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  1. Welcome, I sadly do not blow up spaceships in EVE or do WOW raids... But I do lift stuff and run lots so I might be able to help there. Does this disqualify my application for friend?
  2. Welcome back. I know when I work overnights on the weekends it really messes up my system. Sometimes you just have to carve out a routine and make it happen. Best of luck on joining the AF!
  3. Hey all, I'm back after a long hiatus to the Rebellion. I have a few updates as well as being in the military now awaiting further training. I am also living on the otherside of the country! My life has taken an interesting turn and so has my fitness! My running consists of prepping for my second half marathon of the year (lots of long runs and speed work) and lifting in the base gym. Still a paramedic and first responder; some things will never change! MedicTWO out
  4. I guess I'm back...

  5. Awesome to see your progress! You'll be well under that maximum in no time. Hope you are back 100% and at it soon
  6. Welcome to the Rebellion!! Good luck on your goals
  7. I'd love to make a suggestion if I may and yes you may disagree When I was your baby cousin's age I did in fact develop and eating disorder that lasted me throughout my high school years. I reached a BMI of 17.2 (I plugged the numbers in, it's not far off from where she wants to be at 120) and I hated what my body looked like naked. Everyone complimented me when I was dressed at school but every rib showed. I was 5'3 and under 100 lbs (if I find a picture I'll post it so you can show her). I was eating only one meal a day and having coffee for the morning. As a result my riding suffered, my grades suffered everything. 13 is a time where modeling agencies start to look at the taller young girls and she may have very well been approached when she was at the mall. That or someone mentioned that there was a possibility of her modeling. It may also be bullying, wanting to conform... ect My suggestion, is be the cool cousin. If she wants to lose weight "help" her. Educate her on proper eating habits, show her what Olympians look like (these woman are beauty and beast all in one) and help her design a workout plan/bring her to the gym with you (I'd steer clear of the heavy weights though). Show her what a bad@$$ woman looks like, by being one! Buy matching "fit is the new skinny" tank tops to wear to work out and take selfies in mirrors flexing; if you have to. The goal is to take the emphasis off of skinny, unobtainable numbers and on to fit, healthy, energetic and happy. By doing this you will set up healthy habits instead of yo-yo dieting. Teach her to love what her body can do! Have her choose performance based goals (splits, handstand, pushups, 5k... whatever) instead of a number (weight, bf%). Teenagers are stubborn and hard headed, if she wants something she may very well go ahead and do it. Without the proper education though, things turn ugly... fast! I know I messed up my body horribly because I didn't have the education. Women and girls should love their bodies regardless of size and shape. Truth is we don't, it takes self confidence to do that. Challenge builds self confidence. Just my 2 cents
  8. Thanks for the tip. I was just planning on trying moves close to the ground but landing on my head doesn't seem fun. Haha I'm thinking I may be in the same boat. Who knew a metal pole could cost so much
  9. Reading this I have come to the conclusion: Barbie you sound just like me (which by the way we're awesome). I tend to compete with other people in the gym and want to push myself hard! It sounds like you have awesome goals and are on the right track!
  10. Well happy friday! I think I finally get to go home for a day tomorrow before being trapped in the boredom that is my life. I upped everything to 60 reps so 12 reps/set and held a back bend for 45 seconds. I also tried handstand work but with my arms weak from pushups... well I crashed. Note to self: Do handstand work in the AM when fresh!!!! I'm due for tomorrow being a rest day so maybe just an ipod dance party in my room, some stretching and going over some of my Muay Thai. 5x12 circuit went well though I feel like I'm not eating enough. My body wants more food and more carbs (brain is foggy). PUSH PUSH PUSH!!!! I'll probably edit this with more info tomorrow when I'm not tired
  11. I just looked it up! They have pole and silk instructional dvds!!! May have found my new home workout That or it will collect dust next to the treadmill that has never left the garage :s
  12. Vertical fitness (pole dancing... whatever) along with aerial silk are both things I would love to try but don't have in my area. It looks fantastic, especially when done at a very high level.
  13. Back again for workout number 3! I did the same workout as yesterday only I upped the skips to 250. Next time though I think I will skip for a certain duration (2-3 min) because I seem to keep loosing count as I get tired. 5x11 pushups: NO KNEES TODAY BABAH!!!!!!! YUP 55 without my knees!! Tomorrow 60! (for the record these are military pushups) 5x11 crunches: Decided to keep these in anyways. 5x11 reverse crunches: Little easier (I don't think I am getting stronger, just more numb) 5x11 jump squats 5x11 Burpees: have to push through and not slow down! I'm thinking I am finally in the right mind to start keeping track of what I eat, my calories and my macros. For some time I was fighting anorexia and I fear that seeing it all laid out in front of me may start to trigger that again. I am seriously hoping that because my goal is not scale related it shouldn't be a problem. Knowing this... I can not have a goal that involves a number on a scale, or a bf% anytime soon. I need to focus on performance based goals rather than looking a specific way. Motivation: DON'T GET DISCOURAGED; GET HUNGRY!! BALLS TO THE WALL OR NO BALLS AT ALL!! LIFE IS NOT A RACE; IT'S A COMPETITION!! AIM FOR THE HIGH SCORE!! ~Medic TWO
  14. Welcome! Hockey is a wonderful game and it sounds like you are heading in the right direction. I'm sure someone here will be able to help you getting a good routine going!
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