least). i don't think it's just tight muscles. also, Miss Laura, THANK YOU for the epsom salt idea. love me some salt baths now! UGHHHHH. i think i finally was able to erase that lady out of my brainpartz, but now she's back. also, HI ETF!! this is like the thread for extinct (but not really extinct) nerds.
  3. heyyyy! so i'm watching a special about Miley right now. still like her. no shame! sometimes i think you and i have the same mobility gods watching over us, and they like to mess with us... A LOT.
  4. Ooookayyyy. Its been a few days since I've been on here. Been super busy in a good way! A slight breakdown of what's been going on: Fitness Iffy right now. At the beginning of last week, I was going through lady times in a hard way. I skipped the gym on Monday and went for a bike ride instead. Which was great. Went to the gym on Tuesday and Wednesday, but messed up my lower back somehow during front squats, and I've been hit or miss since then, so haven't been to the gym for almost a week. I have, however, discovered the joys of bike riding! Fall time is perfect for bike rides, and there's lots of trails in the area. SO. My back is still messed up and I'm trying to take it easy, but still doing what I can (bike rides, upper body stuff, mobility). Job hunt Going great! This is what's been keeping me busy. I've had a handful of phone interviews and a handful of in-person interviews. There's one in downtown Chicago that I absolutely want, but the competition is stiff and I'm not sure if they liked me (I interviewed in person on Friday). Then there's one north of the city that I want, and they seem very interested (I'm going in for a 2nd in-person interview later this week). I'm still applying to other jobs just to keep the momentum going. Dog rescue volunteering On the up and up! I attended a volunteer orientation this past weekend. It was an hour, and about 55 minutes longer than it needed to be, but I'm hoping it will give me a chance to do some volunteer work. I may also attend an adoption event this coming weekend for a pit bull rescue organization, and try to talk to them about volunteering. That's the super quick summary of Mama T's pioneering adventures so far! Full of hiccups, and greatness, and green mascots, oh my!
  5. Twerk-out | 9-27-13 Friday was pretty busy, so i just did an at-home work out. I was feeling pretty sluggish again, and figured it's likely because lady times is almost upon me. So i took a Vitamin B and made sure to drink plenty of water, and felt better. 5 rds 8 DB military press 12 walking lunges 15# DBs Then, to keep up a single leg-style workout: Single leg DLs 16kg kettlebell 10x2 (each side) Russian twists 16kb kettlebell 20x2 Single leg hip thrust 10x3 (each side) Also on Friday, I accidentally ripped the arm of my favorite button-up shirt (like a business shirt). I'm kind of bummed, but it's been getting progressively tighter in the arms. I'm also kind of NOT bummed because it means I'm growing! yayyyy. On Friday night, my dad agreed to watch Deep Impact with me, and we ordered pizza, and I drank wine, and it was pretty baller. I realized, after crying like 3-5 times throughout the movie, that yes, I'm likely PMSing. I also probably cried because that movie is GREAT. Twerk-out | 9-28-13 Pretty stellar Saturday so far! I got caught up on my programs, drank some pumpkin coffee, read a bit, and then went to teh gym for rowing/mobilty day! 15:30 minute row Started out slow, and progressively got faster over time. Felt good! I put on my Barbell Business podcast and just went for it, focusing on different aspects of form the whole time. 20 min Hip/ankle mobility goblet squat 25# plate x3. worked on pushing knees out with my elbows and also stretching out calves/ankles renegade row to push-up 5x2 ** just because i wanted to
  6. ha i actually had the date wrong, so yes, yes we are twins!! Knew it!
  7. Twerk-out | 9-26-2013 I have to start by saying I had no motivation to go to the gym. It's not because I was super sore, but because i felt a wee bit tired and weak,and just generally unmotivated. But I realized that in moments like that, that's *especially* when I need to go to the gym. So I went. 750m row Hang power clean warm-up 40x5, 50x5, 60x5x2 Sumo DL 110x5 130x5 145x3 160x3 170x3 170x5 ** this was the part of the workout I didn't think i had the motivation/energy to do. which is sad, because deadlifts. it ended up feeling fine, and i didn't feel as weak as i thought i would. anyway, the plan was to work up to a 3rm, then do the 3rm for 5 reps. the limiting factor here is the lack of chalk/grip strength. good mornings 40# x 10x3 ** still need to research these. i did them low bar, beacuse it didn't seem right doing it high bar. is that right? bulg split squats 15# DBs/hand x10x2 (each leg) hip/ankle mobilty 15x3 hip thrusts ** i need to do these more. but i hate them. they're sooooo boring. got home and sat in a goblet squat with my KB for 10 hippopotamus's (5x) that weakness and lack of motivation i felt prior to my workout? silly. turns out i was just being a li'l b*tch. in other news, i need to fix my laptop set-up while working from home. My left hand has numbness in the pinky area that won't go away. what up, carpal tunnel? I think it's because of the table i sit at during the day, and because i'm no longer using an ergonomic keyboard. it's annoying, and i need to fix it asap, because i do not need messed up hands and wrists.
  8. it must've been cool to watch the movie and look for places you recognize! the lady behind her is my fave, haha. rawrrrrrr. my left side is definitely weaker than my right side. in fact, my left side is way weaker on every lift. get it together, leftie! and thanks for the support, friendo! it was unexpectedly enjoyable. i thought it looked like a dumb comedy for a long time; the previews did not advertise it well. hahahaha so, i couldn't find an image to demonstrate what you mean, but yeah, i totally get it. tru dat, homes!
  9. speaking of monsters... this video is just THE BEST.
  10. ** i watched Silver LInings Playbook the other day, and I'm officially a Jennifer Lawrence fan. totes need to watch Hunger Games next! Twerk-out | 9-25-2013 PM 6x 250m w/ 1 minute rest ** stayed just under 1 minute for the first 4 intervals, but then got up to 1:02 and 1:04 on the last two, derp. ** OMG OMG OMG. i did not warm up enough for this, lolz. I took a super hot shower (rawr) prior to the gym, because i like having warm body temp and muscles going into the gym, so i had a semi-false sense of being warmed up, and only did an easy 250m before getting into the intervals. it wasn't terrible, but my legs felt like burning jello afterward. Turkish get-up 15# DB, 5 each side Klokov press 30# body bar x8x3 ** because i likez 'em. I've got teeny tiny traps! Maybe I'll take a pic soon. They make me all . In other news, I had a job interview today. It went really well, and I was a pretty solid candidate, except the job is about an hour drive from the city, and that's definitely not something I want to deal with every day. Which sucks, because the people were cool, and the job sounds super interesting. Plus one of the people does CrossFit, and they saw on my resume that I did an internship with my CrossFit Boston, so we talked about that for a bit. But regardless, it was good interview experience! Now I'm waiting to hear back on when I'll be going to another interview for a diff company next week. This one I have higher hopes for because it's closer to the city. Oh the joys of job hunting!
  11. congrats on the awesome week! and that white girl gif = LOLLZZZ for days.
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