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  1. robozebra

    Respawn Time!

    I love my bullet journal! I don’t do daily to-do lists in it, just because I don’t want to see all the stuff I didn’t finish doing lol, but I do make lists both at work and at home and you’re right, it’s so satisfying to cross things off when they’re done! And doing exercises on bathroom breaks is a great idea! I’ve been considering always going to the bathroom on the floor above mine, so I get some stair climbing in during the day (plus their bathroom is nicer than ours!). I think it’s time I finally start doing that!
  2. robozebra

    Respawn Time!

    Day one check in! I just finished the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. Did it three times, which I wasn't sure I would be able to do. I was prepared to stop after two but I powered through. I feel tired but good! Of course, day one of this challenge and I was uncharacteristically busy at work. I wasn't able to get any writing done in the office, but after dinner I'm going to work on my script. I already did my grocery shopping for the next few days and forgot to get something new, so my new food goal of the challenge will happen either Friday or Saturday, whenever I decide to go shopping again. I'm very into my bullet journal right now so I set up a page to track my goals. I also weighed myself and took some measurements. For those curious, I'm 5'4" (rounding up lol) and I'm starting at 206.2 lbs. I am one of those people who gets way too focused on the number on the scale and way too frustrated and emotional when it doesn't say what I want it to, so I won't be weighing myself during the challenge, just at the beginning and the end. I'm only focusing on accomplishing my goals and how I feel until then. Starting strong! Let's do this!
  3. robozebra

    Reboot 2019

    Great job on day 1 so far! Adding yoga to my workout routines is definitely one of my long term goals. It’s kind of intimidating but exciting to see the results as they happen! I’m an office clerk in my county’s Department of Mental Health. I haven’t been here long enough to take advantage much, but I am allowed to sit in on a training if it’s happening at my office and I’m not working on anything time sensitive. I’m excited to do that some day, the other clerk in my office has gone to a bunch and assures me I’ll be able to follow what they’re talking about, lol. It’s really cool that you’re using this challenge to further your training, I hope you’re able to go to some interesting classes!
  4. I hear on weighing yourself too often and getting frustrated. I have to hide my scale away somewhere I won’t see it every day so I’m not tempted to constantly check! Great job on getting under 170!
  5. robozebra

    Respawn Time!

    The early mornings kill me, but I work longer days and I get an extra day off every other week. So it's worth it! I'm going to start out with the Beginner Bodyweight Workout, but I left it vague in case I decide to try something different later on.
  6. Hi and welcome! I'm also a pretty introverted person irl, I find communicating through message boards like this one so much easier! Soda has been a huge problem for me off and on over the years too. I like your plan of limiting it to certain hours, it sounds like a good way to cut back without completely denying yourself something you like. Multiple people have already said it, but I'll add my voice: you've already accomplished a lot, and I totally believe you can improve your swimming enough to finish the upcoming triathlon. I've never trained for a swimming race like that, but it sounds to me like you still have time to prepare. Good luck with this challenge! Monday, here we come!
  7. robozebra

    Respawn Time!

    Yeah, the park I run in does open fairly early but I have to be at work at 7:30 and I don't ever envision myself getting up early enough to get there, run, get back, and get ready in time. At least not anytime soon
  8. It’s time for a respawn! I used to be fairly active in these boards and challenges, but it’s been at least two years since I’ve done one. I don’t really remember why I stopped, but I’m going to assume either I had too many goals at once and burned out, or I finished a couple challenges and then couldn’t figure out where to go next. Both of those sound like me. Also, and this is a theme that will come up a lot in my thread, I’ve struggled with depression off and on for years, since I was a teenager (I’m 29 now) which makes pretty much everything really hard (for the record, I’m in a pretty good place right now but I feel like a depressive episode is just around the corner). I’m finally starting therapy (first actual appointment other than my intake evaluation will be in about three weeks) and I’m hoping to learn some coping skills. The possible diagnosis the doctor who did my intake put in the notes she gave me was Major Depressive Disorder - Episodic, which is always what I’ve felt is the case, and I’m just glad to hear a professional feels the same way. Wow, my post got dark right off the bat. On to more positive things, aka goals! I love running. I specifically love long distance running, it’s my favorite form of exercise, but it’s also not terribly convenient, and it’s pretty easy to come up with excuses not to do it. There is way too much traffic in my neighborhood, it wouldn’t be all that safe and I’d spend half my run just waiting at intersections until I can go, lol. There’s a park near me that I like to run in but it closes at sundown so at this time of year I don’t have time to go after work, and it opens too late for me to go in the mornings. And I (finally!) left my retail job and started an office job this past spring, but that means I’ve gone from being on my feet for eight hours a day to sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. It’s surprising how much sitting all day can really drain your energy! But I also know I’m just making up excuses. I have weekends to go running, and in fact I work a schedule where I get every other Friday off, so I actually have a three-day weekend every other week. And doing body weight exercises at home during the week will still benefit my running, plus I’ve been taking the stairs at work and I work on the sixth floor so that’s quite a workout right there! I ran a marathon back in 2013 and I’d really like to do another one. So that’s my fitness-based main quest right now: run a marathon. Probably the LA Marathon because I live in Los Angeles, so... duh. Oh, did I mention in live in LA? What a great segue into my personal goal. I moved out here because I write and I want to be a screenwriter. I’ve been out here for about three and a half years and have taken exactly zero steps to pursue that goal. See above re: Major Depressive Disorder. Plus, I’m just not a very disciplined person and need specific deadlines and consequences to get myself to actually do anything, but when you’re just writing on your own you don’t really have those. I do have a short screenplay I finished the first draft of a little while ago that I feel pretty good about and would like to enter into a competition coming up in May. That gives me plenty of time to edit it into something great. I hope. I’m also working on a full-length script that I think has strong potential. I just have to actually write it. That’s the key. So, to stop blathering on and get to the point, here are my goals for this quest: Cook one new fruit/vegetable/healthy ingredient each week. I didn’t really talk about this above, but I’ve only recently developed a love of cooking and I want to expand my skills and improve my diet. Work out at least three times per week. On weekdays, do a bodyweight workout at home, on weekends go for a run. This will also help with another side quest I’m not actually including this time around, keeping my apartment clean. I live in a small studio, so to work out at home I have to keep things tidy so I have the space to do so! Set aside (at least) 30 minutes to write and 30 minutes to edit every day. 30 minutes is not a long time, but it’s short enough that on days where I’m not really feeling inspired I’ll be able to slog through it, and long enough that on days when I am feeling it I’ll be able to get into a groove and go even longer. And for the editing, I like my job but I have a lot of downtime. Like, a LOT of downtime (I’m at work right now, don’t tell my boss!). There’s no reason I can’t bring in a couple pages of a draft and subtly work on them while I’m here. In fact, it’ll probably help me to look busy, lol. So, that’s it. Cook more, exercise more, write more. And I promise not all my posts will be this long! Also I typed this on my phone so blame any mistakes on autocorrect.